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i have just tested out all these stats and it worked. on any save point. Values
depending. trial and error to get the best values. Addresses is correct at least
for me at
Thanks to RETRIBUTIVEBLAST and ch405. i got the pattern from the address they ob
tained v.s the address in the bruteforce. the address is the 8th digit of the fi
rst + 4 or - 4 and 1st digit changed to 0. the next 8 digit u can just ignore. H
ence i am able to deduce and try. But gold did not turn out that way.
for example in bruteforce
Lightning CP adresses 20027CB1 3B9AC9FF
take only the 1st 8 digit which become 20027CB1. The first digit change to 0 and
the last digit +4 or -4. Since i have i tested it, so it is +4 and not -4. henc
e it become 00027CB5.
cp: 000246B5
Atk: 000246C9
Magic: 000246D5
hp: 000246B9
cp: 00027CB5
Atk: 00027CC9
magic: 00027CD5
hp: 00027CB9
cp: 0002B2B5
Atk : 0002B2C9
Magic: 0002B2D5
hp: 0002B2B9
cp: 000261B5
atk: 000261C9
magic: 000261D5
hp : 000261B9
cp: 0002A531
atk: 0002A549
magic: 0002A555
hp: 0002A539
cp 00028A35
atk 00028A49
magic 00028A55
hp 00028A39