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Kimberly L.

223 Wellington Place
Brunswick GA 31523
Career Summary
Elementary Educator with nineteen years of professional experience
Developer and presenter for professional development on a district and building level
Excellent organization and management skills as grade level chair for five years and lead early
invention teacher for three years and instructional coach for 2 years.
Adept at analyzing data to ensure that instructional decisions at the classroom and school level are
effectively data driven.
Teacher of the Year, Mary Lee Clark Elementary, 2003
Teacher of the Year, Satilla Marsh Elementary, 2011
Top Five Finalist for Glynn County Teacher of the Year, 2011
Outstanding Communication with parents and staff

Teaching Experience
Instructional Coach


Assists planning lessons with teachers, observes in classrooms, models lessons, co-teaches,
debriefs with teachers, analyzes student work, measures work against standards, gives specific
feedback, develops coaching plans, and coaches follow up lessons.
Aligns instruction with curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Assists teachers to use
formative assessment to guide instructional planning, recommends instructional strategies
appropriate for learner needs, and differentiates instruction. Assists teachers to connect the rituals
and routines of instruction with the school discipline plan.
Ensures implementation of adopted curriculum. Assists teachers implement the adopted curriculum
and provides expertise in blending content knowledge with the workshop model. Uses alignment
tools (Look Fors, Focus Walks, etc.) to assess the fidelity of curriculum with instruction and the
transfer of training to the classroom.
Ensures that student achievement data drive instructional decisions at the classroom and school
level. Assists the principal/leadership team in disaggregating student performance data (formative
and summative) and assesses instructional needs of individual students and school training needs.
Guides data discussions with teachers and facilitates the examination of student work. Plans with
teachers for focused instruction based on data.
Designs collaborative, job-embedded, standards-based professional learning. Plans, delivers,
follows up, and assesses professional development at the school. Develops teachers' content

knowledge and expertise with the workshop model. Assesses teachers to determine instructional
needs in assigned teaching areas.
Served on the District SACS Committee 2013-14 and was the SACS Co-Chair for Satilla Marsh,
Currently serving on the Literacy Committee 2013-present, Served on the SLO Development
Committee; working specifically with high school ELA content.
Elementary Teacher, Early Intervention Specialist K-3
Implemented Georgia Common Core Performance Standards for Kindergarten, First, and Third
Proficiently administered and analyzed formative assessments and curriculum based measurement
probes to drive instruction and prescribe interventions within the Response to Intervention Process.
Collaborated with classroom teachers on curriculum, assessment, instruction, and student needs.
Served as Lead Early Intervention Teacher.
Developed and presented professional development workshops on phonics, reading fluency,
comprehension, 4 Blocks, and DIBELS.
Elementary Teacher, First Grade
Satilla Marsh Elementary, Glynn County Public Schools, Brunswick, Georgia
Implemented Georgia Performance Standards for first grade.
Proficiently used the DIBELS, running records, STAR test and Frys reading inventory to assess
students and determine the level of intervention.
Served as a member of the Standards Based Report Committee to devise and implement standards
based report card for grades 1-2.
Developed and presented professional development workshops to educate staff and facilitate the
Response to Intervention Process.
Elementary Teacher, Early Intervention Program Teacher
Mary Lee Clark Elementary School, Camden County Public Schools, St. Marys, Georgia
Implemented Georgia Performance Standards in Reading for grades one through five.
Collaborated with classroom teachers on curriculum, assessment, instruction, and student needs.
Provided building level faculty with professional development on guided reading and Learning
Focused training.
Devised comprehensive units of instruction for county wide use for the first grade level.
Served as a peer coach to teachers; assisted with SSTs, classroom management, parent
communication, and lesson implementation.
Proficiently used the DIBELS, running records, STAR test and Frys reading inventory to assess
students and determine the level of intervention.
Worked with administration on teacher budgets outside the regular classroom responsibilities.
Created and implemented a school wide leveled reading room.
Served on the SACS Review Board for Accreditation for Tift County
Helped to plan and implement Instructional Extension Camps

Elementary Teacher, First Grade

Differentiated instruction to meet needs of wide range of student abilities.
Trained staff and participated in Whole Faculty Study Groups from 2003 to present
Participated in Georgia Performance Based Standards Training and unit development for GPS
Served on the Relay for Life Committee (Chair for 2 years), Reading Budget Committee (Chair for
six years), Red Ribbon Committee (Chair 2 years)

Education and Certification

Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ed.D in Teacher Leadership
December 2012
Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
M.S. in Education with a specialization in Elementary Reading and Literacy (Gr. K-6)
July 2008
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Bachelor Degree
Early Childhood Education (P-5)
June 1996
Teaching Certification
Georgia Clear Renewable T-5
Professional Association for Georgia Educators
International Reading Association