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xviii Contents Dynamic Performance of Steel Lightweight Floors ‘MM. Alikhail, X.L. Zhao and L.. Koss Coupled Truss Walls with Damped Link Elements A. Rakimian Galloping of Cables with Moving Rivulet L.Y. Wang and Y.L. Xu Free Vibration Analysis of Thin-Walled Members with Shell Type Cross Sections M. Ohga, T. Shigematsu and T, Hara A Simple Formulation for Free Vibration of Frame-Shear Wall Tall Building Q. Wang and L. Wang Flexure-Torsion Coupled Vibrations for Tall Building Structures Considering the Effects of Vertical Loads S.H. Bao and S.C. Yi ‘The Computational Time Efficient Finite Flement Method for Large Amplitude Vibrations of Composite Plates Y-¥. Lee and C-F. Ng Determination of Model Order for Thin Stee! Plate Systems Using Vibration Test Data Y.¥. Li and LH. Yam Prestressing Study on Tendon Profile on the Analysis and Design of Prestressed Steel Beams G.N. Ronghe and L.M. Gupta Long Term Analysis of Externally Prestressed Composite Beams ALD. Asta, L. Dezi and G. Leoni Flexible Connection Influence on Ultimate Capacity of Externally Prestressed Composite Beams A.D. Asta, L. Dezi and G. Leoni A Fracture Criterion for Prestressing Steel Cracked Wires J. Toribio and M. Toledano Failure Analysis of Prestressing Steel Wires J. Toribio and A. Valiente Fatigue and Fracture Experimental Study on Static and Fatigue Behavior of Steel-Conerete Preflex Prestressed Composite Beams K. Zhang, S. Li and K. Liu Object-Oriented Fatigue Reliability Analysis for the Offshore Steel Jacket C. Wang, Y. Shi and S. Li 849) 857 873 881 889 397 905 913 921 931 939 947 955 965 975