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ABBY Author: Clinton Follow Ell Every Time

ABBY Author: Clinton Follow Ell Every Time

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Published by: lokasara on Jan 27, 2010
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Author: Lourdes S.

This is written with the ink of my blood
And sealed, with an everlasting kiss,
For a love, that for me is very real,
That it burns within my soul,
For a love that I have lost,
As my heart has now the memories,
Of regrets and sorrows of yesterdays, and today's,
For the man that I love,
And now it is beyond my reach,
As my heart, is in so much agony,
As I have lost the battle within my dreams,
And now I can't see beyond the great horizons,
For this heart of mine has shed many tears of memories,
Of yesterdays, and today's,
And I just cannot find a way for those shadows
To slowly fade, and the only reason is because,
It's locked up in my heart in chains,
So deep inside me of all the joy of life in the past,
So all those memories, still will linger there,
And it will carry, the whispers and dreams,
Of my love for you, that is so profound,

Of all memories and hopes,
For the love, I have for you...

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