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3rd Grade Math Lesson Plan

Goal of Unit:
The goal of this unit is for the students to learn how to increase their
fluency with 3s and 6s in multiplication

3.OA.C.7: Multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the
relationship between multiplication and division


Students will be able to relate the 3s and 6s in multiplication

Students will be able to use area models to increase their
mathematical reasoning


Multiplication table
Multiply it game
Paper clips
Activity worksheet
Flash cards


Prior knowledge of 3xs table

Essential Questions:

Do you agree with the fact that the 6s are doubles of the 3s? Why?
How would you solve 6x4 using what you learned? Explain?

Opener/Anticipatory Set:

Teacher will explain to the students that they will be working in groups
Teacher will review her classroom behavior expectations


Miss O will take a group to work on the relationship of the 3s and 6s in

multiplication (thinking doubles)

Another group will be working on the computers to do First in Math
The last group will work independently on their journals and worksheet

Centers will rotate every twenty minutes


Students will come together as a whole to turn in finished assignments

Miss O will ask essential questions


Teacher observation
Group participation
Individual participation
Finished assignments
Exit ticket


Teacher will use a Smart Board to display Daily Four rotations

Beginning- after the concept has been taught, students will work with
partner to do a review with flash cards of the 2s and 4s.
Intermediate and Advanced- work with partners on 2s and 4s multiplication
game (multiply it!) to review the concept they just learned.

Journal Entry Blog #2

In Math today, I taught the students a lesson on multiplication.
The goal of this lesson was for the students to learn how to
increase their fluency with 3s and 6s in multiplication (thinking
I started the lesson off by reviewing my classroom expectations.
I made sure that the students knew what was expected of them.
After this, I explained the directions to the lesson. I also had the

students repeat the directions with their partner to check for

Next, I decided to break the students into groups according to
their levels. One group worked on the computers to do First in
Math. The second group worked independently on their journals
and worksheet activity, and the last group worked with me on the
relationship of 3s and 6s in multiplication (thinking doubles). My
cooperating teacher circulated the classroom to help students as
needed. The centers rotated every twenty minutes. There is an
explosion sound that goes off to let the students know that it is
time to transition to the next center.
When it came to the lesson, I believe that the objectives were
clearly stated and aligned with the instruction. Each individual
received my attention in a small group setting. I also made sure
that all of the materials were set up prior to the lesson.
When it came to classroom management, the students were
aware of my expectations. I made sure to state them clearly
before starting the lesson. Therefore, students in all groups were
engaged and displayed good behavior.
As far as instructional delivery, I made sure that my directions
were clearly stated, and had the students repeat them with a
partner to check for understanding. Throughout the lesson, I
moved from student to students teaching, guiding and assisting
students, as needed. I was able to check for understanding with
ease in this small group setting.

When it comes to professionalism, I believe I conducted myself

in a professional manner. I made sure to dress, act, and talk in an
appropriate manner that speaks to 3rd grade students. I made
sure to display a professional attitude and demeanor while
working with the students.
My learning experience in giving this lesson, is that it is not easy
to accomplish everything in such a short period of time. Because
the students rotated every twenty minutes, this left little time to
spend with each group. Just when I felt like I was getting through
to the students, the timer would go off. This kind of frustrated me
a little bit. I wanted to make sure that the students understood
the task, and were not left being confused.
The one goal that I did set for myself by doing this lesson, is to
have concrete manipulatives available for those experiencing
difficulty understanding the multiplication facts. The second goal
that I made is to allow students to explain how they arrived at
their answer.