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The Middle East

By: Sydney K, Ben A, Joe B

and Dunya M

Iran History -Joseph

Iran was attacked by Alexander The Great
Mongolian soldiers attacks Persia
Iran had a tobacco riot leading to terrible
trade compromise making trade illegal
Iran declares peace yet still fights in WW1
Iran gets prohibited powers due to the

Iran History -Joseph

Iraq invades iran in 1980
ceasefire is declared in 1988
Iran loses 1mil civilians
beginning of the rulers rain in the 6th

History of Iraq
.Established in october of 1919
. It was originally controlled by the british
. They broke free in 1932
.was considered the kingdom of Iraq
.Was a tyranny or the people had no freedom
.controlled by saddam hussein.
.Became republic in 1958
.in 1963 they elcted prime minister quasim
I.n 1980 to 1988 was the iraq war
.in 1981 iraqs nuclear center was attacked by isreal
.In 2003 President george bush declared war against Iraq

Current Events, Israel - Sydney

local school was bombed

creating a cease fire
3,000 were killed during the bombing
Israel was preparing to hand over King Davids tomb sight for a church
but ended up not handing it over
Israeli jews are looking into studying the bible
There is a lot of corruption in israel lately
More Jews are visiting the Temple Mount
President Obama is involved in Israeli elections
Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon border attack
Germans dont like Israel's holocaust remembrance
4 worshipers killed in a Jerusalem synagogue
Israeli conductor dies after incident on stage

Current Events, Israel- Sydney

palestinian boycott israel foods

Hirelining in jerusalem churches
rockets from syria strike northern israel
some jews are starting to read the bible
many israeli people are starting to believe in jesus
air pollution and oil spill in jerusalem
Israelis addicted to whatsapp
teachers are too opinionated
Isreal armed forces predict another war
Palestinian schoolgirl freed from isreal jail after six years

Foods of Iraq - Dunya

Timman - Timman is rice and is served with most meals.
Dolma - Dolma is green leaves stuffed with rice, fruits,
vegetables, (These arent always put in the dolma) and meat.
They are also sometimes served in onions, peppers or tomatoes.
Kebab - There are many different styles of kebabs but it usually
has a base of lamb, and or chicken or vegetables in pitta bread
Tabbouleh - This is Parsley Salad served with bulgur, tomatoes,
and chopped green or spring onions.
Hummus - This is processed chickpeas with seasoning on top. This
is mostly eaten with falafel which is bread.

Holidays of Iraq - Dunya

Army Day - This takes place on January 6th where they celebrate the
establishment of the Iraqi Army.
Eid - This is a holiday that they celebrate twice a year. The first Eid
celebration lasts for 3 days and is called Eid-al-Fitr where the muslims
celebrate the end of Ramadan which is where they fast for one month
from sunrise to sunset. The community comes together for special
prayers and to congratulate each other. The second one is Eid-al-Adha
where they go to Mecca once in their lifetime and do rituals. Muslims all
over the world join and celebrate this tradition. This lasts for 4 days.
Iraq Independence Day - This takes place on October 3rd and is where
the Iraqis celebrate the day they got their Independence.

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