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Antisocial behavior.

When it comes to talk about antisocial behavior, several kinds of

ideas come to our minds. We can imagine antisocial as shy people,
people who doesnt like to spend time with others. But there is
another meaning to this, and its the behavior that people with no
respect to other people, collectives and public or private property or
Lets think about the typical gang of any city that spends time
doing things like stealing at small scale, or pickpocket bands in
subways, hooligans fighting in football matches, drug dealers
There are three main ways the governments can apply:
punishment, education, and the promotion of activities. Im not going
to choose only one of this lines of actuation, because I think that the
solution is a combination of all of them. Attending to the causes of the
problem rather than just punishing is the best way to approach the
It seems obvious that when this kind of situations arise, education
at all levels (family, school) has failed. There must be the idea that
good behavior, dedication and effort are the key to be successful in
life. Here is when punishment has to do its best. We cannot spread
the idea that not legal activities or behaviors can offer more benefits
than a right way of living. But when it comes to this extreme,
punishment must have a reinsertion focus more than a revenge.
To conclude, I think we must do our best in education, and when
education fails, use the punishment as a way to redirect people.