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Handling and Storage of Aggregates


Handling and storage of aggregates

Store sand and coarse aggregates of different size
fractions in separate stockpiles, on firm platforms.
If aggregates are stored directly over firm ground, do not
use the material in the bottom 10 cm portion.(This will be
dead storage.)
Provide ample space between adjacent stock piles.
Build up the stockpile in horizontal or gently sloping
layers. Do not allow dumping of aggregates down the
sloping sides of stock piles.
Do not allow trucks and bull dozers over the stock piles.

Handling and storage of aggregates

Do not attempt to blend two sizes of sand by placing them
alternately in stockpiles or trucks.
Where two more sizes of sand are employed to meet the
grading requirements, batch them separately in to the
If the aggregates have been washed or received in wet
condition allow at least 48 hours. for the excess water to
drain away.
Cover the aggregate heaps by tarpaulins to reduce
moisture changes.
Limit screening, washing operations to the barest minimum
at the concreting site.