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SHIPS WINDOWS/ SIDE SCUTTLES MARINE ALUMINIUM AI Ships’ standard rectangular windows welded type The product range eludes te complet assortment ot welded type windows a slancarized in NS 6149-1980 and ISO 3903 - 1977. The windowe are manufactured In accordance wth the requirements of ll major classification societies and martime authorities, Hl raatugers|z dgteracedls Standard boltet type windows may be delivered on customers request SCUTTLES Ships’ standard rectangular scuttles welded type ‘The product range includes the complete assortment of welded type scuttles as standarized i NS 6141 - 1980 and ISO 1751 - 1977. The scuttles are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of all major classification societies and maritime authorities. Welded scuttle - non opening - with deadlight NS - 6141 Model NW (A 0g B) ISO - 1751 - 1977 Model NW (A og B) Marine Aluminium code: MA. 6.3.2 (A or 8) ABELL 43 mee peveeiti |e) | |S Tics cera mee a Viena dns ops oo eum oben don pr sea a te Welded fixed - non opening - - scuttles without deadlight NS - 6141 Model NW C ISO - 1751 - 1977 Model NW C