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The Olsen Update: Ecuador

Hello Dear Family and Friends!!

As you may or may not know, we have embarked on an exciting journey together and are currently transitioning
toward full time positions with International Teams, an international sending organization for missions. Over
the past couple of weeks there have been some exciting updates and wed like to share them with you here!

Update #1: Support Raising Boot Camp

On June 16-17 Jim and Suzy successfully completed
International Teams (IT) support-raising boot camp in
Lima, NY! This is mandatory for all full-time missionaries
that join IT and its quite obvious why this workshop is such
an important component in the training towards full time
ministry and service.
Though we entered into this training with uncertainty about
our confirmed status with IT, it was very exciting to think
about how God will provide and use others to further His
kingdom through our ministry as a couple. In short, it was
refreshing, exciting, and made us look forward to entering
into that phase as God leads us.

75 other couples and individuals from various organizations

attended the workshop. It was very encouraging to sit in a room
filled with people who are ready to jump in and serve the Lord.

Update #2: A Bun in the Oven

Thats right, folks! On June 7th, just four days after Suzys last day
of work, we found out that we are expecting!! Suzy is about 10
weeks along and on July 19th we will have our first ultrasound
appointment. We hope that you will join us in prayer and
thanksgiving regarding this wonderful news! We are so thankful
for this gift and are grateful that well be able to embark on this
journey toward full-time international ministry together as a family
of three!!

Update #3: Confirmed Status with IT

On July 11th we received a phone call from Erin at the IT home office and were informed that we have been
officially accepted as full-time missionaries with IT! This piece of news is especially encouraging (and a bit of a
relief) as everything else is based on that decision. Although we do hope to be placed in Ecuador with Youth
World, we at least now know that we will be serving somewhere!!

Whats Next &

Prayer Requests:

Our lease is up on 7/31 and we will be busy packing over the next 2 weeks. We plan to store
our belongings in a storage unit down the road - pray for peace and joy as we go through this
processmoving is never quite as fun as one would hope .
Our Vision Trip to Ecuador is scheduled for Aug 2nd -13th. Please pray for safety and
wisdom as the Youth World Team and we discern whether or not placement with El Refugio
is the right fit.



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607. 793.3163