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EDL621 Internship Planner, Summer, 2008

1. Student name, School/District, Cadre #: Justin Goodwin, Grand Island Public Schools, Cadre 29
2. EDL621 Instructor: Sue Rasmussen
Cooperating Administrator/s:



Years in
Education Experience

Cindy Wells, Asst. Principal

GI Senior High




Jeff Gilbertson, Principal

GI Senior High




Ron Hester, Dean of Students

Success Academy




Lee Wolfe, Principal





4. Learning Goals and Statement of Rationale of how you will be engaged in leadership during your
internship, including your learning goals (not activities.) The Internship requires a minimum of 80
contact hours; at least 15 hours (2 days) of which must be in a diverse setting [See previous
Goals: to familiarize myself with the efforts and planning that take place behind the scenes, to embrace
leadership opportunities that I am unfamiliar with, and to expand my knowledge, understanding, and
confidence regard the logistics of running an efficient school.
Rationale: through the opportunities listed in this prospective internship plan, I will actively be engaged in
the process of developing a master teacher schedule at several levels, starting with the department and
moving up to whole building. This will give me a hands-on view of the Organizational and Strategic
Leadership used by several of my buildings leaders in an undertaking that I am completely new to.
Furthermore, the work I intend to do along side our buildings literacy coach will open my eyes to a leadership
role other than that of an administrator, a position that demands a high level of Instructional Leadership. To
meet the diversity requirement, it is my goal to work along side two schools at a different level than my own,
that operate under different year calendars (traditional and continuous). Through this opportunity, I will
gain comprehension of the impact of both schedules and the strategies used by each during the summer
months to best serve and meet the needs of their studentsclearly a combined representation of all for EDL
outcomes at work.

5. Diversity Requirement: The Internship requires a minimum of 15 hours (2 days) of which must be in a
diverse setting. Diverse Setting means with a diverse population outside your experience and
represented on the EDL Diversity Wheel. See section on Diversity Requirement in the syllabus. Please
provide a rationale as to how you plan to meet this requirement.
Due to scheduling conflicts and some unforeseen circumstances, I wan unable to serve Howard or
Gates. As a supplement, I worked with Mr. Ron Hester at Grand Island Senior Highs Success
Academy. To fulfill diversity hours, I assisted in ELL classroom instruction and monitoring in both
English and Math classroom. I observed/facilitated the use of by students attempting to
regain lost credit. Additionally, I constructed several letters to the city attorney requesting

prosecution of individuals with extreme truancy issues in an attempt to help them graduate. Mr.
Hester spent time discussing, in detail, the legal process regarding said prosecution along with the
expectations for Success Academy students. Furthermore, I spent some time at Shoemaker
Elementary, a more affluent elementary school in the district. Mr. Wolfe was gracious enough to
discuss with me the challenges of dealing with the open-concept layout of his building. We also had
a conversation about the ever-present competition between Northwest High School and GI
Senior High and the GIPS grade schools seemingly stuck in the middleinteresting dialogue and
good reminder that there are always challenges that one cannot anticipate.

6. Reading Support: You are expected to support your learning by reading a book of your own choice that
supports your learning needs. Option 1: Book Analysis; Option 2: 1 passive and 1 active portfolio
caption and self-created artifact. (See details in syllabus.)
Teach like your hairs on fire: the methods and madness inside room 56 by Rafe Esquith
Passive: Advanced Placement Program Packet
Active: Socratic Seminar Form

List of supporting & engaging activities, by site and/or Cooperating Administrator: The Internship requires a minimum of 65 contact hours
plus 15 hours of diversity experience. Please include your plan for both requirements.
Almquist/Depart. Chair
Wells/Asst. Principal
Gernstein/Literacy Coach

GI Senior High
GI Senior High
GI Senior High

Leadership Activities/Timeline


Preparing department level Master

Schedule (w/ new courses)/
Preparing building wide Master
Best Practices research; identifying and
collected resources and tools/
Campus grounds and maintenance over
the summer months/

Wells/Asst. Principal

GI Senior High

Diversity Experiences
Contact Name

Diversity Site

Intended Experience


GI Success Academy

ELL Program, Summer School



Logistics within an open-concept school




NOTE: Please type the plan prior to meeting with your Internship Instructor. Remember: The Internship Plan is a requirement for the
EDL Program. All Plans must be completed and approved by your Internship Instructor prior to implementing the plan.