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The Olsen Update: Ecuador

Hello Dear Family and Friends!!

We have some exciting news and updates to share - here are a few highlights from the last couple months!

Update #1: Its a Girl!!!

On September 21st we headed to the doctors
office to find out that we are expecting a baby
girl! She is very healthy, has a strong
heartbeat, and is growing well. When we
arrived home that evening, we were surprised
by a driveway full of cars and a surprise
gender revealing party! We are very excited
and we hope that you will join us in praying
for her.
Update #2: Midwest here we come!
Jim and I have put together a schedule for our visit to the Midwest. We look forward to seeing
as many of you as we can and will be in touch with each of you in the coming weeks.
October 12 - 20: Minneapolis
October 20 - Nov 2: Fergus Falls
November 3 - 16: Fargo/Moorhead

November 17 - 20: Nebraska

November 20 - Dec 1: Minneapolis
December 2 - 9: Wisconsin

Update #3: Weve been officially invited to join the Youth World Team!
For those of you that havent heard, about one week after returning from our vision trip to Ecuador (Aug 213), we were contacted by Paul Reichert, El Refugios Director, and received an official call to join their team.
The vision trip itself was a time of strong confirmation and we left with an even clearer vision of the ministry
that God is calling us to there - we gladly accepted and are now officially raising support in order to go to

Whats Next &

Prayer Requests:

For Gods provision during this season of support-raising

Health for Suzy and the baby while we travel over the next few months

For the people of Ecuador: that God would prepare the hearts of the individuals
that we will be coming into relationship with

Jim: 607.220.8878

Suzy: 607.793.3163