You are on page 1of 2 Door 2 Door Courier Service Shipments via UPS Thank you for booking your UPS parcel with us. To ensure your parcel travels as srnoothly as possible, please follow the instructions below: 1. Thisis all the paperwork you need You should have: * 1 Air Waybill (Label) 2. Apply the Air Waybill to the parcel - this will act as the address label Please ensure there are no flammable liquids including perfurnes/aftershaves etc and or aerosols in the package. Please remove any previous labelling, stickers, warning signs from the packaging None of the paperwork needs to go inside the parcel, so you can go ahead and seal it up. 0) 2KG 10F1 func SHP#: 5776 WIVS 7FR POLTON L368 SHPWIr 3K SHIP TO: Dane tema 2015 SHIP TO: ae [ATHANASIOS GKALAPIS, Pee 6987787535 ATHANASIOS GKALAPIS 199 DELEON 54655 THESSALONIKI GREECE UPS STANDARD TRACKING #: 12 577 6W1 68 99320180 DESC acceso EDI Reference No.1: P262B408595 Se. BILLING: P/P *** Instructions *** Please attach to parcel.