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theOlsen update

serving in ecuador

March 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

So much has happened since we last sent out an official update! We are currently in Elgin,
IL staying at the International Teams center and will be here through the end of the month. We
went through training during Jan. and Feb. and were incredibly blessed to learn alongside a group
of passionate singles, couples, and families who are also being called to serve around the world.

The Arrival of Kaia Ruth Olsen


On February 3 , 2012 we met our daughter, Kaia, for

the first time! We thank all of you for your prayers
leading up to her birth and for your continued prayers
for her! The labor and delivery went very smoothly and
Kaia has been an incredible baby thus far. We hope
many of you will get to meet her before we leave the

Language School on the Horizon

Our next big step in the process of getting to Ecuador is reaching the right proficiency in Spanish!
We will be studying in Costa Rica at the Spanish Language Institute starting on May 2nd. The last
section of our training here in Elgin dealt with second language acquisition, which equipped us with
tools to successfully learn a new language and to sound like a native speaker. Please pray for us as
we get a head start on studying Spanish leading up to May and as we continue in Costa Rica!

Travel Schedule Before Leaving the USA

We would love to see many of you before we
leave the country. Therefore, were planning a
mini road-trip for the month of April. If youd
like to try and see us, heres where well be:
March 24th - 30:
Mar 31 & Apr 1:
April 2 - 8th:
April 10 - 12th:
April 13 - 17th:
April 18 - 20th:
April 20 - 24th:

NYC & Long Island

East Hartland, CT
Ithaca, New York
Eau Claire, WI
Fargo, ND
Fergus Falls, MN
Minneapolis, MN

Our Prayer Requests:

1. That we would learn Spanish well through
our current studies and in Costa Rica
2. For paperwork, visas & passports to come
3. For the people of Ecuador: that God would
prepare the hearts of the individuals that we will
be coming into relationship with

We hope to see many of you soon and thank you for your continued
thoughts and prayers for us!

Your Partners in Ministry,

Jim, Suzy & Kaia Olsen . Jim: 607.220.8878 . Suzy: 607.793.3163