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At The Cross Words and Music by Reuben Morgan and Darlene Zschech a8 E/G# A B Cim —E/G# A B 3 5 E/Gt A B Cim7 A Bsus 1. Oh Lord, You've searched me. You know_ my way, 2.Your ho - ly pres = ence,— sur-round ~ ing me, 3.You go be - fore me, — You shield my way. — 4.And when the earth____ fades, _ falls from myeyes. E-ven when. fail You, — I know You love me. In ev - ‘ty sea = son, — Yourhand_ upholds___—sme. _ And You stand_ be-fore = me,__ 2, 5 gous A gous B E love me. 1 know You love me. At the eross I bow my 3 cim E/G# A B — SS knee, where Your blood was shed for me. There’sno great-er love than this, Last time to Coda ® 16 E Cim E/G$ A = You have o-vercome the grave. Your glo-ry fills the high-est _ place. What can sep - arate me__ CLI Song ¢ 4591816 © 2006 Hillsong Music Publishing | Wondrous Worship For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use. All rights reserved. ‘CCLE License # 24250 At The Cross - 2 19 B A E/GH A B A E/G A DC. 4 B A B cim o4 -—_o -—_ gin 1 Js fe ~~. now? — You tore the veil, Youmade a way, when You said — 27 A Ccim B A — that itis done.__ You tore the veil, 30 C#m A cém B You made a way, D.C. al Coda —_ when You said that it___ is done.__ ® Coda 4 B E cém E/G# now? At the cross I bow my — knee, where Your bloodwas shed for = me. There’s no greater love than 40 Cim E/GE A B — iY —— Yourglo-ry fills the high-est place. What ean sep - a~rate me now? this, You have 0 - ver-come the grave. You tore the veil, — At The Cross - 3 43 A B cém A cém —_ You made a_ way, when You said —_ that it__ is done,_ A B Chm A cim a Spee S| ad t daw = —_ You tore the veil, You made a way, when You said___ that it____ is done. 50, B A E/Gt A B A E/G? A B