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Guitar Model : Garcia/Simplicio

1929 Simplicio
One of the first and most important luthiers to
embrace the central ideas of Torres and put his own
stamp on them was Enrique Garcia of Barcelona.
Francesco Simplicio was his only pupil and successor. Garcia
introduced an asymmetrical eight fan-strut bracing pattern that was
very successful.
The Garcia/Simplicio guitars are characterized by an extremely high
level of craftsmanship as well as a devotion to the decorative arts.
There is often extensive use of mosaic inlay and relief carving in the
ebony facing of the head.
This guitar is my presentation of a 1929 Simplicio.
The owner of this guitar, Robert DiYanni of New York, makes the
following comment:
My Daryl Perry replica of a 1929 Simplicio is a stunning guitar of great
visual beauty. It is very easy to play, and its sound is extraordinarily
beautiful powerful yet sweet.


Photos: Keith Levit Photography


back & sides:
Tuning Machines:

European spruce
Alessi sterling silver/gold inlay


C l a s s i c a l
G u i t a r s

Daryl Perry, Luthier

#500-100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3B 1H3
Phone: (204) 947-2478
Fax: (204) 942-1555

scale length:
body length:
body width:
nut width:

65.0 cm
47.8 cm
35.9 cm
50.0 mm

as shown:


Brazilian rosewood or maple for the back and sides, Rodgers gears.

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