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STATEMENT Devenpant: Ale kinky Ph Aci Pips ATTORNE} CaseNUMBER; ‘THIS STATEMENT IS TAKEN FROM: Jerry Perce pop:_9/2a/ (230 sociatSecuniyNo.__= ine ee Appress:_ @faS Hiphuay TY S41. Gabriel LA Fe77, ‘TELEPHONE: ef 295-E4A- Dek GIVEN TO: _Migeel Ane z , AN INVESTIGATOR WITH LOUISIANA INVESTIGATIVE & PROTECTIVE SERVICES, LLC ~ LOUISIANA LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATIVE AGENCY ~ PO Box 770017, NeW ORLEANS, LA 70177. é ons Hey 7 Tasstaravestvastaxover: Eley Moot Conectircal Cake EOE nH 7s Tas TIME _7 Jee arr anppate_!0/ 14 /26)3 wane pr jeny Price, I vas there 2 Z n ta Barren Viewer 7 Left and Killed LI vas 10 @ Aight club called Cht Cloeded in the ch that A igAd wt he Shnting » There wele one bhurded £4. ‘o tio huadre people srside Cle Atereeder br the show when Berean was shed, Peagle ere be ict. hy 2 (SIGNATURE) (Wires) PAGE# | there (Statement Conminvation) _Sine/ting Cigaretis ond wes a Lid et Srrafte th the ait. The lights were on very bower Th wee bart ‘cee tn tle cheb» To eos breaginty Around aad taliin th Bearer Batons roves named Desrel fe bea < she thy happened! Ary cousin Nathanie) Tillisen —“ alse a hy le Deal wathanie! Mate, ve brad all been denting Tiger ee her Barun wer devhng Henararey, Banen exted we if T wer geing te sa sen eth his ae nit, To remenber Des mend Rad tend being 2 beth ot Ey ‘nto th Leb, The 1 at the der Named Bevan eee aa eee ae | eee bottle int the club. Beinn Ateer ee een to Nate's aunt, T else femenber Desrerd Ze ae ze Fo (SIGNATURE) (Witness) PAGE# 2 dude befre Barn est shot, Desvrnd had beon uo fleteedeg on Sundays and b th tlre lel hat een messing sith thos youn, dude before, Dewirond etarted ar gerne ith th little youn ca - dude, A bi tall dude shee ech ag eee ee, ot a whi dyer spl peste pentane hy he chest Abrt Abet fice wonvke atter Hr Deramd vent wer ard wessed pith this litte yons a [aletg arn Dep oe dy, Ae Tie Bae) ~ haner wat vp te Decwend ane and acted Dipeaclee faa eare teres zi ith the youn dude again, Thic je when the fest big Laht hrapoened nthe clely the? abt Abed Sees or eight nu feesped ea Dasa ada Bey ee Wiha Ctr Ea (SioNaTURE) (wines) PAGE# > al ge, (Statement Continuation) _Lghf we idling ot gale, gad the musie eferd cin. Desvamad dirappeateA fora rants LT uslfed ove Pe al z = peo! with thes chick « Fron where the poo) tabhs were sn the cheb TD could see the bac area and he dance flor area, Thi whgn sie cee Deen Cand start argon, apelin for o the third time that arrh?t ith the Ite eeng oS dude TL then sau 2 bench pt pesple start bheatinc v on Desmends Thee were vewte than Swe Live peeple beats oa DeSmonds Lo saw [Berroa hting 7 - 2 tocine penchecs L think Bertin war just necale off Dewrara tryin e help se Some Theco eco a et of peeple stuading peer Lp Pie ‘Ee “4 (SIGNATURE) (winvess) pace # Swe HY i Wd bot (STATEMENT ConTINUATION) _Seme Times a punch woeld Ait « Detsen who eo test standing atend nor even 7 35 wvel ved sn th J This second bi, tight o cthe Aight lasted for alert ene fo fee pajnde: bd Hho Light uaa eng 00, Mate rar 4 here Blond LT did not see 4 aviehere arevad the fight either, This is hea To remenber a sneop De a pley ih thed lat gun Left soonds tn the frac, The gua che? somds ere part of the song After LT heard gua sheds jn tle avs ic 7 peopl renmhg ih a sfam pede Caring Towards woe and th ce) table area to 4h f cleers. Everyone 1 the cheb va steyin WA at the exit deers by the pol table area. A 7 Peep were walhih ast, 4 aK. An lee (SIGNATURE) (wrmess) PAGE# & (STATEMENT CONTINUATION) TE ye ere ctanding arevad : tay tle creed eer gong, IT did not Knee whet was going on at that Sime er eho bad been & - Shof To jest gar everyone Ceantng oet the rhb 2 oD ent eet the evit deers foo. DT yeas jh th le et peepk that lett out 4h LAX Ae F vent last litt re exit doors anc to the patting threvah the cleb’s evrt J To Saude Mate ovtrde TF Sombre en He LUE oy Hae fet Ee let area. Mate started gern inte éveryledy else was going gut of a chet, ZL didn? tn the “narkin the chb as hn vb atte, arcen ect been ayy any thibg to Aa Zest Kept ge te the de kd. Thee ete yell 2 yoy Coesin eh hee pena eta as wun, TO Hare Asote did 7 Sap Dag ee (SioNaTURE) (Witness) PAGE# & (ratement Continuation pet see (tae of anyone else Sheed Barer because Wate was ovterele the cb when the happened Zi left the cheb Atercoles ani got bath fp vay neigh pe thed nigh tthe sheoting . thet hen [easned the? [Barcen bad beer shed The mo next niaht otter Barten was shet, T sow Bectha and Shicle he were Ayates a0, Bertha and Shirley aid they heare\ whe Shef Patton, Mele and [Daron vrec called me tha: ame night or a three ey coll Nate wee tellin, me thet we had to steX to ether. Wate rth vue phat he heard 2 caw who shot Barten, Note hid me thet lac shot ceed I deld Nate thet DT Jidn'} See ele chet My a (WimEss) 4. (SIGNATURE) PAGE? / (STATEMENT CONTINUATION) atten and thet 2 ves gey Lo sone Aree pep eo one ea te ie eure Tdi wot see hoot anyone at Cleb reed as chen Para wer Shot, Webedy 0s able to se Who dh: the chet, Lf var Te ceeded vith foe [ight ned saute sn die ar /asicle the cleb. Berton orn ached we pf Lovage genng let the percen thet filled her soa SE wea ee pp eA Berm fue thet 2 did rot see whs Shot Denon, Even hgh Batter wag vay Cousin Tew ld of ss Pac did the scheting becaxe L den’ Kine eho Shift my cus, Mete and Barcons wom get angry veith we fx hd _atter Me and Barrens ie ofc the phone with we the Sd Tawnany Shen ff Lhecfies called woe Lr Ceolize thet the detectles ey AEB Vey (SIGNATURE) (wrmnessy PAGE# (STATEMENT ConTINUATION) Lee 7 the phone pith sate aud led test called me Tie BartenS iwnery who defectives acted ne if I var gonna let hat asshole get aca, with wankers L tld the detectives Z ded ed see whe shed Barron, The detectuer Bld me ted Leas 0 rok and wasn? even Seppestcl A be ad the aight cleb , the detectives tid we they were gods fer ee ne tee we their card and we 7 F dedn? pail the detectives jn ferrty- for hevts ahed the shee tire ean the deter Files re_genna breve wy vbhetica officer age = ledectives mane vt fo question sev the detectives Oily nec wth ths bbctwns 10D be that LD had better fell then bid we were pein, fe come fe ory J Atter tle detectives Jet eb and acest me we thet arght Mate , _ Wye he (SIGNATURE) (Wrmess) PAGE# 9 (STATEMENT CONTINUATION) thet be didat How. he wax ing Te breve to fest ty » Mate fild we be 22 cared Late said he needed pe vith bin on this, Mate told me thed be beard tec decd fhe shooting Late_also Fla me that he feard 2 sau the cheotirgs Hat he felel e detect ber LT Bo he sharting, 2 wend ah He vee? day, DT wc yerktha a dilly tes tay cant, When 4 ZL ged H werk the erager Lats’ calkd ate his office lehen I ged inside ATaucice's ore, the S¢ Tammany Sheri th detectiven Were warding 27 U me the detects brand cvtted we and roughed pe vp. The detecting AJA wre Lowes ender aes De erst seg ree rrerder, Aboud arrest ter Z can PAE da, lz (SIGNATURE) (wires) pace# JO (Statement Conmuation) frp days after Lo car Geehed jar Fe [en nee Tp ee) tte ese ep eed ey cee aided we Came te the jail and feed 4 gef we sign nat: lacit that nex typed op, Dyenenker Ue "Slide? Saying seont Hany ite Terry Pere witnessed a vurder by es Pld the detectives thed Teer wot srguprq thet typed up atbidar we days after Fhe defectives first cnme pr see me jn the Parish jail, = the sune detectv, ame back Zeaih a Hed me tp weite ort an affidait Saying T sare Ate the _wurder, 1 tld the detectnes TL asn't it Thode when the detecties tld Pdf war being chatysd with obstevetizn to Pref cegcee ered, and thet the cher carted just Lyfe a (SIGNATURE) (Wervess) paces | (STATEMENT CONTINUATION) was wweh tine as the werder i¢sel#, detective ce back fo cee we oe han fre times in the one anda he/f & Lis-t mm th jel ty pre betion es reveled Lr bein, at the cleh the night st le sheotty < a Das Pronstened A the Department of Cottectiong in Pracksville LA, Mehile LT cae at Atachswille £ beeeght leach $4 Tamora, Parish fuc0e ef wate Himes. Every time Door bewegit ach 7% SA. Tawa ant ae AeA Aeariag ny ac Gare war Denn bold Beery trop To won bomegh hat the defectives orld see we and try eget wn festity thet tac shed Pparten BE dD Decing ane. at _ tacks lle te GF Tarrany Lo femomber the dieteet ottracy 7 CL 2 2 (SIGNATURE) (Witness) PAGE # /). (STATEMENT CONTINUATION) _Lehe ees” (ac berg st; the defectives hen they visited we. tet d the Tedecfleg J and tle data! athrncy thet ante fo stp being baracred, Z Lid He . 3 Eee eR 1 AP] The dxfuct attrney asked me ubet Hle truth was, TF tid the distied attorney thet TD didn? Eee get ia ghee Wan jane ieee see ide nan sf efiaoe Bree J =P aeaaay Dacish any were after LT told the destered attorney A Mac's case thet T didad see tae sheet Becron A nate didet c5oo Aree shewt Pescon either, Ay obstruction Charye fe Locst degree wawcder disurissed atte thet, Note week pole TEs AE / (Statement Continuation) fo ime atter ths whi FT ces locked vp. Mote tid we that ZF needed testify because Tver breakin 3a teens prrefherie o leart LT wrefe Mote eal sie/s eure een Gee asf gonna [ie on any pre Ye Jas attec Mate got leched up fer Late tid Tae acy abet all the sd tf ith Pine, . vate tld the detectives that Atac she arren based off a (emer thet Lavin? Alm 5 farted pa the ner gh berhoed ttec the sheeting, La eaeat luce dathy wy little sorter he me, lament lean tid attertien aad sed he feed “tee shef Barron, Betere larwat Stechd this pomer pie 0 eer sayilt hey Hane x het Barren. he Bawens fowily beard ther ger they stacled yf? mae. se (SIGNATURE) (Wrrness) paces /Y (Statement Continuation)_beleviing ATar was he cheoHsr becarse that ves the oa fy ame fer aut ect on the Streets. Thes (5 all FT perren ber eet the Aryht ewe n Barron Veter Ne, a, he Z ide we wre her aaythin , Loi ahs 2 atewrent #E of way oma free will Ay one hes threatened wre er prmamd me anythin er ae pe use aot tahe aay dre thet 1. welel Z 1s THave READ THIs_/ > _ PAGE STATEMENT, AND I HAVE HAD THE STATEMENT READ TO ME. I HAVE HAD ALL THE CHANCES I WAX TO ADD, DELETE, AND/OR CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS STATEMENT. THIS STATEMENT IS TRUE, CORRECT, AND COMPLETE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN THIS STATEMENT TO A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PERSON/PEOPLE LEK 2 (wetness) ACCUSED IN THIS COURT CASE. IDENTIFICATION OF INVESTIGATOR LOUISIANA INVESTIGATIVE & PROTECTIVE SERVICES, LLC PO BOX 770017 NEW ORLEANS, LA 70177 va gee! ANW2€F. ; an investigator for Louisiana Investigative & Protective Services, LLC, has taken a written and signed statement from me, and informed me that it is at the request of: etteney for Slehirley th ysattorney for the defendant 7 4 in case # pate JOE 23 WITNESS men Lie ee PRINT “Vices! Atrae pate__10/ /i/ | ‘A copy of this form has been given to Derry Prree ; wma: [=