 

Kenneth Chenault Ceo of American


 

William D. Green

Accenture Ceo.

R. Scott Murray

3Com Corporation Ceo.

Jeff Bezos


Steve Jobs

Apple Computer Ceo.

Kenneth Lewis

Bank of America ceo.

Warren Buffet

Berkshire Hathaway Ceo.

Ceo of BMW.

 

Vikram Pandit Ceo of CITI GROUP.

Muhtar Kent

Ceo of coca cola.

Cognizant Technology Solutions ceo. Francisco D’souza. Vice chairman Lakshmi Narayan.

Michael Dell

Ceo of Dell computers.

Alan Mulally

Ceo of FORD motor company.

Jeffrey R. Immelt

CEO of General Electric.

CEO of General motors.

Rick Wagoner (former).  Fritz Henderson (current) Down.

 

Eric E. Schmidt Ceo of google.

 

Mark V. Hurd Ceo Hewlett-Packard

Shiv Nadar.

Ceo of HCL technologies.

Nandan N. Nilekani  Ceo of INFOSYS technologies Ltd.

Samuel J. Palmisano

Ceo of IBM.

Paul Otellini

Ceo of INTEL.

SANJIV PURI  ITC Infotech Limited Ceo.

 

James Dimon Ceo of J.P. MORGAN.

 

Dr. Vijay Mallya Kingfisher Airlines Ceo.

Richard S. (Dick) Fuld, Jr. Lehman Brothers ceo .

 

Jack Greenberg CEO of McDonalds.

 

Rajat gupta McKinsey Ceo .

 

Stan O'Neal Ceo of Merrill Lynch .

 

Steve Balmer Ceo of Microsoft.

 

Edward J. Zander Ceo Motorola.

 

Philip Knight NIKE ceo.

Mukesh Ambani  Ceo Reliance Industries Limited.

N. chandrasekaran  Tata Consultancy Services .

 

Arun sarin Vodafone Ceo.

 

Lee Scott. WaL-Mart ceo.

 

Azim Premji Ceo of Wipro.

Lakshmi niwas mittal Ceo of Mittal Steel.

INDRA NOOYI Ceo of Pepsico.

Nitin Paranjpe  Ceo of Hindustan Uniliver Ltd.

 

N. R. Narayana murthy Non Executive chairman

and Mentor of Infosys.

 

Ratan Naval tata. Chairman of


 

Kiran Mazumdar shaw Ceo of


 

Dilip chhabria DC design.

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