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krt L Thc landnpe of tifr Cbapar l. BasicPremiscs 2. Sgace, Time and Bounderies hrt 2: thcJouncy The Ascendent and the First House The Sc<ond House The Third House The knum Coeli end the bunh House The Fifth Housc The Sinh Housc The Dcscendant and the SqrenthHousc The Eighth House The Ninth House The Midhcarcn and the Tcnth House

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3. 4. ,. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ll. 12. lr. The Elcsmth House 14. The Trrclfth Housc lt. Grcuping the Houses

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me Manypeopleharahelped,supponed tolerated throughthe and agonyand ecstasy writing this bookandmy sincerc of appreciation ortendsto dl of thern. heardelt thanl$ goesto Max Hafler In panicular,an eqpecidly for dl vrcshared for pushingmein the bcginning;andto Roben and tVdkerfor pushing throughthe middleandcnd,for hisorccllent me his advice,criticismand zuggestions, patient suppon through my help. moredifticult periods, just for beingtherewhenI needed and My appreciation goes MaryAnn Ephgrarafor her adcpt also to 'Houses to uanscription the of Seminar'; ChristineMurdockfor her to orpert and much neededhclp, guidanceand encoutagement; ksley C,otuill for hcr profesiond advice;and to SheilaSasponas for her warm suppon. their I am naturallyindebtedto dl thoscpeoplewhoharcshared go knmrledgewith mc overthe years. Specidacknowledgements Yogifor his inraluableteachingand for the to MaharishiMahesh orpericncc meditation and what it openedup for mq to Darby of for C.ostello titillating me with her Geminian insighs and for inuoducing me to asuology cay backwhen; to my first astrology for BettyCaulfieldandIsabel Hickey;to EanBegg helping teachers, me to begin to understandmyselfa little better; to lan GordonBrorn, BarbaraSomers and Diana Whitmore for the enornous and amount I leamedfrom thcm; toJudy Hdl for her generous wermthant$ constant and suppoft,wisdom,healing help;andartery and as to Liz Greene whose insightandgrace a goodfricnd, teachcr asuologicdcolleaguc hara left a decp mark on all my *ork. Tcromore pcople descrve specidmention. Ifords can't orpress Our lady my ftelingp of apprcciation a ceftainDona Margarita, to porrcrof her lconine lorc and of C"omera, sharingwith mc the for (in spirit andfor providingmc with anidyllic atmospherc dl senscs)



to begin writing..And-last,-but ccnainly nor least,I am especially grateful toJaquelincClarc for being a true friend through al of this and for the impeccablediagramsshe so caringly produced.

The hpuscs the horoscopc of form oneof the basicbuilding-blocls with whicharcrystudent asuology of mustleamto *ork attheoutset ofany scrious studyofthc subjcct.Becausc houscs basic, the arc it isoften assumed thercfore that theyaresimple- pcrhaps most the simple and accesiblcof the uinity of planet-sign-housc which comprises foundationof horoscope the andysis.And bccausc thc houses often considered simple and accesible,theyarcalso so are bclierred bethe leastwonhyof anyin-depth perusal the body to in of asuologicdliteraturc. found in my orrn orpcricnce, however, thc houses I harrc that are nosimplerthantheplancaandrigto, andpcrhaps moresubde. even How could theynot be so,whenaftcr all e€ryone bom on a givrn the signs,whilc planetary day will harrc sameplanetsin the same placemcntsin houses the aredepcndentupon mostindividud that momentof binh? Bccausc aresorrcry they individual, of hctors,the ponoy a m1p of a rrcryindividud dcstiny,and ere*onhy of th.y much more onensiveinterpretationand andysisthan is usudly offercdin asuologicdtortbools. Thereis a luge and unfomrnate gepin this area the snrdy,and cenainlyno pzlst of authorhasdone full justice to this apparentlyrc simple yet difficult issueof thc 'spheres lift'. of I am thereforcdclighted to be ablc to write a prefacc a boolr to which I ftel not only fills thir gapin curent astrologicdliterature, but dso ortends the understandingof astrologyitself. Hward Sasponas managcdto do this without either violating thosc has prorcn to be rzlid, or of asuologicdtradition *-hi.h herrc Tpc1ts ignoring asso manyauthorsdo - the curent urgent needto bring pqrchologicdunderstandhginto a snrdywhich hasfor fu too long bcen purely prognosticatirrc and behaviouralin its interpretations. This book seems me to be unique dso in that, to




dthough it is 'psychologicd astrology' ir best,it does hide at not behind psphologicd jargon,and its languagcspeaks both to the begrnngran{the orperienccd practitiorrcr.q"itty clearly. The issue 'pryrhologicdasuology' of appears-to a ratherthomy be one-in somerespects, because many asuologers harastudicd who in oldertraditionsfeelthat thcir language, *hich hasstoodthe tcsr of qan-ycenturies,is bcing encroached upon by the language of psphology,and that astrology, thesehands,is no longlr .furc, in but .is.bccoming an ortension of thc hclping profesions. But psychologicd asuologyin the wayit is appfiedin Hocard,sbook is not an erosion the beautyand comp[iencssof the asrrological of mgdel.It cmbodies, rathcr,onclpparendyrrcry simplcconceptlthc redity of the psyche. That an individud's iift is charactedstiiof the individud oughtto bcobrvious, it isoccedhgly difficult to fully but grasp unlcs one's ovmpspheisarealityto onesclf. interprctation The of the houscsthat Ho*zrd oftn in such depth in this'book is 'pqrchological' in the mostprofoundsense, ncrr.^_use implicit in otry chaptcris rhe obsenationthat an individud hasceriainkinds oi l1rapanicular sphcrc oflifr because ishowthepc5rhe that :pyd*.f o.{theindividud pcrceirrcs, reacrs and interprea that spfeie of tq lift. The author phrascs rary eloqucntlyG ttr. first chaptcr: this prcmisc upon which psphological asrology bascd is fh9 nhilosonhicd isthetaperrcn's rediryspringp outrzrdlromhisorhcrinncriandscape of thoughs,feelings, orpcctations bclic6. and This.iscenainly.asuology, not an qtension of anythingelsc; and bgt it rpa3 astrologywhichprcsenes escntialdigniil'-{ot"e the of the individud psychc, in which the houses, lcs than thc and io signsand planets,areinsideaswell asoutside,end becomc of full pemTq fo-{$. individud ratherthan remainingstatic,placcs, or 'earnts' in lift which harc no connectionto the-soul. of whichis o,ident throughout . TF. lgpo"d o<pcrience astrology the book is ortensirrc impressirrc.harrc manyoccasi6ns and I had to lcam from and have my (mn asuologicd inrigha enhancedby jointly foundedandco-direct Ccnui Hoqard'swork,asweharrc thc for Psychologicd Astrology Londonwhichisfocussed precirly in on thisapproach asuology.cantherchreraommcnd Howzrd's to I booi not only for thc clarity and depth of its content,but dso beceuse I am well aware that the interpretations which he oftn arc built upon manyycanof directorpericncc, and not mcrelyupon clcrrcr intellecnrd theorizing. Also implicit in thc book is a persond commitmenr to the asuologcr'sovm devclopment anl inner

almys ftlt to bc thc chidcriterion for confrontation,which I harrc of anypcrmnmnting to tab up thc responsibility counrlling othen in eny *zy. Thc pqrchcis obviouslye rcdity to the euthor, and its to thcreforehe is ablc to communicate rcality and its subtleties thc readerthrough the asuologicdmodel. Gcnuinc authority of asuologicdwriters this kind cannotbGfrted, dthough nurnetous which havt ncrrcr beenput to the lppclu to oftr mellent thcories tcst in lift. No one obscrvingthc &cts of a panicular planet in can a paniorlar house redly undcrstandthc complor isuc of hon' brick by brick, thc apparently creetes, an individud unconsciously buter' reality whidr he or shc eocounte$unles there is somc Otherwise interpretations thc are with the unconscious. reletionship us of dcscriptions behaviour,which learrcs backwhcrewe stancd. dimension ofasuology the I?hen thishappens, cre*ftre,teleological - its epacity to olrcn doorsto 1lrcrsonand dlow that perrcn to hos, howan enitude might beshapingoutcrlift and therefore see a of consciousnessthat anitude might shepe diftrent qudity some to of lifr - c.onot be prescnt.Asuologythen ceases be creatirrc, quitc poindess crccptasa methodof justifring issues and becomcs for which the individud doesnot wish to take rcsponsibility. it As a lcarningtqtbook, Hwad's book is inrzlueblc, becausc thc b.gitu at thc beginningwith hasicprinciplesand takes reader of funher andfunhcr into thc complodties interprcdngthe houses whilc rctaining throughout an essentidclarity of writing and a an disciplined strucnre.I harcnodoubtthat it will become essentid his wishingto derrclop snrdert of astrology tortbook for anyscrious astrology As or heruodetstanding. a stement ofwhat pqrchological it becausc couldnot put thc point isreallyabout,it isdsoirmrluable, more dearly. kychological asuologyis not about abandoning and but to astrology pqrchotherepy, abouta wayof understanding inner both encompasscs ofthe horoscopewhich rcadingthe synrbols and outer lerclsof orpcricncc,and points the *zy to thc esentid are pattenr which undcrlie both. Usuallythc houscs whichoften of themes of confirsingbccausc the epFuent divcrsity occur undcr one umbrclla. br onmple, thc profirndities and policiesin the of mystcrics deathrrc conjoincdwith lifr insurance bodyand of the rclationshipbetween eighth, end thc complcxitics 'smdl animals'in the sixth.Houard'sbook spirit arcmircd up with dl uoderlics thescepparendy prwidcs the esntid meaningwhich with one housc,which thercbyallws thcmesconoected dispamte atc whydl thcsebuter' cfurum.ttencc part thc rcadcrto understand Thlskind ofinsight is rareendcennotbeorrcrestimetcd ofone core. in ia relue.



It istherefore great with pleastue I canintroduce bookwhich that a cenainwill provideanimponantanduniquecontribution ro the body of astrologicdliterarure.

Manisasked make himsclfwhatheiszupposcd become, to of to to fulfil his destinv. PaulTillich All around us in nature, life unfolds according to certain inner designs.A rosebudopensinto a rose,an acorn growsinto an oak, and a cateqpillar emergesas a bunerfly from its cocoon. Is it unreasonable assume to that human bcingssharethis quality with the restof creation- that we,too, unfold accordingto an inner plan? The concept that each of us has a unique set of potentialities ycarning to be redized is an ancient one. St Augustine wrote that 'there is one within me who is rnore myselfthan my self.'I Aristotle usedthe word enteleclryto referro the errcludonand full blossoming of something originally in a stateof potendd. Along with anteleclry, Aristotle also spokcof essence those qualities which one could as not lose without ceasingto be oneself. In like manner, Eastern philosopy appliesthe term dharrra to denote the intrinsic identity and latent life-pattern presentfrom binh in dl of us. ltbthe dbarnza of a fly to buzz, a lion to roar, and an aftistic personto create.Each of these patterns has its own kind of truth and dignity. Modem pslrchology many different namesto the pcrennid anaches 'to quest bc that selfwhich one truly is'2 - the individuation process, self-redization, sclf-acnralizadon, sclf-dorclopment, etc.By whatever label it is cdled, the underlying meaning is clear: all of us possess ccnain inuinsic porentials and capabilities.\Vhar's more, somewhere deep within us there is a primordial knowledge or preconscious percepdon of our true narure, our destiny,our abilities, and our 'cdling' in life. Not only do we havea panicula( path to follow, but on some instinctive level, we know what that is. Our fulfilment, happines and well-being hinge on discovering


this. pattcm and co-olrrating with its realization. The Danish philosopherKie-rkegaard obscircdthat rhe most commonform of despar s that of not P.i"g *\o weredly are,adding that an errcn deeper forS gf_despeir semsfrom choosing be;;;.;oth;; to oT.sett., Ihe pqrchologist RolloMaywrote,.I7hen the oersor, TT clenles potentidities, h'' failsto fulfil them,hisconditionis suilt.,. Thcologians interpreted founh cardinal ha'e the ,i,,j,irt-*Iiir, as'the sinof failing to do with onet lift all that onekno*r one.odi oo.' nur howcanweconnect that part of ourselvrs to whichknoc6 what wecouldbe?Hon,canwefind ihe path tir" lost the "g"in,-r"-..," ilIi l,^y? Is thereanymap thar cxists'which'i;'g"id.; to ourselves? The asrological birthchanissucha map.A picnrreof thehea'ens asit appeared one's at placeandtime of binh, ihe ch* rr.b.ri*lr; po_nra)'s ownuniquereality,innatepattemand inncr our desisn. A knowledge the chanenables ro perceir*h;A;;r-;f;i; of us wewouldnarunlly bedoing,if*c hadnot b*";Jfi-di;: socrety perhaps and, mostcrucidly,b1tbc ambfualcnces oforroui nararc. givento us but demanded us, and it of . Our beingis not o-nly rsup to us to makeof ourselrcs what *c afemeanrto bccome. ln the end,wedone areresponsibre forwhat weao witt ourlG rri to or orrr $e dgSree whichweaCcept rejecr true narure,purposc and identity.The binhchanis ihe bestguidewe harrc,o'rtiur-u.* to ourseh'es. placement thelhan reraals most;";; Each in the and,appropriare ro unfold whoandwhatwcarc.SThy listen way not to the cluesthe chan hasto offer?


One may indced say that it is not thc event which heppcns

to the pcnon, but the personwhich happc*Jl:iffi


There are three basic ingredients which combine to make up an asuologicd chan - plonets, igns arrd,boues. Planets represent panicular psphologicd drircs, urges and motirntions. Uke verbs, they depict a cenain acdon which is goitrg on - for orample, Mars 4lscrts,Yenusbarnonizcs, Jupitet cxpands, Sal;ttmresfiicts,etc. The life. signs represent tweha qudities of being or attitudes tocnxrds The drirc of,aplanet iso<presedthrough thesign inwhich theplanet is placed. Mars can assenin an Arien w:ry or lburean way; Venus can harmonize in a.Geminian or Cancerian fuhion, and so on. Hotses, hm,errct, show the specific areasof crrcrydaylift or fields of orperience in which dl this is occuring. Mars in Dunrs will assen itself in a slow and steady manner, but its placement by housc determines the exactareaof life in which this sloc,and steadyaction canmost obviously be obserrred whether it is in the pcrson'scdecr that he or sheactsthat way,or in his or her rclationships, or at school, etc. Put very simply, the planea shour ubat is happening, the signs ltout it is happcning, and the housesubcre it is happening. Servingasthe lensto focusand perrcndize the planetaryblueprint onto the landscapeof actud life, the housesbring thc chart docrn to eanh. And yct the meaningpand functions of the welrrc houses are usually thc least understood of all the basicastrologicd factors. It is the purpose of this book to oamine how a propcr appreciation





of the signsand planetsin cachof the twelra houses guide us can to our-trueidentity, ill-uminatingthe path of self-discorcry the and unfoldmentof our life-plan. Thereare a few reasons the full significance the houses why of hasbeensooften ornrlookcd. Mostasuological tortbools dcrcllon the traditiond buter' meaning each of house ncglect more and im subtlcor basic underlying principlc.Unles the coremeaning a of houseis grasped, true essencJof house 6st. br inst-ance, the thar is the llth house normallyknownasthe 'Houscof Friends, is Groups, Hopes \Tishes'. first thismayseem and At stnnge- whatdo friends rUfhy these ald groupsharre do with hopes wishcs? to and are things dl lumped togetherunder the samehouse? Hoylerrcr, when tie deeper,most basicprinciple of the houseis orplained, then the connecdon becomes clear. kernel the llth house ,theurge The of is to becomesomethinggreaterthan we alreadyare'.\UCe this 5y do connectingto somethinggr-eater rhan our separate seh,es by digning oursehas with friendsandsocidcircles, joining groupi by byidentifringwith causes whic-h usout of ourscl# andencompass lift usin a rasterschcme thingp. thc desire become of But to somettring grearcrthan already vrc aremustdso bc accompanied thecapacity by to envision and differentposibilities.In otherwords, new hoping and-wishingfor somethingmoves beyondo<istingimagejand us modelsof ounelrrcs. must hara a dreambeforewe.ariharrc a !(e dreamcometrue.Understood thecontoctof thc desire ortend in to our dready eristing sphercof orperience, llth houselabelsof the 'friends, groups, hopesand wishes' begin to make senscin relationship one another. ro Theconrcntiondwayin whichthe influenceofplanea andsigns in the houscshas been interpretcd is another bbstacleto frlly appreciating significance each the of house. krceiving orcnts purcly as ortemd cirom$ances whfuhbcfallus,traditiond astrology int-rprca placements thc chanin a deterministic htalist[fight, and in and fr$r,9 comprehcnd pan we play in shaping the and coniituting what happens us. An 'errcnt-orientated' to a*rologer,for instanci t-o Tjght_s.ay a man with Saturnin the llth housJsomethinglike 'Your fricndswill restrictanddisappointpu.' Thismaybc trui but w@ gogd doessuchan interpretationdo for anyone? astrology . Thc philosophicdpremiseupon which psychoiogicd basedis that a person's rcdity springpoutwardfrom his or hii 5 inner landscape thoughts,fteling;s,orpectations beliefs.For of and the man with Satumin the llth, uoubh with friends is only rhe tip of the iceberg- the outer manifesration rcmething *U.h of

for hc, himself, is responsible creadng.His difficulty relating with companionsis the surhcc manifestation of something much deepcr: his fear of orpanding his boundaricsto includc somcthing other than himsclf. He cants to becomegreaterthan he alreadyis - to identifr with somcthing beyond his otisting senseof self - and yet he is afnid of endangcring the identity he already has. The llth house 'hold on, a urgcshim to encompass greaterredity but Saturn says preserve what you arealreadyfamiliar with.' Understood in this way, it is not friendship which restric$ him, but bis oun restictiozr which who points out this dilemma limit his friendships. The astrologer ushersthe man into the vestihule of changc. Confronting thesc apprehensions,oamining their origins, and looking at the posible waysof deding with his fean, are the kep which open the door to appreciated in the contoc funhcr growth and derrclopment. rUflhen of unfolding his potentid and realizing his life-plan, this man's and productive phasc difficulties with friends becomcsa necessary oforperiencc. Gnppling with Satum in the llth, rathcr than arniding 'makes of himself what he it or blaming it on others, is one way he is supposed to becorne'. How infinitely more beneficid this 'Sorry old chap,your interpretation of an llth houseSaturn is than friends are no goodJ In his book TlteAstrclogl ofPernnality, Dane Rudhpr, a pioneer of perrcn-cenued astrology,proposcsthat reading the chan is to read rhedbarna ofthe person. I In a later wo rk, TbeAstrclogical Houses, he elaborates more fully on this, emphasizingthat thc planetsand 'celestid instructions'on how a personcan signsin cachhouseoffer most naturally unfold his or her life-plan in that areaof existence.2 fu far aspossible,this book interprets the planer and signsthrough just indicating the Howcrrcr,besides the housesin this pcrspective. most authentic way to fulfil our inuinsic potcntidities, the house placements dso show our innate predispositioa to perceive the with eachhousein the context of the signs orperiences associated and planets found there. For orample, a woman with Pluto in the from binh to o(pect Pluto in connection 7th houseis ptedisposed more, because Pluto is what with the affairsof that's she is orpecting there, Plurc is prcciselywhat she will find. What we scein life is coloured by what we el(Pectto see.Tvantycight snrdentswere askedto describewhat they sawwhen a deck Their basic of playing catdswasflashedone-by-oneonto a screen. orpectation (or orienting paradigm) wasthe preconceptionthat a and clubs)and packof cardsconsisaof four suits:mo black(spades two red suits (hearts and diamonds). However, when the




o(perimentcnslippeda ray'sixof spades thc deck,manyof thc into snrdenu simplyrefuscd o'idence theiron'nelcsand torn'ened' the of the red spadcto blackin their descriptions. other uords, when In was the red six of spades flashcdonto the scrcen, they didn't even notice the card'sincongruityto their opectationsof what a sixof spades shouldlook like. Theysawonly what they orpectcdro see, not what was rcnally there.s Similarly,our archetypal orpecadons,asseen through thc signs and planets in the houses,prccondition us to cenain yraysof o<periencing Thewomanbom with Plutoin thc 7th, then, will life. filter issues relatingto pannershipthroughthe lensof that planet. In this sense, is 'stuck'with Pluto in that dimensionof lift, just she asan acotnissruckwith Nothing shecando will oak. change that planet bcing therc.But onceshebecomcs consciotsly awarethtt Pluto is the contort in which sheviewsthc 7th house, a few altetnathrcs open to her which didn't ocistpreviously. To begin with, shccanaskherselfwhat purposethe 7th housc Pluto serves the ovcrdl unfoldmentof her lift-plan. In this uay, in she accepts begins co-operate herinbomnatue. Sccondly, and to with insteadof blaminglife or otherpeoplefor the stateof affairsin that house, canry to understand roleshehasplayedin creating she the the circumstances there.Bydoing this, sheimbuesthe orpcrienccs in her life with greatermeaningand significance they iue not 'happen'to her.FinallS if shecan 'use' just randomevents which Pluto in its mostconstructirc connotations, is les likely to have she to suffler gruelling sideanylongerthan necesary. one levcl, ia On Pluto impliesthe tearingdorvnofforms andthe collapsc oristing of suucnrres. on another But leral,Plutoreprescna tran$rmadon and rebinh into a whole new wey of being. Through altering the perspectira whichshe in views whatishappening, canundcr$and she Plutosuphearals nocessary as oppomrnities grwth andchange. for Byfacingandcomingto tcrmswith the kindsof traumas asrcciatcd with thisplanet,she'shifis'lerrcls findsthat Plutohas awholc and other dimensionof orperience oftr. Shelearnswhat -that 'theto obserrrdso long agq deity which btingpthe illnessalso bringsthe cute.' Awareness brings change. Through oramining thc house placements our chafts,wenot only aregircn clucsasto thc bcst in w:ry to meet lift in that area,but we alsogdn insight into thc undcrlying archetypdoqrectations openting within us. Oncc*r become aware wehavt an inborn biasto scethingpin a ccnain that context, canbeginto workconstructircly we within that fizrncnork,

Bcaring to snduallvoqanding itsbordcrs dlon'for otherdtematives. bookboth asa tool for personal usc there" rhis ?iir-i" ;;l;;.;; "ii".[ andasa guidefor chaninterpretadon'Thesuggested is pt""".t and sign throgsl the houses intended ;;;;;f inspiringtunhcr hgnetutlv broadandgencnl6utfine, ;;;;t; thousht and rdlcttion on thc natute of eachplacement' too-n$dy' or applred Mv nrscotionsshouldnot betekcnu gospcl 'cookbook' tormat. limiations of the .na f apiEcire for theinherent factor in the chan canonly bc fully M;ifi- da"f is that orcry in the light of the whole chan' Funhermore' the is "o'oi..i",.a -y phcJmentin the horoscopc contingenton the .ff;;;;f of theentityforwhomit isdrawn. i:fi.,"i.f ,n letciof onscio'sncs A *oman might be bom at the sametime' placeand date asher the Detfrog, and-thet*o charts*ould look oecdythe samc'But and toits levelof awareness' mepaccording itog o;t o.t the binh plays our .oorai"g to hcri. Because lerclof consciousncss Ji."*ri* ii dcterminingthc butcome'and mcaningof ;.h ";.i"1rolc chan, no rigidintcrpretetion 9f -y one factor ;ffi;io,tr. iarr u. nria. zuh of * is moie than the sum of the PuF of.the freedom .rr*. g*t, of us hasthe potentid for greatetawareness, and fulfilment.




A humanbeingis pan of the whole,cdled by us 'Universe'; a part limited in time and space' Alben Einstein According to the Bible, God beganHis great work by creatingthe universe and then dividing it into different pans. i{e madi the heavens separare from the eanh, light separate from darkncss,and day separate from night. In an attempt to manage,undersrandand make sense exisrence, of human beingsorhibit this sametendency to divide the wholenes of life into variouscornponent parts and phases. Similarly, the binhchan, rhe map ofan individud's oristence, reflectsthis slicing of life into different sections- rhe sum total of which make a whole. The Division of Space No matter how haphazardthe universemight seemar times, it is, nonetheles, fairly orderly.Cplic and prediaable, the cclestid bodies manageto keepon their parhsand adhereto their proper motion. Perhapsin an artempt to ascribemeaning and order to their lives, our early human ancestors obserrcd a relationship betweencclestid (the movementsof the Sun, Moon and planets) and life on ex'ents earth. But they neededto havea frame of referincc or backdropby which to plot and pinpoint the positionsof thesemoving lighrs in the sky.In order to do this, space dividcd into different sictions was and labelled. - Modern astrologersare faced with the sameproblem - how to divide spacgto createa frame of refcrcnceby which to identifr the positions of the cclestial bodies. It so happens,from a geocenuic point of view, that the Sun, Moon and planets all appearro moue in a broad circular path around the ianh. This-path cxtends

Ceusnrl Eeurror

Or Tne Dlvlslorr SPnce
on 8 approximately or 9 degrees cither sidcof what is knownasthe i'tOtn - th; apperenipath of the Sunaroundthe Eanh - and is caneatheh4irc Bclt.l\e eclipticis then dividedinto twelrc of with 0 degrees Aries,thepoint stardng of signs thiny degceseach, * the Sun'Jpath intenectsthe celestid equator (the.Eanh's at into equatorprojeaed- space) the SpringEquingx.k $i 53sc' (Aries, flurus, C'cmini,etc.)i aresrMivisions of thesigtts theZodiac of of thl ediptic, thc apparcntyearlyrnorrcmcnt thc Sun around posiiionsof the planctsarcmappcd the Eanh (sceFiguri i;' the * The sigrs bcarthe sarne but nlmesasthe constelladons, due to a and of phenominon knwn as thePrcccstion thc Eqtinws, thc signs coincide. no ionstellations longer



TIME AND BOUNDARIES SPACE. narure of the sign in which it is placed.

against these divisions theeclipdc, of showing wharsigneach planet to bepassing throughon anypanicular of theyear day (see lappens Figure2). -.The plane6,eachar its ownrare,conrinudlymorarhroughthc differentsigns.Th_e takes Sun approximately-one month 6 p.r, througha sign,and roughlyoneyear makea full circle alfthe to of signs alongthe ecliptic.The Moonspends about2th days each in sign and tekes27vedap ro passthrough dl sweh,e signs.Uranus takes approximercly ycars pass 7 to through a signand roughly g4 years makea full circle. stated Chaprer a planetdis.ribes to As in l, a panicular kind of activitywhich o(presses iaelf according the to



The Division of Time 'horoscopus', The word borcscopecomes from thc Greek word 'consideradon of the asccnding meaning tonsideration of the hour' or 'time-map'. By is degree'.In other words, the horoscope literally a into signs,the early astrologers dividing the spacein the heavens were able to plot the position of the planets in the sky. But they soonrealizedthat somethingmore qasneeded- a frame of reference to link the planetarypattern to a pafticular personborn at a ceftain time and placc. Besides movementcausedby thc apparent revolution of the the Sun, Moon and the planetsaround the Eanh, there is another rype of morrementwhich thc horoscopemust take into consideration:the had daifi rctation of tbe furtb on itsoumaxis.The earlyastrologers to find some way to correlatethe celestialphenomena of planets moving through thc signsto the terestrid phenomenon of the daily rotation of the Eanh on its own axis. The most obviouswayof doing this wasto divide the twenty-fourhour rotation of the Eanh into sectionsbasedon how long it took the Sun to morrefrom its position at dawn to its position at noon, at and from its noon point to its sunsetpoint, etc. Because cenain times of the yearthc Sun would spend longer abovethe horizon, thesedivisions would not alwaysbe equal. Manin Freeman,in his book Hou to Interpret a Binb Cltartt, the helps the beginning student of astrologyconceptualize kind of that movementcaused the rotation of the Eanh. He suggests we by imagine a day in earlyspring. From the point of view of the Eanh, the Sun in earlyspring is situated in that pan of thc Zodiacal Belt which is known asAries. At sunriseon the day in question,the Sun and the sign of Aries will be scenappearing ovet the easternhorizon the on of the observer Eanh. By noon of that day,however, Sun and morad to aposition more Aries areno longer due east- they harre or les orrcrhsad the obscrrcqand a different sign, probably Cancer, of is on the eastemhorizon. By sunset,the Sun and Aries will be seen to be setting orcr the westemhorizon, and thc opposite sign of Libra (180degrees aray from Aries) will be rising oar the eastemhorizon. At sunrise the nort day, thc Sun and Aries will again be seenin the east, but the Sun would hara morad approximatcly one degree funher along in the sign of Aries. Thus, due to the daily rotation of the Eanh on ia own axis,the position of the signs(and anyplancts which happcn to be in them) changesin relation to the horizon.





The Division of the Chan into Anglcs lb understand housesit is csendd to remember that we aredealine with tqo kinds of morcmenr - that of the Eanh and the other phnd around rhe Sun, but also the morrcmentof the Eanh on iis ois. The division of the mundanc sphere into what ercnrually bccame known asthe housesaroscout of a need to relate the axiai rotarion of the Eanh with the mo'ement of the planets in the sky. Ifhile signsaresubdivisionsof the apparcnt renLlution of the Sun, Moon and planets around rhc Eanh, housesaresubdivisions of rhc Eanh,s diurnd (daily) rotation on its own a:<is. In . TbeAstological Hoases,Dane Rudhyar orpands Cyril hgan's view that what we now refer to as houses*ere oiiginallyperiods of time called 'watches'. \Tatcheswerebasedon thehoramint of the Sun as it rose in the ebst, passedoverheadof the obsener, and sct in the west. Each watch corared approximately six hours of time, marking-the points of sunrise,noon, sunsetand midnight. By the advent of the Renaissance, asuologershad do'ised -.thods vEi MrDnE
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of dividing thesecatches into the twelve housesof the horoscopc. betweenrarious Rrfthermore, they had derrelopcda conespondence typesof human activity and the different watchesor houses.In this vay, the housesbecamethe frame of referencethrough which the poicntialitics of a planet and sign combination could bc related to the ectual qrcnts and concernsof life. !flithout the structure of the cannot bring the significanceof celestialsvents houses,astrologers down to eafth. It is an easystep from the four watchcsto the four points in thc chart known u tlte Angles (seeFigure 3). From the point of view of an obscrver'sposition on eafth, at any tirne of day, a cenain sign to will be sc'en be rising in thc eastwhilc its oppositesign (180degrees auay) will be seento bc sening in the west. The degree of the sign occupying the easternrnostpoint in the sky is callcd rhe Asecnding Dcgrec and the sign it is in is cdled the Asccndant or Riitg Sign. Asuonomicdly, the Ascendantmark the intersectionof the ecliptic with rhe obsener'shorizon - in othct cDrds, thc meeting of heatrcn and eanh. The opposite poht to the Asccndant is the Descdnfunt, thc sign seaing in the west.The line connecting the Asccndant and Descendant is called thc am of tbc horizon. on Lilcewise, anytime of the dayfor an obsen'er eanh, a panicular at 'culminating' at the upper meridian, dcgreeof a cenain sign will be thi point due south of the place in question. This is called the Midhcaun or lfC an abbro'iation for the latin rcrm Mediam Cocli 'middle of the heavens'.The opposite point to the Midheaven the 'the lomst is cdled the Imam Coeli or IC, an abbreviation for heavens'.Thc line connecting the Midhearrcn to the Imum C-ocli is cdtcd the ocis of tbc meridian. These four poina are determined asuonomicdly. Collectively cilled tbe Anghs, the signsfound on thesepoints reveala great ded about an individual's orientation to basicorperiencesin lift. Their in significanceis more fully discusscd later chapters.The interscrdon of the a:risof the horizon and the axis of thc meridian give rise to the four Qaadrants of the chan. Ottiog to thc tilt of the Eanh, the sizeof the quadmnts arising from this fourfold division arescldom equal, and will rary according to the latitude and time of year of the binh. The Division of thc Four Anglcs into the Twclrc Houscs While determining the anglesdoes not raise too many problems, the manner in which the four angles should (or should not) be trisectedto form the tcth'e houscsis amajorconuocrsy inasuology.


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On the whole, there seems be generalagreementthat the line to of the horizon - the Ascendant-Derendant oris - is the basisupon whidr the division of the chan into houses should rest.ln orhervords, most astrologers agreethat the Ascendantshould mark the caspor beginning point (or lcading cdge) of rhe lst house and the Descendantshould mark the cusp or beginning poinr of the 7th house.After that, astrologers disperse all directions.. in Thosewho suppoft the Equal HouseSystem house-division provide the least of complicated soludon. Cdling the Ascendant the cusp of the lst house,they simply divide the ecliptic into twelvecqual-sized houses of thirry degrees each.So,if the Ascendantqcre 13degrees Cancer, of then the 2nd housewould be 13 degrees Iro, the 3rd house 13 of degrccs ofVirgo, etc.ln the casc ofEqud Housechafis,the Midhearrcn does not necessarily coincide with any house cusp. However,in Quadrant sptems of housc-division,the four points of thc anglesall correspond housecusps: Ascendantbecomes to the the lst house cusp, the IC becomesthe 4th house cusp, the Descendant becomesthe 7th house cusp, and the Midheaven becomes 10th housecusp.But how the intermediate housecusps the (that is, the cusps the 2nd, ]rd, trh, 6th, 8th, 9rh, urh and tzth of houses)should be cdculated raises many questions.In someof these systems, sprceis divided to determine thesecusps;in other systems time isthehctor upon which the division is made. A fuller discussion of the question of house-division is included in Appendix 2. Personally,and fot reasonsorplained in the Appendix, I favour orrerthe Equd House Systcmand for the purposes Quadrant systems of this book, will gcnerallyrelate the cuspof the 10th houseto the Midheaven, and the cusp of thc 4th house to the Imam Cocli. One way or another, we want to end up with rwelra houses.Why twelve?The most obvious reasonfor this is that astrologersbelieved that the division of the mundane sphereinto houses should mirror the division of the ecliptic into twelvesigns.Rudhyaroffersa more philosophical answer.He arguesthat eachquafter of the chan (as defincd by the Ascendant,IC, Descendant and Midheaven)should 'each be divided into three houses becausc opemtion of lift is hasically thredold, including action, reaction, and the result of both.'2 In his opinion, then, thc 2nd and 3rd houses carryout the significance of the Ascendantand lst house;the lth and 6th houses fulfil what is begun by the IC and 4th house;the 8th and 9th houses continue what is staned by the Descendant and 7th house;and the llth and 12th housescomplete what cas initiated by the Midhearan and tOth house. Besidesjusti$ing the need for twelrrc houses,Rudhyar's

reasoning hclps us to appreciate the fact that the meaning and relevenceof eachhousc follons on logicdly from the previous one. More will bc said on the cyclic processof the houses later. The houscs are traditionally counted anti-clockn'ise from the Ascendant. The lst and 7th housesare alwaysopposite onc anoth€r - this meansthat the sign on the 7th housccuspwill bc the opposite sign to the one on ttte lst house cusp, dthough thc actud degree on the cusp will stay the same.This samerule apPlies to the other pairsof oppositehouses:thc 2nd and 8th, thc 3rd and 9th, the 4th and toth. the )th and ttth and the 6th and 12th. Manin Freemanmakesthc relationship between the signsof the zodiac and the melvdold division of the housesclearerby picturing 'great wheel surounding the eanh along whoserim the zodiac asa the planets move'.This whecl is fixed againstthe background of the and the signsaremarked dong the edge.The twelrrchouscs hea'rcns, 'spokes of a moving wheel superimposed on the greater are like thc wheel'. The spokcsof thc housesrotate a full circlc every twentyfour hours in line with the daily rotation of the Eanh. The panicular way the wheel of the housesis related to the wheel of the zodiac at the time and place of binh is what makesthe chan unique for each individud.3 Since the Eanh rotates once everytwenty-four hours, the t'welve signsand ten planea passthrough thc twelrc housesin that period. thc The binhchan is a frozen moment in time which shovm panicular planets, signs and housesfor the time and place of dignmcnt of bifth. Turopeople may be born on the sameday and havethesame they are born in a different sign positions of the planets, but becausc placc or at a diffcrent time, thc planetary pattem will be seenin a different area of the hearan. i.e. in diffcrent houses. So fir we havc divided spaccinto signs, divided time into four quadrants, and divided four quadrants into twelrrc houses.That's enough dividing for nor', It's time to assignmeaning to the houses, and consider thcir relationship to one another, and to our lives. The Natural Tdn c Since the housesare determined by thc line of the horizon (where hearrcn and eanh meet), they relate the activitics and cnergics synrbolizcd by thc planea in thc signs (cclcstial oents) to actud lift on eanh (tencsuid crrcna). ln othcr words, thc housesshont specific arcasof crrcrydayorperiencc through which the operations cf ttre sigrs ana phncs manifot. Eachof the t*chc houscsrcprcsens a diftrcnt dcpanment of lift - a paniorler phascofwhat Rudhyar 'thc spcctrum of agedencc'.' cdls






But we still havethe problem ofassigning meaning to the diftrent houses.Generdly, the meaning of eachhousemirrors the meaning of the tweh,esigns of the zodiac Aries is considcred similar to the lst house,fhurus is consideredsimilar to the 2nd house,and so on right through to the connection of Pisces with the l2th housc. ln what is cdled the Notaral Zodiac (seeFigure 4), rhe first degree of Arics is placed on the Ascendant, the firsr degreeof llurus is placed on the cusp of the 2nd house, the fint degree of Gcmini is placcd on the cusp of the 3rd house, etc. The Natural Tndiec is symbolic, and its main purpose is to hclp the student gun ^ deepcr under*anding of what the housessignrS. In rctaal prrcticc, tbc




boases aperson'sc/tart uill almost neaera/igntltemseltesin sac/t in an eract conespondence uitb tbe signs as in tbe Nataral Zodiac, The coupling of 0 degrecs Arieswith the Ascendantdoesmake of sense, however, because borh Aries and the Ascendant(cuspof the 1sthouse)arebeginning points in their respective cycles. The yearly cycle the Sun'sapparenrmovementaround the Earrh bcginswith of 0 degrees Aries- the point wherethe celestial of equatorinrersecrs the ecliptic at the Spring Equinox. The daily cycleof the Sun ttuough the houses symbolicallybeginswith the Ascendant- the point where the horizon of the observeron eanh inrersecrs ecliptic. Since the Aries and the Asccndant both connore beginnings, it is understandablethat they should sharea similar meaning. Aries is a sign which implies 'initiation', fresh srafts,and the first impulse to act. The Ascendantand lst houseare associared with birth and the wayin which we meet life. The ruler of Aries, Mars,alsodenores initiatory energy,the will-ro-be, and the urge to make an impact on the environment. Zipporh Dobyns, in Tlte Astrologer's CasebooL,5describes astrologyas a symbolic languagein which the signs, planets and housesform the alphabet. She fecls that astrologydepicts rwelve wap of being in the world, or melvesides life. Theserwelve of aspecrs of the totality of life can be written in different ways,just as in the English alphabet we have upper case,lower caseand italic letters. Signs symbolize one form of the lerters of the alphabet, planets another,and houses anotherstill. Signs,planetsand houses, other in words, representdifferent ways in which rhe same rwelve basic principlcs can be expressed. More spccifically,Aries, Marsand the lst houserepresent one letter; Taurus,Venusand thc 2nd house another;Gemini, Mercuryand the 3rd houserepresent third letter, a etc. It must be remembered,however,that any planet or any sign canbe locatedin anyhousedependingon the exact time, placeand date of binh. Therefore,the factorssymbolizedby a sign, planet or house will be found to be mixed. The Houses as Ficlds of Experience In many textbooks, each house is generally allotted a field of experience, dcrribing a panicular setof circumstances a person's in life. For instance one traditional meaningof the 4th houseis 'the , 'long journeys', home',of the 9th houseis and oneof the areas corrred 'institutions'. by thc 12th houseis Texrs us that if we want to tell know what a person's home is like, we should examinethat person's 4th house.If wewant to know what will happen ro a personon long

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HOUSES TI{ETWEIVE ,4 journgls, we shouldanalyse 9th house;and if we cant to find the we or will out honrsomeone fue in hospitals prisons shouldconsider this the placemenain the l2th. \flhile rcmetimesquite accurate, is wayof interpreting houses flat, boring and not rrcryhelpful. In that Chapter1, I cmphasized the coremcaningof thc housemust inner meaningfrom which springdl be grasped that essential to connected that housc. and the endles associations possibilities of 'the homc' for a reason, is The 4th house rcferredto asthe housc The 9th houseis associated shouldbc understood. and that reason travelisjust onewaythat a moregeneral with 'longjoumqls' because 'Hospials process with associated the 9th housecanbe lircd out. of the and prisons'hardly scratch surface the 12th housc.In hrt 2 of this book, we crackthe shell of eachhouscin an attempt to and 'get at' the meaty,archerypdkemel. cut through dl its layers Planetsand signsin a houserertedmuch more than iust what in dcscribe might bewaiting 'out there'for us.Placemens a house wc the inner landscape the inborn images carrywithin whichare 'projeaed'ontothat sphere. filter whatishappcning \Ufle outsidc then lensof thc sign(s)or planct(s)in a house. through the subjcctive 'nice' someone does something If Pluto is in the 4th house,erren underhand as for us in our home might be pcrceived dangerous, and threatening.But, most imponantly, the signsand planetsin the a housesuggest bestand most naturd mannet in which we 'should' meet that areaof life in order to unfold and realizeour houscof the writes,'each inherentpotentiditics. AsDaneRudhyar a chan symbolizes spccidisedaspectof [our] dbarrna.'6 The HouscsasProcess t Pqr-hology',theps:rchologist a ln a lecture entided'Creating Sacred Mead. aboutthc life of Margatet JeanHoustonrelatedan anecdote her mother to tcachhcr how to makc As a child, Margaretasked 'Yes, are dear,but.1'ou goingto hara cheese. motherreplied, Her calf being born.'Fromthc cdf being bom to making to watchthe Meadwas taughtasachild to do entircp(xesscs, cheese Margaret from bcginning,to middle, to end. 'age of Dr Houston laments that we are thc victims of an intcrrupted proces'.!7e tum on a switchand the world is sct in motion. Wc knowa litdc about thc bcginning of thingp;*t knm, no but alitde aboutthc endof thingp; nt harrc idcaaboutthemiddle. of It/c harrclost the sense the nanrral rhythmsof lift. Our curent culnrrc is insufferably imbalanced. Bcforc thc lircd century dominantyorld vicwrzs orguric.Pcople thc sixteenth



closeto naturein small socialgroups,and perceived their own needs had its assubordinate to thoseof the community. Natural science basis in reason and faith, and the material and spiritual were inextricablylinked. By the seventeenth century this world view had changeddramatically.The sense an organic,spiritual universewas of replaced by a different notion: the world as a machine, which functioned on the basisof mechanicallaws, and which could bc cxplaincd in termsof the movemcntand arrangementof its rarious pans. The eanh wasno longerthe Great Mother, sentientand alive, like but a mechanism, reducibleto bia and pieces a clock.Descanes' 'Cogito, famousstatement, ergosam'- I think, therdore I am heralded a major split bctncen mind and matter. Peoplemovedinto their headsand ldt the rest of their bodiesbehind. Fragmentation becamethe rule of the day, and continues to reign even though has twentieth-centuryphysics shownthetrelationsbip is eaerytbing - that notbing can be understood isolated from its context. Ironically, astrology, study of nature'scycles and movements, the alsolost its sense process its fceling for thc organicwholeness of and of lifc. The mechanistic world view led to a belidthat nature could and should be controlled, dominated and cxploited. SimilarlS astrologycameto cmphasizcprediction and outcome at the orpense of an understanding of the dceper significanceof things. Houses weredescribedby keywords and meaningswhich made them seem asif they wereunrelated to one another,or only looselyconnected. lD0hy rhe 2nd houseof 'money, resources posesions' follovrcd and is 'the mind, immediate environment, and brothers by the 3rd houseof rWhyis the 6th houseof 'work, hedth and small animds' and sisters'? 'creative hobbics and spawnedby the Jth houseof self-o<pression, just assummerfollons spring and day spare-timeactivities'?Surely, why one turns into night, there must be somefundamental reason house leads on to the nexr. Houses are not separate,isolated, dangling segmentsof life. Conceived in their totality, they unfold a processof supreme and developmentof a significance- the story of the emergence human being. Staning at birth from the Asccndant,we arenot even as awareof ourselves distinct from anything else.Gradually, house we dancesand changes house,through a scriesofsteps, phases, by build an identity which can ultimately expand to include all of creadon.\?'eei-,erge of an amorphoussea,takeshape,and then out a of merge back again. Unlessappreciatedzrs process unfoldment, is meaning. Process both lifc and the housesforfeit their essential Division is only embedded in the very root of human experience.

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of origin', the family into which we were born. Planetsand signs in the 4th revealthe atmosphere felt in that home, and the kind we 'scripting' ofconditioning or we received there - the psychological family inheritance.Delving evendeeper,the 4th denotesqualities we carry stemming from our racial or ethnic origins: those aspects of the accumulatedhistory and evolution of our racewhich reside within us. For example,Saturn in the 4th or Capricorn on the IC sometimes derribes a home atmosphere which wasfelt ascold, strict or unloving, or a backgroundof a long line of staunchconservatives; while Venusin the 4th or Libra on the IC will likely be more attuned to the love and harmony within the early home, and may feel an affinity and appreciationfor thc tradition out of which it hascome. The Moon or Cancerthere blend easilyinto the home environmenr, whereas Uranus orAquarius in this position often feclslike a suanger in a strangeland, curiously wondering how it 'ended up' in that panicularfamily. MarcelProust,who in TbeRememberance ofTbings Past uplorcd in unsurpasseddetail his early life and innermost feelings,and thc workingsof memory iaelf, wasbom with the Sun, Mercury Jupiter and Uranus all in Cancei in the 4th. The influence parental figures hara on us is normally amributed to the 4th-10th house axis.Tiaditiondly it has dways made sense to associate 4th house(naturdly ruled by the Moon and Cancer) the with the Mother, and the 10thhouse(naturally ruled by Saturnand Capticorn) with the Father.Most astrologers w€recontenr with this classfication,but the work of Uz Greenehasshedsomeambiguity in this area.Shc has found from hcr considcrableenperience and orpertise asan astrologicd consultanrrhat her clients' description of the relationship to their mothers seemedto corelate more closely with the 10th house,while the image of father worked better with thc 4th.2 There aresolid cascs and againstboth schoolsof thought. Since for the 4th houseis linked to Cancerand the Moon, then it would seem reasonable assignit to the mother. Her womb wesour origind to home, and in infancy we aremore responsive the mother's moods to and feelingsthan to the father's. The father is rhen connectedto the 10th house,Saturn and Capricorn: after dl, he is normdly the breadwinnerand the one out More the public, and it used to be thc practice that the son follovrcd the father's profesion. Howwer, the opposing argumentsare equdly convincing. Thc Moon is not just mothcr; it is also our brigins' and we inherit our name from the f*her. In this vay, he can be associated with the 4th house.The l0th houseis much more obvious than the 4rh. and the mother is

much more obviousto the child than the father. The maternity-of like ,ii. frtiia ir a clear fact - up front and publicly recognizable sometimeshidden the lgth house.Paternity iimore speculative,,iry and theiefore maybe better correlated and perhaps€'ven Also, IC ro the mori hidden and mysterious point and the 4th housc. the.*ildt qt{t' is usuallv i; V.;tem societyat leasi, the mothir'nay-sayer' ot childhood, tne socidizing influence. she is the great whoserole tt tsto watch onc with ihom we spendthe most time and and ov€r us and teach us the difference berween what is good It is normdly the mother *.fpoUi. -d what is bad and not dloqad' *tro'.it..-rrains thc child - the frst major adjustment we.have (saturn' capricorn ro makein orderto conformto societdstandards and the l0th house). that ir is possibleto fix a view that the 4th isalways ia*'J.[era io,ft ir alwaysrnother or vice versa.It is saferand f;;;;Jil 'shapingparent' - the one perhapsmore accurateto saythat the *ittt *ttom thc child spendsthe most time and who has the most ttte child to soci.e-ty should bc associatcd i"fil;;;"a"pting 'hidden Parent" the one who with the t0th house;iandrhe more much of a known quanttly-'should is les visible and who is not so client b. .orrrr.o.d to the 4th house.In practice,after tdking with a educatcdguessasto which Pgelt th..rttolog.r can formulate an client's"st ,o'*hi.h house.For instance,if I ascenainthat the Moon and I find Gemini on with an Aquarius Afi;;";;Gemini ,ft. Ji."i't fC and Uranus in the 4th house, it would -se5m-lifely is ,rr", ,rr. 4th house,in this case, an aPt descriptionof the father. Not all charts make it this easy,howerrcr' (be it It is imponant to remembei that placemens in the 4th the'ay the.parcntactudly was *oitt.t or'father) may not describe the as a person,but iarhir the way in which the child experienced - what is known u theparent-imago, the child's 4 t"?? o"r.'n, 'liaditional ps'ychology.normdlfupn3ys ittUo. i-rge of the parent. the the view thlt if somithing goeswrong betweenthe parent and asuologyplaces 6y .o"trast' pqrchological .nita, i it ,fte parent'sfiuli; the at leasrhalf oithe rcsponsibility on the child for orperiencmg panicularrrray. orample (assuming4t 4$ houseto For o"t.", in a most f,..6; fathcr;, a little girt *ittt Situm in the 4th will be side of her father's nature. Hc will ;.-rp""ri; ;.'the Saturiine with or6U"Ut, orhibit many qualities other than those associated,ypJ Per cent of the time, but the twenty-tive

will pri".rpt., but thechildin quesdon selcctitely'scrrcnty-firrc ;;;;t*;;;y'th.Sr'r.r-traits.Thefatheimayut-"^T--{!lj cent tol per




which he is cold and critical will be what the daughter registers. More often that not there is a collusion betweenthe parentd image in thc child's chan and key placementsin the chan of the parcnt. Forinstance the chan of the girl's fathcr with Saturnin the 4th may , show the Sun in Capricorn, Capricorn ascending,or a Sun-Saurn conjunction. Howwer, errenif her father's chan is not that closea descriptionof the placemenc in lrer 4th house,the predilectionto seea parent in a panicular w:ryoften hasthe effect of turning the personinto what is being projectedonto him. If shekeepsreacting to her father asif he is an unkind persone\rcnwhen he is displaying love and generosity,erantudly he might become so frustrated that he turns sour toqrards or giras up and aroids hcr altogether. And her 'The then the little girl saysto herself, cad - I knew he waslike that all along.' But washe? lWeare born with rhc barebonesofcenain innatepredispositions and orpectations, but the orperienceswe harrcaschildren add layers upon layers flesh to these.\U(/e of interpret the environment in a cerain way and then form concreteattitudes about oursehasand life but there' in generd bascdon theseperceptions.The litde girl we harrc been discussing with Saturnin the 4th dready hasa few oristentid 'hther 'Pather life-statements coming to the fore doesn'tlorc me' and is a cad',to narne but rwo. Shewill caffy thescinside her evenafter she hasdepaned from the parenral home where they will blossom 'Men into more full-blown attitudessuchas, find mc unwonhy and .All unlouble' and men arecads'. Becomingconscious the origins of of these attitudes allowsfor the posibility of changing them, or finding other waysof organizing orperience.Delving into the 4th house,which showsthe archetypes acti%ted in the earlyhome life berweenourselves and the parent in question, can grcatly aid this process. The 4th house, in addition to describingour inherited origins and that which resides with the home deep within us, is associated in basein generd. What kind of atmosphere we create the homc? do there?What qualities in thehomc hat do we aftract to ourselves environment do we most naturdly resonate with? Thesequestions can be answeredby oramining thc planea and signs in the 4th. 'in T. S.Eliot writesthat my beginning is my end.' The 4th house. depictsour origins but it is alsoassociated with how we end thingp. 'enact The manner in which qleultimately resolrcan issue or a closure' will bc related to placementsin the 4th. Venus there ends things neatly and fairly, all tied up in a pretty bundle. Saturnmay prolong or bcgrudge an ending. The Moon and Neptune often slip away

'go and whileMars Uranus out witha bang'' quietlyandpeacefully, ^ halt su'ounding thesecond thc suggeits conditions 1.friatn aiso out at the end' lvlany of lift. !0hat is riJst deepwithin us comes movedbv the deathof a or rotin and perhaps ;i;; tft;it; "i. in r.asingly ofour monaliryandconscious avare '6;il;. , *itt U*otie we "*.ri tr litt ti-.,o *"t,i. bn thisbasis, maywillingly.makl encl needs to 4nd in morespace our lives express ventour innermost for life is a prercquisite of she&orperience"g'r. Funhermore, and deepcst mostintimate th1 soit isnotzurprising 9ur ;|f-J;;ty, motiradonsmay not emirge until the later years'One,extreme rn illustrationof this is the dcath-bedcontessron, whrcnPeoPre kept whichtheyhave ;;;i."llydisclose-truths aboutthemselves guarded decades. for "-*y.toan.rapy, self-reflecrion, rariousforms of meditationgnergies us -rrfrit s whichtakes into ourselves bring4th house to aveiltDle to'the *.f".. and can makethesemorcconsctortsl! there' what's.down than neglecting in life. Rather ;;;.k;;[er sooner in to dealwith difficult placements thishouse i, i, up "a"ir"Ute our Pa$, dwayscatches iikt hter. The 4th house, ;;;;,t; with us.





you Tiuly,I sayto you,unless turn andbccome children, likc you will neverenterthe kingdomof heaven' Manhewrg:3 In thc 4th, we discover own discrereidentity, but in the 1th we our revel in it. The fire of the lst house burns without evenknowing it is buming; the fue of the 5th rages conriously and isjoyfully fanned by the sclf. The nature of life is to grow, and this house(naturally associated with Iro and the Sun) rcflectsour urge to expand, to becomemore and more. and ro radiate out into life like the Sun. By thc time we reachthe 5th house,we nov/ know that we are not 'a everything;but we arenot contentjust to be somegns'- qrernusl lWe be a specialJorTueone, are not all there is, but we can try to be the most important rhing there is. The function of the Sun in our solarsyscem rwofold: it shines, is giving warmth, heat and life to the eanh, but it alsoserves the as principle around which the planea orbit. In this centralorganizing 'I', sense,the Sun is like thc personal ego or the the centre of consciousness which the diffcrent aspects the selfrevolve. of around Individualswith strongplacemenr in the )th panakeof the qudities of the Sun. They need to shine and createfrom inside themselves; they need to feel influential; and they need to feel that othersare revolving around them. To some this meansliterally alwaysbeing the cenrreof attention - a cravingto be worshippedlikc thc Sun. One woman I kncv with the Sun and Marsin the 5th couldn't tolerate it being in the sameroom with the televisionon, because meant that othersin the room might focuson it rather than her. We must remember that the Sun, although vitally central and imponant, is not the only Sun in the galaxy- it is just one of many.The words 'everybody is a star'. of a popular song remind us that

and rwerberating througtrout Embedded deep in our psyches, to be recognizedfor our spe-cialnes. the ith houscis an-innatedisire 'curer' ot rnore spell-binding and As childrcn, we believethat the cenainly will Mother want to loveand captirating we ate, the more p[i..i us]Enslavingand enchantingothcrsvith our unique rahrc lrrd *onh is one way of cnsuring *I ar. fed, protected, caredfor' and therefore more likely to stay alive. ilotlr;r k ynoteof the Jth is ginerativity - which simply de{ined 'the ability to produce'ITheserwo principles, the means be lorad for our specidnessand the desire to createtrom rnslde with thc lth underfiimost of the traditional associations ourselves, house. The lth housc is the area of the chart attributed to creatira although the most obviously with anistic.endea\tours, opt "ion, ,ne lth neednt be just painting a picture or performing .rJ",i"iry to "f can or a dance.'scientists mathematicians apply themsehres ther 'lhe or greatananistry or plTion asa Picasso Pavlom' work with as

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crltira orprcsion. may be absorbed for writing or public speaking;Neptune or Pisces

o." i" thelth stridtigtrt +: posible ""'!",-!1 Mcrcury or C'emini in thc 5th may denote a talent

t111il .i

might and Cancer raurus oidance. ;i,h ;;i?, d.,ry, phbtogr"ihy canbe JiUii a fliir foi iookiig;'*ftil. Virgoin this position

morethan Hon'ever' and adeptat sewing handiwork' orccptionally here placements the ouil.t, a.*iiUitg Jnich creative ptece ot ti.susqest *oort, md stylewith whichit is pursued'-A or or Uranus) .iii. ."n be an intellerti^l' too, deforce(Mercury Somepeopte comcstraightfrom the hean (Moon or Neptune)'





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producespontaneously joyfully,while otherssufferextraordinary and binh pangs.Above and beyondpurely crearive expression, is this the houseof the actor,and depictsthe way in which we tacklethe an of living. One client with an obviouslth houseslantdescribed 'professional herselfasa person'- and shedid not intend this solely in terms of career. The creativeoutlets associated with the lth also include spons and recreation. someit is the challengc athletics, contesr For of the and competition, thc joysof winning and coming first. For orhers, it is the sheerecstasy orenion and the pitting of the self againsr of the elements or odds. Similarly, gambling and speculation are assigned the lth aswell - wherewetestour wit and imaginadon to against fate and chance. The lth house is more broadly associatedwith hobbies, arnusements spare-time pleasures. and Theseall soundteribly lowkeyfor a houscruled by the Sun and [ao. Hoqr\rcr, upon oraminarion, they are more imponant than they first appear.Thc lth describes activitieswhich makeusfeel good about ourselves makeus glad and to be alive. Hobbics and spare-time amusemenrs afford the opponunity to panicipate in what we want and like to do. Through thesepursuitswe feel the joy of beingfully inaolaed in somcthing. Unfonunately, many of us havecareers jobs which do not entail or this degree of engagcment. There is a great danger that our enthusiasmand vitality rrould run dry unlesswe had spare-time inteteststo recharge reinvigorate and In ourselrres. this lighr, hobbies and amusementsharrc an almost therapeutic effcct. The word 'recreation' literally meansto make new, to revitalize and inspire with life and encrgy.Planes and signsin the Jrh suggest types the of spare-timepursuits we might ocplore,and thc manner in which this is undenaken. Romancefinds its wayunder the heading of the 5th house.Besides being exciting, passionate, heart-wrenchingor whatever,romantic lWe encountersenhanceour sense specialness. becomethe main of focus of attention for somcbodyelse's feelings and we can display our very speciallove to someoneelse.Placements the lth reveal in 'create the way in which we romance'- the archetypalprinciple(s) most likely activatedin thescsituations- aswell assomethingabout thc kind of person who ignites us. Sexual expressionis also linked to the 5th. A good sexrd relationshipcontributesto our rnse of povrcrand qronh,highlighting both our ability to give pleasureand the capacityto aftract others to us. This powerto enchantand hold the atrention of othersis very

insdnca, (Corypare and reassuring sad$es deeply embedded*yi*l gth - whereweseekto transcendour personalboundarics this to thl through intimacy.) of Allitris leadsio one of the main representations the lth of children, crearionsof the body and thl physicalextensions the people primarily exPresstheir creative drives (and self. Most symbolically cniure-thcir survival; through generating offspring' riznl. thc 4th and toth housesindicate how we view our parents, constellatedbetween the placementsin the 5th describe arche-types children. signs and planetshere reflectwhat our and our ourselncs from other houses, progeny mean to us. In line with examp-les housecan be a varietyofways'-For pl".".-.ttrt 'instance, in this Jupiter in the 'th may literally produceJupiterian.children - thoseLoin ,rnder the sign of Sagittarius wirh Saginariusrising or at angl. or thi Sun, etc.Or we canunderstand orJupiter conjunct to encounterJupiter ;upiter in the lth to mean our prcdisposition of life: we projectJupiter onto our children or are prone area init "t to registertheirJupiteiian sidemore stronglythan anyof their other in traiti Planetsin tihe lth alsodescribeour experience the role of parenr. satum there may be tenified of the responsibilityof parcnting that they won't be good at it. Uranus' idea of bringing "ft"ia ""a children may embracethe most new and avant-gardetheories up on the subject. More than just describingexternalchildren, thc lth housecould - that pan aptly be called the house of out own Inner Child 9f eterndtf f9t"tg.. trttt* ui *tti.h lovesto play and which dwaysstays to us all is rporrt"tt.orrs, natural child who craves be lovedfor his " specialnesand uniqueness.However,aschildren, this or her own^ pan of us is often quashed.lbobften, we are lovedfor conforming rather and standards, and matching np to our parents'orpectations In this way,we losefaith in our budding who *. than for bein-g "ti.. individuality-"nd b..o-e what liansactional Analysisrefersto as 'thc adapted child'. Inrnriably, we will Pfoject the stateof our own 'the daryag-ed inner child onto our actual offspring. \fe can heal we by child, in ourselves giving the tb'e and acceptance weredenied aschildren to our own progenyor other young peoPlewe encounter' Howerrcrwe do it, it is nevertoo late to hara a hapPy chtldhood' our sre augmenr and enhanceour unique identityand orercise As a,b.ythrough the creativeoutpbutings.of tlre tth' *,tr pdt product, we may errcngeneratesrunning works of art, wofthwhile ^new books and-ideas,1r interesting children who in somc way conuibute to society.Bcnefiting society,howerrcr,is not the main




concernof this house.\Titnes the reluctancemany people harrcto releasingeither thcir worksof an or their children into the world. In the 5th, wc createprimarily for ourselves, because self takes the joy and pride in doing so,and because is in the nature of the self it to create.


'l jusrcntered monastcry. A monk toldJoshu: have the Please teach me.' 'Haveyouearen yourriceporridge?' Joshuasked: The monk replied:'l have eaten.' 'Then you had betterwash your bowl.' Joshusaid: A Zen story The main problem with the 5th houseis a tendencyro 'go overthe top'. lWedelight in self-expresion,but we don't know when to stop. In the ith housewe no longer believeweore everything,but westill think wc canbe or do znything. The 6th housefollowsthe Jth and reminds us of our natural boundariesand the need for clearerselfdefinition. Like the philosophy of Zen, the 6th houseasksthat we 'perfection respectand regain the of our original nature',I that we becomewhat we aloneare(no more, no less), and that we live this in our everydaylives. Our true vocation is to be ourselves.






Thc 6th house shakcsa finger at the lth and retons: Very well, it's wonderful to give orpressionto your creativeflair, but haveyou really done it thar cleverly? That painting is not quite right yet and you've orhausted yourselfstaying up rwo nights working on it. or Sure, you are having quite a sizzling romance, but have you examincd the practicalitiesof this asa long-term relationship - not to mention the fact you can't stand the after-shave he wears? or Congratulations, you've had a baby girl. Now adjust your scheduleand life to her and keep thosecleannappiescoming. or Rememberthat pany lastweekwhereyou really let yoursclfgo? tVhcn you look back,don't you think you might haveoffended that shyboy in the cornerwho didn't errcnharrea chanceto spcak because you monopolized the conversation? The time hascomero takestockof ourselves, dirriminate between to priorities, to assess the use we are making of our power and capabilities,and aboveall, to recognizethe limits and truth of our own nature and humanity. Tiry,r it may, a pear seedcan neverbecomean apple tree. Nor should it, if we believeas Kieikegaarddid, that 'to will to be the self which one truly is, is indeed the oppositeof dcspair.'2The 6th houseis all about stickingto our plan and blossominginto precisely what we are meant to bc. Doing this feelsright and good. But the consequences not respectingthe truths of our own nature ale for stress, frustration and dis-easemessengers tclling us that somcthing is awry and needsto bc oramined. 'Reality has both a "within" and a "without".'3 The 6th house exploresthe relationship ber,ween what we are inside and what surroundsus on the outside - the correlation betweenthe inner world of mind and feelings and the outer world of form and the body. The traditional6th houselabels, 'health, work, service, and adjustment to necessity', stem from this bodymind connection. all It is a basic fact of existencethat life has to be lived within

boundaries.No matter how divine or wonderful we think we ate, wc sdll have to eat, brush our teeth, pay bills and cope with the mundane redity. Funhermore, eachof us of necessities cveryday, hasa panicular body, a pafticular mind, and somepanicular task 'designed' in a cenain way to servea PurPose are to perform. lUTe or function specificd in our own individud make-up and nature. best We Nobody canfulfil that purposebetter than ourselves. serve adjustments and by being who we are. Through the necessary refinements of the 6th house,we becomewhat we done can be. 'work is the rent wc Pay for lifc.' For Somebodyonce said that many of us, work is something ue baaeto do in order to suPport daily existence. Daily employment also implies roudne and adjustment. c have to arive there more or lesson time, and we as cannot be asfree and spontaneous we might like with our lives if we know the alarm clock is set to ring at seventhe next morning. rUTe have to structure our dme, establish priorities, and make In dispensations. one way,the need to follow a rigid schedulehelps thc to order and pattern life. We escape existentialanxiety which freedomof choicemight provoke:wehavea job and we know where we must be. Idealljt, however,the work-forceis composedof raried individuals eachperforming thc panicular skills they havedevelopcdbest.The end result is a perfectlyfinished product or the maintenanceof the proper functioning of society. Planes and signsin the 6th describe the isues reladng to work and employment, and suggest tasksthat in wecan potentidly do most well. Placements this housemay rwed could be a uarcl agent, the natureof our jobs -Jupiter or Sagittarius draw the Moon or Cancerlook aftcr children, and Neptune or Pisces pints at thc local pub. But much more than describingthe type of employment, the placementshere suggestthe way in which we approach(or should approach)doing the iob - not just ubat we do, but hou we do it. For instance,thosewith Saturn or Capricorn here may prefer a stablejob with clearlydefined requirements,at which they can work slowly and steadily;while thosewith Uranus and Aquarius in this housenormally hate to punch a clockand would much rather work without a bosslooking over them. is The nature of relationshipswith co-workcrs alsoshownby 6th Venusor Ubra heremay fall in lora with someone houseplacements. at work, while Pluto or Scorpio stirs up intrigues and complo< 'naturally squared' the 3rd (seepage encounters.The 6th houseis 'unfinished around sibling and early pcer business' 121) and with co-workers. relationshipsmay resurface







ThLrough employment situations,we find ourch'es in relationships of inequality. Thiny peoplemay bc working under us, and wemay, in turn, be subordinateto thiny others.How wecopewith dispcnsing authority, and how we managein the more subservienr position is shown by the 6th. It is a kind of rehearsal the reladonshipsof for equality we form in the 7th house. The 6th house also describes our relationship to the mechanic who works on our car, our doctor and his or her receptionist,the milkman - in fact anyone who is serving in someq/ay. us Conrrrsely, qualities as'a server'and our deeperfeelingsand attitudes our own regarding serviceare shown by placementshcre. This is not to be taken lighdy, asmany peopleview humiliw and service the pinnade CI of human endeavour- asthe path to God and more enlightened statesof being. The way we use our time and the kind of atmospherewe need in order to function happily in daily life is shownby the 6th. Signs and planets in this housecolour the energies bring (or should we bring) into everydaytasks and how we approach the rituals of 'white mundane existence. Marsin the 6th may cleanthe houselike a tornado', while Neptune is still trying to rememberwhere left the it moP. Pets- who arearound us in our everyday - aredso assigned life to the 6th house.This may seema trivial considerationand yet a good number of peopleareprofoundly affcctedby their experience 'hook' of caring for animals. Pets can be the for any variety of projectionsand for somepeople their_relationshipto their dog or pe cat is asimponant aswith anyhuman. In cenain cases, ts:rssuage what would otherwise an unbearable be sense lonelines or feelings of of uselesness. lossor deathof a beloved The animd canrigger many psychologicaland philosophical issues. Thereis an obviousrelationbetween work and health - the other major concernof the 6th house.Although the dominant work ethic of rVesternculture may seemextremeor easilyabused,nonetheless the need to be productive and useful is somehowbasicto human nature. Overworkstrainsthe hedth, while too little work can leave us listless not and lethargic.Redundancy only deprivcsusof a source of income, but alsoa source a sense of ofwonh and purpose.Studies haveshownthat the number of rcported illnesses increascs areas in where the uncmployment rate is rising. Conversely, some people will use illnessas a way of escapingfrom a job they hate or which doesn't suit them. perfectionand technicd The 6th houseconcern forcraftsmanship,

of proficiencyappliesto issues health aswell aswork. Optimally the mned mechanismwherethe different cellswork for body i, fineiy " in the good of the largerorganism.Eachcell is an entity'do itself and its thing' cell Each- must one is pan of alargu system. yetCach must;bo submii to the demandsof the greaterwhole' Lut each In a healthy person (as in a healthy society)each.individual rmelfand yet worksin harmony with the other componenrassens The 6th houseasksthat we bring our different pans,t. working - that is,our mind, body and feelings into a harmonious rclationship. Many individuals with 6th house placementsare especially degree'In interesiedin health and fitness,some to an obsessive specialdiets and techniquesfor maintaining.the extremecases, optimal functioning of the body dominareand structurethe life, orcellentttealers many. liaving litde time for anyrhingelse Horrever, with and emphasis, ir canbe associated traditional havea 6rh house herbalism, osteopathy, medicineaswell in homoeopathy, etc. massage, beenmentionedthat the body,mind-andemotions It hL aheady operateas a unit. \fhat we think and feel will affect the body' the Conversely, stateof the body will influencehow we think and feel. Psyihe (mind) and sonza(body) are inextricably linked' physiological rise and chemicalimbalances,give to psychological proUt.,,'i, while emotional and mental turmoil can manifestin about the something may reveal The 6th house physical symptoms. 'unh"rryi"g could Sarurn of significance i9Tai" illneses. p^rychological well asarthritis. Mars hje, as in meeting everyday indicaic "ligiaity in the 6th nrihesinto life, *or1*' itseif to a frazzlc,only to bediagnoscd it However, is an over-srmplficadon later with high blood-pressure. to referto rh16th houseonly in relationro health. TheAmerican Book of Natrition ond Medical Astrology by Eileen ftly"ll San (publis'hedby Astro Compudng Services, Diego, California) great depth, and is highly in medical ir"-in.t "sttoiogy recommended. we Through 6th houscissues refine, p!{ect and purify ourselves, 'channel'for being who.we are'\We a and ultiriately become better unless )b_ut could be rhe mosrwonderfullyinspiredartisr(1th house (6th [ouse) - the right useof brushes, we learn the toolsof the craft or paints and canvas we won't be able to concretize realizeour 'techniqueis the liberationof thc that iosibiliries. Ir hasbeensaid for imaginadon'.Theseare true watchwords the 6th house' of our unique individuality and \fie embarkon life unconscious


by the end of the 6th houscwe harc a much more dcfined sensc ofour on'npanicularidentity andpurpose. Likethe 3rd house,the houy.emplqn the left brainactivityof reducing thingsto parr. $h The problem with the 6th is that we end up seeingthe-worldroo mrclt in termsof 'what is me' and 'whet-isnot-me'.IThen we characterize oursehres thoscfeatures by which distinguishus from - our weight,height, skin colour,job, car,hJuse- weare 94.11 left with the feeling that there is an absoiute distinction between who we areand who other pcople arc. !flhile it is thc purposeof thefirstsixhouses make morefullya*are ofourselrts^as*pmt. to us individuals, remains the lastsixhouses 7th to the Uth; it for (the to reunite us with othcn again.Otherwisclift is aurfullyloncly.'


Dri,ren by the forceof lovethe fragments o{the world seekeach

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'rhe personalhouses" The 6th houseis the last of what is known as ttTo$\ the and represents refinementof the individual personality lifc work, scrvice,humility and amendonto crrcryday and th9 Rhnicd and body. tking a microscopeto lifc, thc 6th housc analyses iI categorizes into diffcrent parts, giving.each.panits app.rop.riate placc and purpose. e now know preciselyhow we difter trom 'cverybody and everything else.But, by thc end of the 6th house, we have grown t.p"t"ti from one another as life will allow, and in learn:that nothing exists isolation.\rhcn lcsson-ro wehavea-new "r we arrive at the Descendant,the westernmostpoint in the chan, heading backagainto the we turn a sharpcornerand find ourselves point whereit all staned.It will be thc work of the 7th to 12thhouses of us ro reconnecr oncemore to the lost sense our unity with all life . is The Descendant the cuspof the 7th houseand thc point oPposlte 'point the is Traditiondln the Ascendant considered the Ascendant. 'the point of and of self-awareness' rhe bescendant is considered our of awareness others'.It describes approachto relationshipsand looking the qualities(alongwith the planetsin the-7th)that wea-re the Hu.manistic for in a parrner.Michael Meylr in z{ Handboohfor Astologer also writes rhat the Descendant(and .the 7th house) that givethe individud the experiences denoreithe kindsof activities 'he needsin order to realise of the significance others''' 'the house of known as Similarly, the lst house is traditio-nally '. from the lst, is labelled the self The 7th house,which is the fanhcst 'the '. ,rhe houseof marriage' houseof the not-self It is alsoknown as ,the houseof open enemies'. Marriagehereis taken and curiouslyas




on :o q:a" anyimpoftant relationshipbased murual commitment, legally contractedor orherwise.I'the 7th house,rwo people come togerherfor a purpose - ro enhancethe quality or in.ii lives by joining with one another,to producea famity ind g.;in grearer security and stability, and to assuage lonelinessand isJatio"n Most.astrologicaltortbooks teach that the planets and signsin . thc 7th housedescribe ma'iage panner,or 'ihe significant6ther'. the This is rrue asfar as it goes.plaiements in the Tttioften indicate the.kindofpanner(s) towhom we areaftracted. instance, -"n br , with the Moon in the 7th may '.ek a pannerwho reflects qualiriis the of the Moon: someonewho is re.epiiue,compassionat. "nd."tirr!. A wornan with Mars in the 7rh rrny be attraited ,o p*n., *lio " the qualities of Mars: someonewho is assenivi,direct and 1eflec-ts forceful. Shemay be looking for someone make decisions her to for and to tell her what to do.If there area number of planetsor different signs(asin rhe case of an interceptedhouse)in the 7th, the issueian'be.o-. u.ry confusing.because are looking for so many different kinds o? we anributes in apaftner. br e.xample, should a woman harre both Sarum and uranus in the 7th, sheis.sceking someone offlerstability and to security (saturn) and yet at the sami rime sheneeds someone who is unpredictablc,orciring and highly individualistic(Uranus).These rwo sets qualitieshardly live comfonably togethei in oneierson. of she may marry Saturn first, becomedreadfufy restress bored, and meet someoneUranian and file for a divorce.or she mav remain married to Saturnand harc an affair with Uranus.Or sh. -"y -".ry uranus first, di'orce him on accounr of his unstable and'erratic

charactet, and then breathing a sigh of relief settledown safelywith Saturn. Or, if sheis somewhatmore psychologicallymatute, shecan marry Saturn and find ways which are unthreatening to the relationshipto satis$ her needfor Uranus,or evenderalop it more in herself.Orshe canmarry aUranian man and provide the Saturnian securityherself in the pannership. More than just describingthc nanrre of the Paftner, signs and planets in the 7th suggestthe conditions of the relationship: thc constellatedby the union itself. Saum therecould indicate archetypes a union basedon duty and obligation. Marsin the 7th is prone to 'love' battles, into mariage, tempestuous. ar first sight, -$i"g passionate reunions,and then more battlesagain.Anhur Rimbaud, Pluto and the Frenchpoet shot by his lorrcrVerlaine,had o<plosive Uranus both in the 7th house.RexHartison, with six marriagesto his name, wasborn with abundant Jupiter thcre. As stated earlier, a planet or sign in a house suggeststhe predispositionto meet that archetypd principle through the area in of life in question. Placements the 7th arewhat we o(Pectto find in closepannershipsand thereforeindicate thoseatuibutes we notice chaft most in the other person.Inrariably, something in our pamner's will colludc with planetsand signsin our 7th house,and more often our than not, the panner's chanuncanm/yreflects 7th. br instance, a woman who hasMars,Saturn and Pluto in the 7th may r,erywell find a husband who has Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the lst or something like an Aries Sun (rdlecdng her 7th houseMars),a Scorpio Moon (rdlecdng hcr 7th housePluto), and *uee planes in Capricom (reflecting hcr 7th house Sarurn). Thc psychologicalmechanism of projcction must again be and 7th house.lnRehting mentioned in respect the Descendant to that Liz Greenesuggests the Descendantand the 7th houseplanets 'belong to the individual, but are rcpresent qualities which 'through a Panner, ot unconscious'and which we try to live out the rclationship brings'.2 kt's through the kinds of experiences explore what she means by this. The Descendant - the westernmostpoint in the chan it from view aswe arebcing born. In this sense, describes disappears we what is hidden in us, what we feel doesn'tbelong to us because can't or won't see it in ourselves.Diametrically opposed to the Ascendant and lst house, the Descendantand 7th house teveal which we have the most difficulty bwning', quditics in ourselves for, bcing responsible and accepting.However,asJungpoints out, 'when it an inner situation is not made conscious, happensoutside,



'the asfate.' If we are unconscious something in ourselves of then world must perforceact out the conflict and bc rorn into opposite halves.'3In other words, what we are unawareof in ourselves, we inrariably attrac to us through others. Thditiondly the Descendant and 7th houseare describedasrhosequdities we seekin a panner; but on a deeper level they represenrthose qualities hidden in us which we need to consciously integnte into our awareness become ro whole - what Liz Greene calls 'the inner panncr'. If wc have suppressedthese attributes in ourselrres becausewe find them disagreeable unacceptable, or then it is not surprisingthat we won't like them when thcy aremirored backto us through anotherperson. Hence, the connotation of the 7th house as the sphere of open enemies. Howerrer, dso tend to inhibit or 'dis-own'potentially positira we traits aswcll and thesemay be the very attribures which dlure or exciteus when we meet them in others.rWefall in lovewirh rhose people who openly exhibit thesetraits because they make us feel more complete. We i^pon thesequalities into our livesby marrying them. Ideally,the paftner may serve a kind of role model for rhese as energies, which evenrudly permircus ro consciously integratethem back into our own nanrre.All too often, though, we remain reliant on the other personto supply them. r$(/e polarize with the panncr and stayonly half a person. It should be made clearthat projection is not something which is purely pathological. A projected image is a porcntid locked up within the self.Whcn rhereis the needfor this image to makeitself known, thc first step is perceivingit in someoneelse.Then, hopefullX we realize that it has something to do wirh us and we consciously take it back. For examole.a woman with Mars in the 7th mav not be in touch with her o*n po*., and assertirrcness. Therefori shc looks for those qualities in a man. She finds a paftner with a prominent Mars,one who is dominant and sclf-ccnued,and shouts orders at her. Through him, she has brought Mars inro her life. Howewr, when shecanno longertoleratehim that way,it may dawn on her that she has a right to make demands as well. Shc begins to fight back,to make a standfor hcrself, and in this wayshediscorars Mars in her own nature. Once we have,to somedegree,reintegraredqualiriesin rhe 7th houseinto our own idcntity, we servero expose thoseprinciples to societyat large.Therefore,a personwith Marsin rhe 7th might be someonewho rouses other people to action. Someonewith Saturn there could funcdon asa teacheror mentor for orhers.Manypeople

emphasis a in inrolrrcd thc helpingor caringproftsions.harrc heavy flow of close an Theyrequire almoircontinual'siphon orchange onthe7th. off' a packed ttt.-t.lrr.t *d others'It iswiscrto tr*." ot a in this way,and relieve one-to-one PaftnershlP the 7th housc of manyPlanea thcrc' -full brunt of nndertheheading the7th' Social The'lmrcr.o.r.t' i6o of rhe to-counter--effect orcesses rampant into being"pp..n come mores in o{fairngs and iustice and to .ir,rt. somedegree inai"ia"Airy of membersof society.Should these laws be the behaviour to then an ouFideforcemust intervene redres the uansgresed, by of Hon,wefarein couns this kind is shown placements balarice. in the 7th. is with naturdly associated LibraandVenus, the The 7th house, with co-operadon others'It poses in whichwelearngreater sphere (7th)rrcrsus howmuchdo I co-operate dil.--" *ith the lst housc: " muchdo I assen wm way(lsQ? theonehand'the9anger On my lrow o*'n identity. one's is givingor blendingroo muchandsacrificing adapttoo muchto us, rhatothers *..oild demand Oi the"other, The problem.t"t :l:itl{ -a J.pti* them of their individuality. 'lf oor.rr.d bv a RabbiHillel: I am not for mysel( who will bc? sets what am I?'a The 7th house the trid if I am only for myself, both endsof and bdancing t*t of encount;ringanotherperson the scale.


involving other people'smoney: many planetsin the 8th in careers investment analystsand accountants' stockbrokers, bankeis. However,the 8th house is much rnore than iust other people's 'that which is shared'and the manner in which money.It describes *e fuie or unite wirh others' Elaborating and expanding on what hasbegunin the 7th, the 8th houscisthe nitty-grittyof relationships: what f,appenswhen two people - each.with his or her own taluelystem, needsand biologicd tlo,tt< temperament, resources, - a$empr ro merge. A whole piethora of questionsand conflicts are aPt to ensue: I have somemoney and you have somemoney' How-shall we spend it? How much shall we try to saveeach month? or I like sexthreedmesa weekand you seemto needit everynight' Vho wins? or You bclievethat to sparethe rod is to spoil the child, but I insist that no child of mine is to be hit' Who's right? or I don't know hm, you canbe friends with thal cgup-IgThey pall.f irritate me. I'd ratiler wevisit my friendstonight. hose friends do they end uP visiting? to The aisleintended to lead to the path of wcdded blissseems have a funerd i-t Ji",o arrgingbattlefield and thereiswhat lookslike procesion uP ahead. ' with Thc gth house,naturallyassociated Pluto and scorpio,is dso 'the house of sex,death and regeneration''In the myth' labellcd is tt e maide" Persephone abducted into the underworld by Pluto, th. god of Death. Shemaries him there and returns to the upper pcrson, no longer a li"]: gtl' but awoman' Reladng go "rtf?i*ft-ged J..pfV with"anoiher personenrails1 k*d of death, the letting knit identity. and tightly down oiour ego-boundaries'lWe'' 'I' "na'[["tingtl.p"t"t. \$7e and are reborn as dic PersepLone,through relationship we are.plungcd into Li[e "s and sharepars of another's*oitd. In so<and"intimacy'we exPose can be considered which are normally kcpt hidden.-Sex ourselues j";;;;U. * remporarily makcsus feel better; or through


are me, I am afraidmy angels take will ! devils to leave flight aswell. Rilke The 8th househas many labels.since it is opposirethe 2nd house wltich 'nnl,ralues',it is commonly calred'the houseofother peoplei r mlues'. This can be taken quite iiterally. Signsand planei i"'rh; 8th.suggest how we fare financially in miriage, int.rit-.. business pannerships.For.lnstance, Jupiter th.i. -ay ;*ry ;;; money,receivea good windf.dl *r^ough a legacy, escapelightly frothe tax inspector,and form beneficialbusiiesi A poorlv "tr*i"t.r] aspected Saturnin thc 8th, on rhe other hand, may marry soil;; who declares banftruptcythe pc d_ay, inherit ia nort-oct in'r"np"iJ debts, be scrupulously investigated the mx inspe*or, and ch'oose by crrsastrous buslness paftners.Nor is it unusud to find people with





the sexualact, we may orperiencea form of self-ranscendence, a union with anothcr self. In thc hcights of ecstasy, forget and we abandon ourselrcsto mctge with another.The Elizabethansreferred 'the to the orgasmas little death'. Much about our scx.rd nanrre is shown by placcmentsin the 8th. Relationships are the catalysts change.The 8th housecleanses for and regenerates th'rough drawing to the surface(usudly via a presenr relationship) unresolrred issues from previousrelationships,eqpecially early bonding problemswith mother and father The first relationship inour life, that with thc mother or mother-substitute,is the most highly charged.This is not surprising asour survival dcpends on her. lWe are allborn into this world potential victims: unles there is the caring lorc and protection of sorneonebigger and more adept than us, our chances surviral areveryslim. Thc lossof a rnorher's of love doesnot simply mean the lossof a personcloseto us: it could mean abandonment and death. Many of uscontinue to projcrt ther sameinfantile concerns onto later reladonships.The fear that our panner doesn'tlorc usanymoreor is posibly betraying uswill rigger or reawakenthe primd fearsof the lossof thc original love-object. It then feelsasif our very survivaldependson the presermtion of 'If the presentrelationship.Plcasand outcriessuchas you leaveme, 'l I'll die' and can'tlivewithout you' rerrcdthe charged undercurents from early bonding difficultics infiltrating the realiryof the current situation. Tiue, aschildren we might havedied if Mother ldt, but more likcly than not, as adults we are quite capableof managing our os/n surviral needs.Through exposingthese unresolvedand hidden fears,the trials and tribulations in the 8rh househelp us to shcd attitudes which are obsoleteand cumbersome.Not everv

oTTii:,l#,T3*il;",,"na1fears, proponion anger agood ofthe
and outrage we sometimesfeel and unleashon our paftner can be 'tracked back' to infancy and childhood. Children are not all 'goo' siqrcetness, and light. The work of the psychologist Mclanie Klein hasdepictedanothersideto the baby's nature.Bccause ia oftreme of helplesnes, the smdl child orpericnces enormousfrustrationwhen his or her needsare not bcing understoodand met. Eventhe most adept mother cannot alwaysinterpret prcciselywhat a screaming babywants,and inrariably the child's frusration eruptsinto violent leavesuch a deep impression,all hosdlity. Sinceearly expcriences of us have a'raginginfent' buried inside. A presentpartner thwans yet us in somewayand the screaming child may be awakened again. Like Persephone's abduction into the underworld, in veryintense

of our beingto discover we relationships derend into the depths grecd' rage' theenvy' iealousy' or"tttia i*drr.n J inhcriance 'nd control aswell asthe "rr ,h.;;ig;pt*tt ;.,"#;"t^d;t=' fu*:: fanusia wnictiil ili berr*th the1o1t r":Tl us that de*ructive 'the beast' in It is only throught tognitini and accepting anvthinswedon't know t""oot changc ilo#r-.a'-v/t il;;: darker 'We *""tfo* *tethi{S wecondimn' The isthere. cannot cleanscd' tJgttl utrtre wecanbc of side our natu* -* bt;;;;il; or regenerated born again' stifl ""P;i;tly, sidewemavhave ed a rast ili;"yfi ;;-his darkcr "t"tigy' However' acfnowledging our reservoirof psychic mean *'t'gZ'n9t 79' necessatilv cathaning cruelty, vindictirrcness' Suchbehaviour 'actingout' thcsettotio"' indiscriminatelv' or thanwewish' energy 'owning' dt"toyttt"h more cnpendsthc exPlosive "J;;ibiy and ya gontainingthcsc Ra$er,the keyliesin eKPrcssmg encrgv iht;Ljh ,..ont"t$q :9 the fou.ntof ilil;. evenflrauy it andhJlding9ll1o. insidcus'sre rnstrncrs itsclfasoutragec trapped'Thus hasbecn this release en.rgyr,o']'-tit-i"t,,, it i"ttgtated backinto thc psyche'more diraned,it canbeconscio*ly in outlets'Stewing the into or productirrcly channclled constructive tlrL.t shift is not rcry to .i pii;a .*otiott until they arc readv n*?t' t"ia-tf i'tttt 8th houseit t^I1 .^,^but oleasant, who to trtt oppomrniry re-oaminethc conncruon ""fri,'.il h";yi.r* enc"t"j:fl and issucs thoscproblems relationship between Present on iri life' Bascd our percePuon and fathei early ;rh;h.'-*hcr abouiwhatkind opinions of thc cnvironment;.htid;;;form belids Thesc forus. ii tit we ofperson .r. *aiir"iilild',-,h.t.;often unconsciously' into far 'scripts' .orr,-.tJ 'i- optt"tt' or 'father cad' grows


i"go;td ttnsc.that'n -:1I::*' into thecomantitltf;;Pry and a weharrc mysterious Due to the lawsorp'lJit'attertrinisl' and *rv people situations o"i ri*t 'ttt ability,o uncanny ""li'i"t If not' we will probablv ,hJ;il;;-p'it"t'. which suPPort is aimof a complor to prorrc -v t"tt' rne tr; ,h", ;;; ;;il tS:Ti", in the 8th and rubble from chjrdhoodare excavated oristentid life-staternents anddeeper Our house. morePt"bl;;; vith crises. ,"rr* rclationship inpre^scnt areuncovcred "lJ-ti*irrg' of living besly'11t;x' thc added-"to,ityl"d "'itaJ- ttt"1 rtlt from the past'whrchnas .,p' *-i of the residue ;;'.1; and oursilves others' on our andobscured perspecuve life' coloured and sclf-knon'ledge sclf'mastery ;. i f, frour" isgreaier ffifr|"f

,n. i-i,,"f*fi" U.ti."a.that

a was




freeing us to conrinue our journey renewed,les encumbered bv unnecessary bryg gr. Should vrcfail at amempts-at merging and ,working through' rhe rolatile isues which the 8th house eiokes, rhen *,i .* ,if., ro plT-....lq !r:r. to gain a sense what the dirorce proceedings of might be likc. Difficult planetary aspecrs the gth narn of trl.rmiti. to 'mesy' separations and dirorce settlements.The two 'raging infants' and their respectirrc lawyersare lefr to carry out the SattL in the couftroom. All levelsof sharedexperienceare describedby the gth house. In addition ro the redm of joint finance and rhemerging of mo individuals inro one, this househasa broaderecorogicil ,lZot. wi all hara to shareour planet and its resources. The high_powered entrepreneurwho indiscriminately lerrels y lerrels forestsfor hiJown orofir forests hiJ own profit inhabitants of the forest, aswen asdepriving a fellow human being of an areaof natural beaury -a intiir"tiJ". I n5n""p sensitivityto theseisues will be mi'oied by placements in the 8th. The house dso denotes our relationship to what esoreric philosophersc4l 'the.astrd plane'. A strong ehotion, though not necesarily visible,will nonetheles penadc thc atmosphere iound yt. Th.:.esrrd plane_is that level of oristence where seemingly intangible but porrcrful emotions and feeling;s collect and circulaiJ. T.h9pore rationdlyminded may doubt the ciedibility ofsomerhing which cannor be seenor measured.And yet, almosi all of us havE lt"d t: orpe{9nc9 of enrering on. peisor,'s home and feeling immcdiately 'hit' by something unpleasant, while walkins irrti another person'shouse and feeling uplifted and spirited. planets and.signs the 8th showrhe panicular kinds of energies'ho'ering; in in the astrd realm to which we are most sensitiue.Someone*ifir Marsin the 8th will more easily'pick up on' angerin the atmosphere than someonewith Venustherl who quickly-senscs when ,lo* i, in the air'. In this capacity,the waterygth houseis akin to the other water houses,the 4th and thc l2th. Expcriences thc psychicor of occult sphereare shownin the 8th, ar *.ll asthe degre. of irrr.r.o or fascination we harc for thar which is hidden,"mysterious or underlying the surfacelevel of existence. Death, asshown by placemens in the gth, can be taken literallv to mean the manner or o(enuating circumstances our physical of death. saturn there may be reluctant to die, fcarful of lies ",trat belon{ corporealoristence.Neptune may die from drugs, alcohol poisoning or drowning, or gradually dijengage itself i-n a coma.

Uranus may end it all rather suddenly. Howc\cr, in the spanof one life-time, weorperiencemany different psychological deaths. If we have been deriving our identity from a panicular relationship and it should finish, then this is a kind of death of who we havebcen. Likewise,if we havegained our sense of vitality or meaning in lifc from a cenain professionand then are Childhood dies made redundant, we dso die aswe knew ourselves, is and adolescence born. Adolcscencepassesand we die into adulthood. A bimh requiresa death; and a death requiresa birth. Signsand planetsin the 8th indicate the manner in which we meet zuchphasetransitions.Individuals with a srong 8th houseslant often experience thcir livesasa book containing many diffcrent chaptets, or a long play with distinct changcsof scene.Theseendings and new bcginnings may be thrust on us or we might assumea mote acdverole in tearing dovrnold structuresto make room for something else. In mythology, the gods createthe world, decide they don't like it, destroy what they harrcbuilt, and createanother. Death is an in ongoing proccss nature. There is alsothe image of the dying and again reviving god, who is desroyed in one form but then reappears uansformed. Christ is crucified and then resurected. Dionysusis dismembered,but Athene, the goddes of\$?isdom,rerues his he,an and he is born again. Like the Phoenix, we may temporarily be reducedto ashes, we canriseoncemore, renewed.Form can be but remainsto flourish again in someother form. destroyed,but essence 'So poet Goethe wrote, long as you do not die and The German riseagain,You area strangerto the dark eanh.' On somedeep level, anv survivorof the 8th house'sraumas and tensionsknows this.




Mankind poiscd is midway betcrcen gods thc -O Tffil* The 8th house inrariablyimpliessomedegree pain, crises of and suffering.$opefu,lly,in survivingthesedifiicult times,weemerge tencwed,cleansed, wiserabout ourselras and and life in generd. Havingdescended the depthsand rcmehon'managed find into to our wayup again,an overview gainedwhichdlowsusto conceirrc is of life asa joumeyandprocess unfoldment.Thefiery 9th house, of naturdly associated withJupiter and Sagittarius, followsupon the troubled waters the 8th and offersa broaderpe$pective all of on that hasoccurred to nos'.Enoughorperience blen gathered up has to attempt formulating someconclusions about the meaningand purposcof our sojoum. The 9th is the areaof the chan most directly concemed with philosophy rcligion- questions and aboutrhe'whp andwherdores' of ocistence. isherethat weseck Tiuth, endearouring fathom h rhe to theunderlyingpaaems basic whichgoramlift. In onesense, and lac/s thesuffering incurredin the 8th compels in this direcdonbecause us pain is moreeasily borncifwe canenvision purpose having some for to endurc it. In addition, if sufferingis in any urat linked with i failure to live in accordance rhe lawsor rrutbsof oristehce, to rhen discovering adhcringto theseguidelines and might decrease the amountof pain we needincur. Human_beings seemto requiremeaning.We apparently need absolutes, ideals firm tmardswhichqre aspire, preceps can and which lU7ithout serve steer lives. to our meaning, thereisoftenthc fteling that we havenothing to live for, norhing to hopefor, no reason t; struggle anything,and no directionin life. Manypsychologisa for believe that much of modern-day neurosis relatedto a lackof is

meaning or purposein life. Regardless whether it is true or not, of 'out we are comfoned by the belief that there is something greater there': that a coherentpattern existsand that eachof us has some panicular role to play in that design.Whether it is ultimatcly up to us to createour own meaning in life or whether it is our task to goals for God'splan and intention, the search guidelines, discover and a senseof purpose forms the crux of the 9th house. 'the higher mind' The 9th housesignifieswhat is known as that pan of the mind linked to the faculty of abstractionand the mind shownby the inruitive process ascomparedto the concrete house.Mercury,the natural rulcr of the 3rd and 6th housesis 3rd whileJupiter, the naturalruler of the 9th denotes a fact-gatherer; to capacity the psyche, tendency imbue of the the symbol-making . Facts a particulareventor happeningwith meaningor significance are in arecollected the 3rd. but in the 9th conclusions drawnfrom them: isolatedfactsareorganizcdwithin the frameworkof a larger schemeof things or seen as the inevitable offspring of higher organizingprinciples. tDThile lrd and 6th houses analogous the analytical and are to the with associated the 9th left companmentalizing brain,the processes to house(and the 12th)correlate the activityof the right brain. The bv right brain can identify a shapewhich is suggested only a few n into a panern.Synthedc lines.The poins arementallywove together sees and holistic,the right brain thinks in images, wholes,and detects 'the left [brain] takes snapshots, pattcrns.As MarilynRrgusonwrites, movies." the right watches havea message conceded that events Thc 9th houseoften believes




may givethc feeling in them.Jupiter or Venus the 9th, for instance, in that everything that happens is ultimately positive and to one's advantage, if there werea benign Higher Intelligenceat work as guiding our unfoldment. Saturnor Capricornin the 9th could have more difiiculty perceiving meaning in an event, or elseinterpret the meaning in a negative light. Albert Camus, the French philosopher existentialist and writer, had Saturnin Gemini in this housc:he believedthat events haveno higher or absolutemeaning other than that which human beingsattribute to them. in somethingabout the stylewith Placements the 9th describe which we pursue religious and philosophical issues,as well as zuggcstingthe kind of God weworshipor the nature of the philosophy Mercuryor Gemini theremay lead in lifc weformulate.Fore.xample, one to try and graspGod intellectuallywhile Neptune or Pisces predisposcs to embrace one the deiry through heardelt devodon, a to zunenderthe self. Marssuggests dogmatic and fanaticd approach to tolerance and flexibility to religiouspursuitscompared the greater exhibited by Venusin thesematters.The God-imagc is alsoshown of by planets and signshere. Saturn or Capricorn might conceive God, who must be a harsh,punishing, critical and paternalistic in Neptuneor Pisces thc 9th, on the otherhand, obeyed all costs. at envisions compassionate loving God, inclined to leniencyand and a forgiveness. The 3rd houserulesthe immediate environment and that which the is discovered exploring what is at hand. The 9th describes by perspective gain standing back and viewing life at a distance.In we this way, the 9th is linked to travelsand long journeys.Tiavelling can be taken literally to mean journeysto other lands and cultures, or it can be understoodmore symbolicallyasjourneysof the mind reading or spirit - the broadenedhorizons gained from extensive or the insights gained through meditation and cosmicreflection. Understoodmore literally, through trarrcllingand mixing with people rearedon traditions different from our own, our oudook on life is expanded. The taste and style of somecultures may appeal to us more than others, but nonetheless, other facetsof the myriad possibilitiesof life areglimpsedand comparedwith our own. Tiavel I enablesus to view the world from a different perspective. may be involvedin a complicatedrelationshipin london about which I feel and confuscdand uncenain; yet, when I uarrclto SanFrancisco reflea on this relationship, somehowthe added distanceof 6,000 miles helps me to understandit more clearlythan when the relationship might is right in front of me. The cpitome of a 9th houseexperience

be the view of the world afforded the astronautre-enteringthe eanh's picrure- our P.lanct There,at a glance,is-the.whole atmosphere. in reladon to limitlcs space.One's ordinary, seen as an entity assume different proponion after a concerns mundaneand everyday Glenn, the first Americantoorbit the eanh, suchan orperiencc.John had both Neptune and Jupiter in his 9th house. Placementsin the 9th designatethe archetypd principles we encounteron our travels,and may evenreved somethingabout the natureof the culture or culturesto which wearedrawn. br instance, difficulties or delayson journeys,or Saturn there may experience suchaswork or study. more specficallyfor a practicalpu{Pose, ffavel under Nixon, the American foreign ambassador Hcnry Kisinger, on the cuspof the 9th, and Saurn, its ruler, in Libra, hasCapricorn the signof diplomacy.If Pluto or Scorpiois in the 9th, wemay aftract in experiences another country which profoundly transform us, or may be drawn to a counily with Pluto or Scorpiostrong in its we national chan. Admiral Richard Byrd, the first man to fly to the North Pole, had innonativeUranus in this house. Returning much closerto home, 9th houseplacementsindicate relationshipswith one's in-laws.Just as the third housefrom the Ascendant describcsour own rclatives,the third house from the (the 9th), describcs panner'srelatirts. rVhethersuch the Descendant relationshipsare cordial or stormy will be shown here. An in-law might reflect a planet in the 9th housc, or receivethe projection of that principlc. SomepeoplewithJupiter in the 9th seethe unirarsc in a grain of sand, whilc others might perceive it in their mother-in-law. in of Journeys the mind aredescribed the 9th, which is alsoknown asthe houseof highcr education. The chosenfield of study or the nature of the collegeor university experiencein gencrd is shown Neptunc in the 9th may concentrate here.Foro<ample, by placements on-a degreein an or music. However,that same Neptune could of indicatc confusionand vacillationin the choiccof a course study or disappointmentand disillusionmentduring the stayat unirrcrsity. of Uranui may rebel againsttraditional systems highcr educadon, or pursue a degreein someunusual or newly rising field, or bc the firs1 person to securea place at Offord at the age of seven. '\fe 'I The lst houseis am' while the oppositehouse,the 7th is '\fle 'I have'. are'. The 2nd is have' and its opposite, the 8th is '\we 'l think'. The the Correspondingly, 3rd is think' and thc 9th is thought structureswhich are codified on a collective 9rh describes level. These include not only the religious, philosophicaland


cducational sy$cmsasdready discussed, alsolegd systems but and thc body of law. The 7th house is the lower courrs, but the 9th represents higher coufts - the supremelaw of the land which the governsthe actions of the individud within the broadest socid context. In the 3rd, we learn about ourselves reladon to those in in our immediate environmenr, but in the 9th a senseof our relationship to the collectiveasa whole is kindled. Thc 9th is also associatcdwith the publishing profession, in which ideas are discminated on a large scalc. Traditionally, planets in the 10th are associared with careerand profcsion. The researchby M. and F. Gauquelin, however,has establisheda correlation berweencenain planetary placementsin the 9th and people who have achievedsuccess fields related to in thc naure of theseplanets.A discussion thesefindings is found of on pages118-119. In the 3rd house,we oramine that which is immediate and direcdv in front of us; in the 9th, we glimpse that which is not only fanher 'up aray but also and coming'. Suongplacementsin this houseconfer an unusual degreeof intuition and foresighr- the abilityto sense the direction in which someoneor something is heading. Thc 9th 'tunes house in' to the pulseof a situation,quickly regisering rends and cwrents in rhe aun-osphere.Jules Veme,the scieniefiction writer with a remarkablegift for anticipating furure discorrries,wasborn with Uranus in the 9th house.On one leral, the fth givesthe prophct and visionary,while on another it denotesthe public relationspersonJ or the promoter intent on opening new vistasfor othcrs. Energies in thc 9th can be expressed through rhe travel agent picking out 'just the right holiday for you'; the entrepreneurconfiding to you the latest sure-fire investment; the proponent of the most recent psl,chotechnology hit tm'n which promisesinstant cnlightenmenr to in one weekcnd; the coachgiving his team a pep-ralk bdore the big game;the tipster advisingon the winning horse;or the anistic, literary or theatrical agent discoveringthe next big new tdent. In the 8th, we dug into the past and dredged up thc remnanrs of our primordial and instinctual nature. In the 9th, we look to the fururc and what is yet to unfold. Depending on the planes and signs there and aspects these,we may seea future full of hope to and new promise or one in which the bogeymanlurks around the cornerjust waiting for us to be foolish enough ro passthat way.In cither case,it might be useful to reflect on something which St 'dl Catherine once observed,namelv that the wav to hearcn is heaven.'2


reached until youharrc the measurc heightof amountain, Nerrcr the top' Then youwill seehow lw tt S;, Hammarskj<ild !7hat the 9th houseenvisions,the 10th house brings to eanh' In of Quadrant systerns house-division,the Midheaven !h. de-gree its olthe cclipiic which reaches highestpoint at the meridian of any place - mark the cusp of the 10th house.The Midheavenis the most elerated point in the chan, and symbolically speaking, 'stand Thc out' aboveall othersin the horoscope. placementshere to what qudities of any sign or planet in this position correspond 'standsout' in to in us is most visible and accessible others, what '$0hereas the IC and 4th house (the oppositc housc) rePresent us. what we arelike prirately and how we behaveat home behind closed with Saturnand doors,the MC and 10thhouse(naturdly associated publically,the imagewewish Capricorn)indicatethe waywe bcharrc 'step to pr.settt to the world - the kinds ofclotheswe don when we our'socialshonhand' o,ri'. Lir Greenecallsthc MC and 10thhouse - how we would most like to be seenby othersand how we describe ourselvesto them. In keeping with the elcrated position of thc Midheaven, thoscqualitiesfor which placemenisin this areaof thechan suggest It up to and respected. is i. *"nt to be admired, lauded, looked planets here that we hope to attain through the signs and in achierrment, honour and recognition. Placements the 10th denote ashaving contributed what we would most like to be remembered to the world. This is the houseof ambition, behind which lurks the and acknowledged. pressingurge and compulsion to be esteemed if you performed a truly noble or believedthat ih. "nli.niGreeks heroic deed, you were rewardedby being made a constellation in












in the world areshownby the signon ,t. uiar,."".i.-ilJ" the 10thhouse,*d srudies ('r;;;;s;; Gg;;; T l-18-19) planets thet:$"q":lin sideof theMC. any on 9thhouse Tfrephne, ;fir; the signon the Midhea'enand im placemcniby ;;;:'il* ;e aspect sheds also lighr on career rocadon. and rro:*si.r, oth.r areas ot rhechaftdsohave considerabre bearing theissue proftssion on of (suchasrhc 6th house,2nd house, ro the Sr",;;il,-;;; TpC"cts q. fqh Tap asawholemust becarefuilyassesscd r;;il;;;; wiselyin this respect. rhe and planeain the lOth and on th. . In somecases, signs housesideof the Midheao, *"y literallya.r..iU. if,. ;";;;;i 9th the individual's career. instanie,satuin therecouldfii;;;; br teacher, or scientist; iu.dg9 an Ju-piter acror,pfriforopfr.i;;;;;j agent;and the Moon a profesionalchildminderir i""t..p.i. ThomlsMann,theacdaimed German write.,h"a tlr..o--il;ti; signof Geminion theMg in Td Mercury the t0th. F;; S;hril, the Austrian pisces rheMidhea'en,anl cornposer, musical had on Neptune,rts ruler, in the lth, the houseof creative orpresion. Howerrcr, issafer assume thepositions it ro thar n."r rh. l,tC*a in the 10thsuggesr somuchtheactuar not professi* ur, i"trr..,rrl approach person to thecareer themannerin whichthc *ork a has ishandled packaged. judgewith sa*n in the rothwili or The moii

the hea*ns for dl to seefor all eternity. Besidesthe recognition it w€ fTs u:, bcing famousmeens li* inpeopl.t -ina, for'*.r.-ft. $orated ego, so teartul of its own finitenes, finds this idea rcrv reassuring. The narureof our contribudon ro society and our statusand prace

' i




likely follow the letterof the law than the judge with Uranusthere, whose readings would be moreindividualistic, unconventional, and shockingto others. ' The kinds of energies exhibit or encounterin the pursuit of we in a vocationarealsosuggested placements the lOth. Saturnor by Capricorntheremay work long and patientlyto reachthe top; Mars or Aries is aggressive impatient in this sphereof life, while and Neptune or Pisces may be vague confused to its rolein society. or as The 10thhouse whatwe represent symbolize or could alsodescribe to others.Marsmight be seenasa bully or the pinnacleof courage and strength; Neptune as a saint or maftyr, champion of the downtroddcn,or the victim himself; and Venuscould symbolize the epitome of style,tasteor beauty. If the 4th houscis associated the father,then the 10thhouse with is assigned the mother.In the beginningof life, sheis the whole to with her will be world to us. Early bonding patternsestablished reflectedlaterin life in how we relateto the externalworld in general. In otherwords, natureof what passes motherand child the berween (asshown by the MC and placements the 10th) resurfaces a in at laterstage dwelopmentasour wayof connecting with society and of 'out the world there' as a whole. If we found mother threatening (suchasa difficultly aspected Pluto in and potentiallydestructive then lateron the world will seeman unsafe the 10thmight suggest) placeand wewill attemptto defendourselves accordingly. mother If placements wasexperienced supponiveand helpful (well-aspected as in the 10th), we carryan expectacion that the world will treat us similarly - what Erik Erikson callsbasictrust, If we associate l0th housewith both mother (the shaping the parent) and career, then the choiceof vocationmay somehowbe influenced by our expe nceof her. Forinstance, Marsis in the rie if 10ththe mother may havebeenexperienced pushyand assertive. as The child, therefore, harboursresentment and angeragainsther, and growsup with the desireto actualizea position of power and 'pushed around' in autonomy in the world so he or she won't be thc same asin earlylife. Fightingwith the mothercreates pattern way a of fighting with the world. it Sometimes is the desireto win lovefrom the mother (thereby For ensuringour survival) which underlies choice profession. our of example,if Mercuryis in the 10thhouse,the mother may havebeen experienced expresiveand intelligent.The child then feelsthat as to this is what Mother valuesand appreciates, so strives gain and her love and suppon by developing such traits. An expectationis



established that excelling in this way earns recognition, and accordingly,later in life, a careeris sought which brings Mercurial qudities to the fore. In some cases, may bc competition with the mother which it nudgcsus in the direction of a cenain career. Venusis in the 10th, If the mother may have been seenasglamorousand beautiful. In a sense, Venushasbcen projected onto thc mother. In order to reclaim his or her on n Venusianqudities, the child may later seeka profesion in which he or shecan be admired asbeautiful, elegantor tasteful. At its most simple, the 10th house describes those qualities of the mother (or parent in question)which arein us aswell, whether we like it or not. The isue is complicated,however, the possibility by that placementsin rhe lOth often denote aspects the mother's of personalitywhich were 'unlived' - attribures and traits which the mother did not consciously oeress or representin the child's grwingup years.Planetsand signsin this housemay describethe way the motler would haveliked to hara been if only shehad dlowed herself the opponunity to do so. A child who is acutely sensitiveto the mother's psycheand undercurrentsin the home atmosphercwill be receptivenot only to what she manifestsoumardly but alsoto 'live what sheis denyingor suppressing. The child may bc swayed to out' the mother's shadon,side, as if mother is made more whole in or redeemed this way.The mother of a child with Uranusin the lfth, for instance, may harreappearcd extremely conventional, straight-laced and restrained the outsidc,whilst under the zurface on lurked explosivefeelings and the desirc for space,freedom and 'busting loose'. In some way this unvented Uranian side is communicatedto the child, who growsup with a compulsionto enact just those qualities to which the mother has not allowcd expressron. The placementof many planets in the 10th usually suggesc who is ambitiousand desirous recognition,statusand of someone prestige. Men are normallvgiven more permission pursuethese to than women.It may be easier a womanwith a strongl0th for needs by houseto seek pannerwho ispowerfulor famousand there impon a a position in the world in thatway. Shemay evenbe the one who pushes him on to fame and prestige. she Ultimately,however, may the ratherthan feelresentful that it isher husbandreceiving acclaim or devise ways punishing of herself,and consciously unconsciously with a stronglOth house him for this. Likewise, eitheror both parents may displace unfulfilled achievement recognitionneedsonto and with the projection,while a child. Somechildren may co-operate

others may rebel againstit, often becoming the exactopposite of what the parent(s)hoPed. The toih houic extinds bcyond the mother or shaping PTelt to dcsignateour relationshipwith authority figuresin generd: EIly by or angero-rhun at beingsupprcssed mistreated a pa5lt wlll often oflaterlnteracdons with other symbolsojnowgr. disiort the reality The revoludonarymay have a true and just cause,but the style' convlctlonsmay manner or intensity in which he or she esPouses reductionist point of view,rhe contamination of earlier *irr.., from a from the rcgime of rhe parcnts.This is not to bclitde irru., *.*ing bYt judge thoseiho obiect tJ that which is unfair in society, tfel or ro considertheir 10th house,and its psychological "rJ ",.l-"auised implications. Throwing a punch ar one'sbossor eggsat thc prime 'angry child' in us but may not be is a wayof veriting the -ilir,., the most cffectiveway to promote eventhe most neededt!"tg9t' Presidingoverthe ,op of tt. chan, the 10th housesignificsthe fulfilment"of the individual personality through thc personal satisfactiongained in using our abilities and talents to serveand Some may even earn aPplause and public influence ii.,y. of their great value 1qd wo1h. recognition travelled from the lst house to the l0th' i"lo.rg way has bC'en entiti€s, as of bt: we wereriot e,,enconscious ourselrres separate In the By of ourown individual cxistence. thc timethe l0th no,.*r, "*.howerrer, havederclopedand 'incamated' sufficiendy we is reached, of sense who we ate, but a only to harrc more solid and concrete not to be held in esteemfor it' also



In the heaven oflndra, thereissaidto bea nerwork ofpearls, so arranged, that if you look at one you seeall the others reflected it' in A Hindu sutra From being oblivious of being anybody,to winning recognition as a somcbody:this hasbeen the route from the lsr houseto the 10th house.But now that the egohasbeenfirmly established duly and acknowledged,what happcns next? At ia deepestlevel, the llth house(associated with the sign of Aquariusand co-ruledby Sarurnand Uranus)represents anempt the to go beyondour ego-identity and becomesomething greaterthan what we alreadyarc. The main way of achievingthis is to identify with something larger than the self - such as a circle of friends, a group, a belief systemor an ideology. Accordingto GeneralSystems Theory nothing canbe understood in isolation but must be comprehendedas part of a system.The componensof the sptem and their aruibutesareviewedasfuncdons of the total system.The behaviourand expression eachvariable of influences and is influencedby all the others.In what is known as 'high a synergy'society,the goalsof the individual are in harmony 'low with the needsof the systemasa whole. In a synergy'system,' thc rndividuals, fulfilling their own needs, not necessarily in do act for thc good of the wholc.' How we function as part of a system is shown by the llth house. In keeping with its dual rulership, the concept of group consciousness implied by the llth canbe understoodin rwo distinct ways.Saturnsecks greatersecurityand a more solid sense identity of 'belongingttrrough belonging to a group - what psychologists label identification'.Being a member of a panicular group, whether it

I ltfl
thc is a social,national,politicalor religiousgroup,enhances sense 'lb in numbers. someextent, of who we areand girasa feeling of safery this is exploitive,iince the rest of the world is used in the service of augminting or bolstering the identity. Eridence of this is most with having the.'right' clearl!seenin thosewho arebverlyconcerned 'right' places, and aligning the self in the friends, being noticed 'right' beliefs.2The most negativeface of this Saturn with the undercurrenl of the llth manifestswhen a grouP is threatenedby anothergroup - suchasblaclsmoving into a white area'orJungians movinglnto-a predominantly Freudian neighbourlogdr the of The-Uranian-side the llth houserepresents kind of group from and visionaries mystics which spirirual teachers, consciousness Instead culturesand times haverepeatedlyespoused. all different 'you-out-there' 'me-in-here'versus par{1igm or selfof the typical of speak the individual'sunity with all of life, that we model,'they with thc restof creation. arepart of a gieatcrwhole, interconnected Mirioring ttre mysticd perception of the unity of all life, recent scientific- breakthroughl demonstrate the wcb of relationship undcrlying cverythinf in the universe.For instance,David Bohm, a British plysicist, thiorizes that the universemust be understood 'a as singie undivided whole in which separateand indcpendent pans haie no fundamental status'.3A thorough analysis9f thq parallclsbetweenmodern physicsand Easternmysticismis f9u1d in by inTbe Trc ofPltysics Fritjof Capra,an eminent researcher highSomeof the paraflclshe tecountsaresostriking-that cnergyphysics. it is almbsrimposiblc to determinewhether cenain satemen6 about the narure of life hauebeen made by modern scientistsor by Eastern mvsdcs.'



One recenttheoryproposedby a British plant physiologist, Rupcn Shcldrake ispanicularly rele\rant the llth house.Sheldrake to suggess , the possibilityof invisibleorganizingfieldswhich regulatethe life of a system.In 1920,Villiam McDougall of HarvardUniversitywas studyinghow quickly ratslearnedto escape from^maze filled with water: meanwhile.other researchers Scotlandand Australia who in wererepeating theseexperimentsfound that their first generadon of rats,bred from a different strainto the McDougdl rats,pcrformed the taskwith the same degrce ofability asMcDougall's generation. last 'picked The skill wasin someway up on' by other ratseventhough they were in another pan of the world. Such occurrences haveled to Sheldrake theorizethat if one memberof a biologicd species learns a new behaviour,the invisibleorganizingfield (morphogenetic field) for that species changes. The ratswho masteredthe task made it possible other ra$, manymilesaway, do rhe same.5 some for to On deep lcvel, we are all linked together. Sheldrake's theory is nicely summed up in a remark oncemade by theJesuitpricst Piere Teilhard de Chardin, born with MercuryJupiterand Saturnin the llth: A truth once seen,even by a single mind, alwayscnds by imposing itse on the totality of human consciousness.'6 lf 'You lnTlte Aquarian Conspirrclt, Marilyn Rrgusonwrites, cannot understanda cell, a rat, a brain srructure,a family or a culrure if you isolateit from its context." Similarly,Carl Rogers, one of the foundersof humanisticpsychology, onceremarked that the deepcr the individual delves inro his or her own identity the more he or shediscovers wholehuman race. the Our identity hasa much wider 'skin-encapsulated membership than the ego'iscapable admining. of In this light, the development ofgroup consciousnessseen rhe in as llth houseis not solelyfor the purposeof aggrandizingor bolstering the ego-identity. Rather,the awareness being part of somcthing of largerenables to ffanscend limits and boundaries individual us the of separateness experience and ourselves a cell in rhe larger body of as humanity.Out of this realization grows sense brotherhood a of and sisterhoodwith the co-inhabitants of the planet far beyond the obligatoryties of family, nation or church. Syntropy- the tendencyof life-energyto moverowardsgrearer association, communicadon,co-operation and awareness is the main principle upon which the llth house operates.Having recognized ourselves separate as and distinct individuals there is the call to reconnectwith everything from which we have previously differentiated ourselves. Just asmatter organized itself into living cells,and living cellsgathered togetherinto multi-cellularorganisms,

it may be that at somestagehuman beingswill integratc themsehas Evenon a Sarurnianlcrrcl, into someform of globd super-organism. the interdependence and interconnectivityof life on the planet is bccoming increasinglyobvious. Communications technology has dramaticallyenhancedthe speedofglobd interaction and Marshall 'global village' is nearto being Mcluhan's conceptof the world asa link and conglomerates the an actuality.Multinational corporations economies thc world inextricably togcther. The collapseof the of rippling monetary systemof one country would havea disastrous effecton a host of others. Isoladonismand nationdism areno longer practically viable. On another level, small groups, nerworls, are movements and suppon systems proliferating all overthe wodd, In gatheringpeopletogetherto promote common causes. shon, much the and develops, larger in the samewaythat our own body changes body of humanity is alsogrowing and cvolving. The way in which of the wemight panicipate in and serve evolution and progress this collectiveSelf is shown by placementsin the llth house. from In the 5th house,our energyis usedto distinguishourselves of others,and to augment the sense our own individual worth and in specidness; the llth, our energycan be investedin promoting of and fulfilling the identity, purposeand cause anygroup to which we belong - whether this is understood to be the whole human raceor a particular segmentof it. In the lth, we do what we want to do for our own sake.In the llth, we may chooseto relinquish personal urges,inclinationsand someof our precious or compromise for idiosyncracies thc sakeof adhering to what the group decides is best. (10thhouse) ofthe llttr. A society is Socid consciousnessa keynote principles (9th house).laws and is structured on cenain lawsand societyeasilybecomeboth crystallizedand turgid, and invariably cenain elemcntsof societyarefavoured by the systemwhile others Groupswhich feel neglectedor betrayedby the odsting areoppressed. with lawscan find a voice through the kinds of reformsassociated llth house. Often, those with strong placementshere work the through humanitarian orpoliticd groupsto implement neededsocid common to find otherswith an llth However,it is just zrs changes. jockeyingbackand fofth from one socialengagement houseemphasis to the next - Ascotthis week,centrecoun at Wimblcdon the next, and then a day at Henley's before going off to the opera at Glyndebourne. placementsin the 1lth may signify the soruof groups In somecases, toqardswhich we insance, Neprune could be interested





in musicsocieties, groups;Uranuswith asuology spiritualistor psychic groupsi and Marswith the local rugby club. However, rather than just describingthe type of group, it is more likely that signsand planetsin the 1lth symbolize styleof behavingand interacting our in group situations. The Sunor ko theremay haveto be the leader, dcriving a good propoftion of its worth and identity from group involvement. Mercuryor Gemini in this housemight appearasthe secretary the group or as one of its most cleverspokespeople. of Someone to makethe tea, and the Moon or Cancertheremay has be happy to providenot only theseservices its home asa meeting but place as well. Funhermore,the llth house givesa senseof how comfortable feel in group situations. we Venusor Libra may blend in easily and makemanynewfriendsthrough joining a group. Saturn or Capricornis more likely ro hold back in the group, and feel awkward lumpish mixing with the others. or Oscar Vilde, who rose to the heightsof success london's anisticand socialcircles, in had the Moon in lro in the llth. PaulJosephGoebbels,the official propagandist of the Nazi party who controlled public communications and rhe media, had Pluto conjunct Neptune in Gemini in this house. Friendshipclearlyfits into the llth houseidcd of becominggreater than what we already are. People are linked together through friendship,personal boundaries cxpanded, irc and both the nceds and resources others become interwoven with our own. \ile of introduce our friends to new ideasand interestsand, likewisc,we are broadened by what they have to share. Planetsand signsin the llth often describe kinds of friends the to whom we gravitate.Forexample,a man with Marsin this house may be attracted to those people who exhibit obvious Manian qualities, such as dynamism, drivc and directness. However, placements the llth may dso showthosequalitiesin ourselves in 'dis-own',project which wc ouflardly and meet externallythrough friends. If the man with Marsin the llth hasnot developcdhis own 'Mars' 'get side, and lacksthat cenain up and go', his friends will - they stimulate and push him then provide that energyfor him into action. He may evenpossess uncanny ability to evokesuch an qualitiesin his closeassociates, in most other situationsand who with other people might be normally more placid and withdrawn. The llth housealsosuggests way in which we make friends. the Marscould rush impulsivclyinto fricndship,while Saturnis more awkward,shyor cautiousin this respect.How we behaveand what energies awakenin friendship is alsoshown by placementshere. we

Venusmay make friends easily,but prefers to keep things light 'live (althoughshemay expect friendsto up to' ratherhigh ideals). Pluto suggestsintense and complicated associarions which significantlytransformusor in which issues betrayal,intrigue and of treachery come into play. In the llth house,thereis the desircto transcend movebeyond or existingimagesand models of ourselves. yearnfor a more ideal !7e selfor a more utopian socie Therefore this areaof the chan has ty. , beenlabelledthe houseof hopes,goals, wishes and objectivcs. The desireto becomesomethinggreaterthan we aremust be accompanied by the capacity envisionnewand different posibilities. Morethan to anyother species, largehuman brain and evolved the cerebral comor endowshuman beingswith the capacityto imagine a wide range of alternatives, choicesand outcomes.The manner in which we envisionpossibilitiesand proceedtoward realizingthesehopesand wishes shownby placements the llth. Forinstance, is in Sarurnrhere may havedfficulry in forming positiveimagesof the future or may encounter blocks, delays or obstructions on the way to finally grounding its goalsand objectives. Marssetsa goal and rushes after it, while Neptune may be confusedabout what it really wanrsor merely fantasizesand daydrcamsabour unrealistic aims. In rhis context, it is helpful to remember that the more clearly we can imagine a possibiliry,the closer we bring it to actualization. positivevisionsof the future aidsthe proces of moving Encouraging in a more positive direction. Evolution pushes greaterand greaterlevels tovrards ofcomplority, organizationand connectivity. the first air house(rhe 3rd) vrcgain In the ability *rough language distinguishsubjectfrom object.Our to own mind is developedas we relate to others in the immediate environment. In the secondair house (the 7th) we grow through the close encounter of our own awareness with another person's awareness. Subjectand object, differentiatcd in the 3rd, meet face to facein the 7th. In the last air house(the llth) our individual minds are connectednot just to the minds of thosecloseto us bur to all othcr minds. Eleventhhouseplanerssensitizea personto the ideas and thoughrs circuladng on rhe level of the group-mind. It is not such an unusual phenomenon for somebody in San Franciscq somebodyin london, and anotherpersoninJapan ro 'flash' on rhe samebright newidea independendyof one anotherwithin a relatirrly closespan of time. In the 1lth, we discover relatedness just nor our to our family, friends,countryor lorrd ones,but to the wholehuman race.









If the doorsof perception werecleansed, would errerything appear man asit is' infinite' to v'liam Brake Commencingwith the lst housc,growthhasentaileddistinguishing from the unbounded and universalmatrix of life out of ourselves which we first emerged.Howevet,aswe have seenin the llth, the distinction berween ourselvesand others is chdlenged by the understandingthat eachpan of a rystemisrelatedand interconnected with the other paru. Mysticsand scientists alike tell us that we are not so sepdate after all. Who we are is influenced by others, and others are influenced by who we aJe.Our minds are linked and directly affectedSone another.The notion thatwe orist asanisolated entity is quickly losing ground to a more collectiveor broadersense of of sclf. In the 12th housc, the rwin processes the dissolution of the individud ego and the merging wirh something greaterthan not the self is felt and o<perienced, via the mind or intellect as in the llth, but with our hean and soul. Or as Christopher Fry puts 'The it, human heaft can go to the lengths of God.' The poet \Talter de la Mare writesthat bur dreamsaretalestold in a dim Eden.'On is most underlying lercl, the 12thhouse,naturally associated with watery Pisces and the planet Neptune, represents rhe urge for dissolution which cxists in each of us - the yeaming to rcturn to the undiftrentiated uaten of the comb, to the otiginal stateof unity. Freud,Jung, Piaget, Klcin and a host ofother modem psychologistsagreethat the infant's first strucnrre of consciousnes is pre-subjcct/object,ignorant of boundaries,space and time. Early memoriescut the most deeply.On rcme deep lerrcl,aneryindividud intuits that his or her innermost nanrre is unbounded. infinitc and etemd. Thc redirorrcry of this wholenes is our greatestnecd end

perspectirre, desireto the went. From e rcductionist pqrchologycan of reconncrt with the lostscnsc origind wholeness bc understmd backto the pre-binh state;but in spiritual teffns, asa regression into urgeuanslates e mptical longingfor union with our thissame of soruce and e direct otpcrience being pan of somethinggreater t It then ourselves. is a kind of divine homesicknes. blisfirl, sounds of thc In oncreqpcct, proqpcct a renrmto that state else peaceful. And ytt, something in us- the ccstatic serenely and itsclfandthc ftar of is ovmdemise contends ego's desire presene to wittr this longing. Thc egohasfought hardto win a sliceof lifc for the itself:whyshouldit relinquishthis?In thc glyph of Pisces, sign directions. sf tc,o ascietod with thc l2th house, fishes im in opposite Human b.i"gF are fucd with e fundamentd dilemma,with two of uantsto losea sense isoladonand puUs. fach person contrasting personis yct each and tnnscendhis or her individud seParateness self.2 los of the separatg terrified of disintcgrationand&cads thc - wantingwholeness yetfcaring and This aistendd double bind of and rcsistingit - is thc major predicament the l2th house. people issofrightening, of Because dissolution theego-identiry the in an attemPtto satiS the yearning sceksubstitutegratifications to for sclf-transcendence. strategyfor reconnecting unity is One 'If I am lorrcd,held or included, thcn I go through sor and lorc: of Anothcr ploy to rcgain a lost sense bqpnl my scpafirteness.' is through wielding porrcr and omnipotenceand omniprescnce prestigc 'If I canortend my tcrritory of influenceorrcrmore and to more things, then the restof lifc is connected me.' Immcrsion and in dcohol or drugpis anothcr*zy to breakdwn boundaries

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rigidities. suicidal urgesand variousother forms of self-destructive behaviour often cloak the dcsire to rerurn ro a more blissful state of non-differentiated being. others '.ek tranrendence more directlv through meditarion, prayerand devotion to God. The l2th housc may raisc any of theseissues. Hoycvel it is approached, l2th housede-srrucures',engulfs, the . absorbs inflatesindividual identity. Irtting go of the 'me-in-icrei or versus'you-out-there' paradigm meansthat the borders berween ourselvesand others become blurred. For this reason, a sffong emphasis this housecanindicatepeoplewho hara greatdifiicult! on in forming clearlydefined identitiei. They ar. *y.1 by whatevei they arearound, or whoeverthey makeconracrwith. others diston their pcrsonalidentitiesdramaticdly out of proponion. Ratherthan sacrificethe ego ro merge with somethingn'minous and divine, a personmay rry to imbue the egoitself with rhosequalities.Instead of secking to_reconnect God, the persontries ro play God - a to form of inflation related to whai Abraham Masiow called ' higher-sidetracking'. Along with thc l2th houseconfusionabout who we areoften comes a lack of a.nyconcretedircction in life. On some level, there may be th.efceling that sinceevcrything is all the sameanlnley,whatt the difference? soonasa dear identiry isdisdnguishcdbt rt .n r. As " is imposed_on life,something happenswhiih pulls the rugfrom the under rhe feet and nebulousnes reignssupremiagain. As i,on as the individual thinks he or shchas.aptured somethlg upon which to hang the sense 'I', it mysteriously of slipsavay ot diipiears. The capacityto hold things togetheror funhlr thcir own pirsonal ends is somehorv subservienr a much greaterdissolvingpd€r orrcrwhich to there is little contiol. The obscuring of boundariesberweenthe self and othcrs may createconfusion about_where begin and other people end, bui we it dso confersa greaterdegreeof empathy and compassionfor thosc with whom we sharethe Eanh. So-overwhelmed the suffering by around them, somepcople with a-strongl2th housewill seekan! m3ary of gscapingor withdrawing from tlrc world altogether.Othen who feel the pain 'out rhere' asthiir own will naturalliwork in some way-to_relieve pain. 1b rnrying degrees, tzth housedescribcs that the the helper, 'fixer',rescuer, martyr or siviour who ,takes the needs on' and causes ofothers. The original meaning of the word sacrificeis ,to make sacred'. Somethingwasmade sacred offering it to the godsor the higher by forces.Rippling through all the lcveh Jfmeaninfof the tzth iirhe

that the individual is redeemed through self-sacrifice, supposition through offering the self up to somethinggreater.This is true in of sofar aswemust, to someextent,let go of a sense an autonomous and separate to mergewith the all-embracing self whole. While and sufferingoften serveto soften the ego and give rise to sacrifice greater empathyand spiritualawareness, valueof pain and the the 'l natureof sacrifice too easilydistortedinto haveto sufferto are find God' or Anything that might constitutepersonal satisfaction must be givenup.' Howwer,perhaps is not thingsthemselves it which must be sacrificed, ratherour attac but blneflt to them. 1b the degree thar we derive our identity or fulfilment from such things as possessions, relationships, ideologies beliefsystems, losetouch we or with our deeperand most basicunbounded nature. their llth Somepeoplemay evenmanageto acquircor achieve house in dreams and wishes only to discover, the 12th,that theystill feelcheated a morecomplete happiness. \(rhat theythought would of just givethem ultimate satisfaction wasn'tenough,or didn't turn 'Quod hoc ad out to be everything.The Romanshad a saying 'What meaning is this comparedwith eternitv?' aeternitatem?' Similarly,the 12th houseis a constantreminderthat all joyslong for infinity. 'liaditionally, the 12thhouse(alongwith the other waterhouses - the 4th and the 8th) reveals patterns,drirrcs, urgesand compulsions and which operatefrom below the level of conscious awareness yet in significantly influenceour choices, attitudesand directions life. memory pa$ experiences colourthe way Storedin our unconscious we seeand meet the world. But from how far back do thesepast influencesstem? planetsand signsin the l2th may relateto what In somecases, psychologists 'the umbilical ef[ect'.According to this concept, call the developingembryo is receptivenot just to physicalsubstances which rhe mother ingests, but is also affected by her overall psychological stateduring-the gestationperiod. Her attitudes and to experiences ransmitted through the umbilical connection the are 'passed on' to thc child foetus in the womb. The nature of what is in in this way is shown by placements the 12th. If Pluto is there, the mother might have endured a traumatic time during the pregnancy. of The child is then born with a sense the dangerof life and a nagging apprehensionthat doom is only around the corner. memory of thc sourceof this attitude: only There is no conscious feeling that this is what life is about. Forexample I recently a rague , came across caseof a pregnant mother who wasdiagnosedas the





laving.a brain tumour. Her babydaughter*zs bom with pluto in the 12th and the mother died shonly after her binh. \U7har aboutfunher backthan the womb?Manyasrologenreftr to the 12th as the 'house of lzrna'. Reincamationisr befs'e that the 12thasthe 'house lzrrna'. Reincamationisr the immond human soulis on a journcyof perfection-i r.* to irs sourcethat cannot be accomplished one shon liftspan. in Definite laws, rather rhan chancl, operareto determine^ the circumstances erarylifetimeor each of siage the sojourn.with of eachnew incarnadon,we bring with us tfre har'esr "i*p;ri.;;; from pro'io's liras,aswellaslatint capaciries awairing derclopment. causes in motion in prior odstences ser affecrwhat-we -..i in th. presenr Thercul choosescenaintime to bebornbecause one. a thc asrrologicd paftemfits the oqxriences needed the presenr for $age o{Browth.In this sense, entircchandepictsou,Ao*ro boih the what hasaccrued a resuhof pastactions-and what we need as alrc to.avakento proceed funher.Morespecift"lly,the r2th house sho*s ate bringing over'from rhe pastwhich will operarcthis yl"l "" lifetime on eitherrhe debir or creditiide of ou, Difficuh placemen$ the 12thmayindicare "..ouirt. spots' in old 'trouble andenergies whichc/emisused earliir li'es andsdll needto llcarn in to handle-wisely this in Fo.siti'e placements rhishouse in suggest 9y. ingrainedgyalitiesyhich will senrc admntageousty riftifine us this asa resultof 'work' doneon them in thepast.nehtirrcio *ris theory some astrologers the l2th thc houseof'self-sustainm.ttt t lilabel o, undoing'. Forinstance,if Marsor Aries is there, it could bc thar selfishnes, impulsirrcncs, rashneshasbcena problcmin th; or ppt agd a continuadonof suchbehaviour-"y bi rhe cause a of 'don'nfall' in this lift. on theotherhand,aurcll-aspected house tzth Mars-suggesa positiveMarsqudities suchario,rrag., strenqth that and fonhrightness ha'e alreadybeenlcamedand wilisustain ihe natirrcthrough d4ql. times, comingro the fore just when they rWithmixedaspec$ placements aremo$ needed. to in thc l2th, the effectof tl,ratplanel _or energysomehow hangsin thc balance, p if.*q arebeing.tested howwehandlethat piinciple. If *c use for ig wSly be rccruded;if wc run amock-with planct or the ",.411 sig_n_in question,-rhe consequences likely to be serrcre. ate r$(/hether reftr to 'the umbilicaleftct' orio thc we theory karma of and reincamation, placements thc l2th describc in influences which harrecomedwn to us from crusesand sources which we cannot obviouslylcmeqrberor see. Through the mtery 4th we i"h.tii ot rctain rrcsdge.s our ancestrdpast.In the l2th, it is posible thet of wr arcreceptirre ancrtn largerpool mcmory- whitJung c2[ed to or

the rhecollectiveunconscious: endre memory of the whole human 'the prccondition as race. Jung defined the collectiveunconscious just of eaitr inlividud psyche, asthc scais the carrierof thc individud In wave'.3 someway,asshownby the 12thhouse,eachof usis linked far of to the past,carryingrecords experiences bcyondwhat we havc personallyknown. the the Besides residueof the past,hovrever, collecti'rcunconscious potentids waiting to be tapped. Colin of isdrc the storehouse latent 'the mind may includc all man'spast unconscious !(ilson writes that t The unconsciousmind is more than but it dso includes his fururel just a reserroirof represed or buricd thougha, impulscs an{ wishel - it isalsothe source 'potentiditiesfor knm'ing and operiencing' of which the individual hasyet to contact.5The 12th house' in othcr words, containsour future aswell .rsour Past. serveasthe mcdiators Somcpcoplc with 12th houscplacements of universd, mythic and archetypalimagess'wirling and transmitters 1b about on the leral of the colleaira unconscious. %rying dcgrees, healers, actors,religiousleaders, writers, comPosersr cenain artists, modern-day piophea tap into this realm and become mptics and 'tuned into'. the vehiclesfor inspiring otherswith what thcy have They touch the appropriate chord which then resonates with something insidc us, and we are able to share thcir orprcrience' Numeroui oramplesof chaftswith 12th houseplacementsillusffate this phenomenon: the comPoserClaude D9b9sy with sensuous Venus in ko in the 12th; tUfliUiamBlakc with the imaginative and fteling Moon in C:ncer in this housc;the poet Byron whoseopansira and playful use of word, rhyme and form invigorated,the whole mo\€ment hadJupiter in Gcmini in the 12th; and the Rom-antic visionaryPierreTeilhard de Chardin with the Sun, Neptung, Vequs, in Pluto and thc Moon all in the 12th, are just a few cases point. in It is asif energies thc 12th housc are not intended to be used that principle solelyfor personalends.lVe may be askcdto o(Press for tLe sakeof others, not iust for ourselrts. For instance,if Man fot is there we may take on the role of fighting a battle or cause other or we people.In thij sense, giveour Marsaway, bffer it-up' to others. Mercury in the 12th may speakother people'sthoughts or servcas for a spokesperson others. Somepeople, through 12thhouseplacements,lead what might 'sy-Uoti. lives'.Their individual life issues rcflect rends be called or dilemmas in thc collectiveatmosphere.For orample, Mahatma Gandhi, with the Sun in Libra in the 12th, became the living for cmbodiment of a Libnn principle of pcacefulco-oristence millions





of people. Uranus in the 12th houseof Hirler's chan renderedhim orceptionallyopen to ideologieswhich may have been in the air at that dme. Bob Dylan has Sagimarius the 12th housecusp an<i on is rulerJupiter in the ith, the areaof the chan related ro creative orpresion. Through his music he was both the mouthpiece and inspiration for many of the trends of the 1960s counter-culture.A blackwomanwith Uranusin Cancerin the 12thwasborn and raiscd in a pan of England where rhere were hardly any non-whites. In having to integrateherselfinto the life of the townshe wasnot onrv dealing with her own personaldilemma but fighdng the causeoi many other black people as well. The 12thhousehasbecn calledthe houseof 'secret enemies'and 'behind rhe scenes activity'. This could bc taken literally to mean people who plot or-conspireagainstus. However,it is more likcly to penain to hidden weaknesses forces in ourselveswhich or undermine the realizationof our conscious goalsand objectirres. In brid, unconscious drivcsand compu.lsions sho*n by the izth ho,se as placementscan thwart the achievement our conscious of aims. br instance,if a man hasthe Moon and Venusin the 7th house,there is -a strong urge to be close to another person in an intimate relationship.Burif this man alsohasUranusin the 12th,it suggesa that unconsciously there may be such a suong desire for frellom and independencethat he will somehowsaboage any amempt ro form binding ties. Generdly, in any contest bctwein conscious-aims and unconscious aims, it is usudly the unconscious which wins. In this casc,-he may habirudly be attractedonly to thosewomen who are not free to marry or who, for rcme reason, do not wish to reciprocatehis adrances.In this way,the unconscious compulsion to remain independent (uranus in rhc 12th) is vicroriouso'er thc more conscious needs.If we are conscious urgesin ourselves, of we can do something to regulate and dter thesc if we so wish. If we ate unconsciousof cenain patterns or drircs, thesehave a way of dominadng and conmolling us. \tr(/har are unconsciousoi in we ourselras a knack of coming up from behind and hitting usover has thehcad. Therefore,if no matieihow hard vrc rry somec6nscious god is condnudly blockcd, we might oamine the l2th housefor clues why. The linking of the l2th housewith instirutions makessensein the light of the rarious connotations of this house discused so far. Thc 12th shmn what is hidden or in the backgroundjust ashospitals 'stored iwey' 1nd prisonsare,itr p"n, placeswherecenaln people are from society.Thoscwith difficult placementsin the l2th may track'

complores under the *rain of life or fdl prey to powerful unconscious which erupt ro the surface,resulting in the need to bc looked after 'put away' because they are considered and contained. Others are In the dangeroustothe well-being of society. anyof thesecases, will of a higher authoriry is forced on them, congruent with the 12th houseprinciple of the individual submitting to something greater than the self. Hospitdization or a pcriod of withdrawal from life psychological may be neededto re-establish and physicalbalance, thus making a personultole again- another 12th houseprinciplc. and homesfor thc disablcd also Experiences orphanages,hospices in appear via the l2th. It is not uncommon to find people with placementsin this house working within suchinstitutions. Servingothersles fonunate than and the self is the pracdcaloeresion of compassion empathywhich the 12th houseconftrs. Thc Church, rariouscharities,or the monasdc life will be other sphcres which absorbthe personwho feelsit is his or her calling to sacrificeor dedicatethe life to God or the welfare 'bad karma' can be believethat past of others. Rcincarnationists cleared through goodwill and serviceof this kind. fu alreadymentioned, thc 12th housegivesaccesto the collective archirre of aperience passed on generation after generation. of Therefore,it is not surprisingthat the keepers this storehouse thosewho work for museumsand libraries- often hara 12thhouse placements. It would not be appropriate to discus the l2th house without mcntioning again the researchdonc by Michel and FranEoisc of Gauquelin.6 They analysedthe careers succesful sponspeople and found a corelation with Mars in the 12th housesectorof the tended to harrcSatum there, dran. Similarly,rienti*s and physicians on writen the Moon, and aconJupiter. Based their snrdies,it appears that planets in the l2th (and to somecxtent the 9th, 6th and 3rd) significantly determine the characterand professionof the natirc. who assumedthat placementsin This surprisedmany astrologers the lst or 10th housesshould be strongerin this respect. Howerrcr, are their findings so strange in thc light of what we 'give auray' understand thc 12th houseto be? If there is an urge to whateveris in the 12thto other people, then it follonrsthat we could make a careerout of the principles there. Also, if the 12th house indicates energiesin the collectivc atmosphere to which w€ are sensitirc, then it is likely that our characterand o<presion will reflect thesc.Sporupcople capturethe collectirr urge to competeand be first (Mars);writerstune into the collcctiraimagination (Moon) and



scientists serve collectiveneed to classifrand structure(Saturn). the Sincethe 12threlatesto reconnectingwith somethingnuminous and divine, an individual may experience planet there asthe key a or path to greatnes and self-ranscendence. Naurally, he or sheqould want to developit. On somelevel, they may belicrrcthat the doors to heaven are opened through orcelling at whaterrcrptinciple is in the 12th. The deep longing for wholenes and immondity which existsin all of us is the enticement which modrates achierament through 12th house planets. For some people, e.L2th house emphasisconuibutes to the lack of a clear identity nebulousnes, directionles lirres,victimization, the orperience of being overwhelmed by unconscious drircs or undercurrenm at loose in the atmosphere, and a distoned senseof the value of suffering and self-sacrifice. thc other hand, the 12th On houseconceptof zurendering the sensc being a separate of dfgirres rise to true empathy and compassion, selfles service, anistic inspiration, and ultimately the capacityto merge with the grcrter whole. In the lkh house,we theorizeon the unity and interconncrtednes of all life. It is acknowledged principle. In the 12th, the mystery in of our onenesswith the rest of creation is pcrceirrcd dircctly with errcrycell of the body. All of o<istence felt aspan of ounelves, just is asportions of our body are pan of us. ith such an awarenes, it would be asdifiicult to heedlessly harm another personasit would be to cut offone of our fingers. Conrrcrsely, what we felt served our own individud well-being would inrnariably serrr the good of the whole. An old story illustrates the positirc side to the 12th housc. A man is allocrcdto visit Hearcn and Hell. In Hell, he sees largegathering a of peoplc sitting around a long table set with rich and delectable food. And yet these peoplc are miserableand starving. He soon discoversthat the reiuon for their dreadful state is that the spoons and forksprovided for them arelongerthan their arms.As a result, they areunable to bring the food to their mouths and fted themsclrres. Then the man is shown Heaven. He finds the sametable set out there, with the same extra-long eating utensils. But, in Hearrcn, insteadof just trying to feed their own selrrcs, eachpersonuseshis or her spoonand fork to feedonc another.They aredl well-fedand h"PPy. While notfully losing our own personalidentity or scnse out of own unique individuality, we need to orperience, acknwledge, honour, and connect to, that pan of us which is unirrcrsaland

of unbounded. Uldmately, the uick is to swim in the creters the 12th housewithout dtowning in it. 'we ourselrrcs matrix of life, establish emergcout of the-universal that after all w€ are redly one asindividuil entities, and then find with all creadon.\urhether our connecrionwith the greaterwhole is consciouslyorperienced or not through the 12th house, it is inevitable that oir phpical bodieswill die and disintegrate Ybtl physical of the body dies, so dbesthe sense our having a seParate we return to the collectiveground way or another, out ofwhich wehavecome.vhat wastherein the beginningis there at the end. V'e arrive back at the Ascendantto begin again on a new lerrclof the spird.

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which fdl belowthe The houses and lower(nonhern) hemispheres' with the most-directly rlAi-

for Search measurable elements yourphenomena among and then search relations for berween these measurcs. Alfred Nonh Vhitehcad (Science the Modetz lYorld) and The twelvehouses be subdividcd and classified can under different headings.A knwledge of thescgroupingsenriches undcrstanding an of the meaning of eachhouseand the way in which one houseor sphereof life relatesto another. Hemisphercs and Quadrants Thc line of the horizon divides the chan inro the upper (southern)

(ilr., ffi;;; .concerned "rJ iniiua"d and stp"t^it idtntitv andthe basic il;;.:;;oi"r, are These knon'nasthe requirements p.*on "ililo.ttftift' " Hoases. .Personal on 7-12)focus the whichareabove horizon(houses {1r. fro"res intimate on oi,nl individualwith others: an the interconnection t.rm, of *.iety asa whole,and in relationto level,in ;;;_;". Hotses(see areknown astheCollectiac il;;i;;;"tio". Fieure5). ""Th. cuttingthe of rhc meridiancrosses line of the horizon of thewheelof division "*1, another thehorizonin half' #;;l'ilg Figure6)' (see i-fr. fto"t.t, theFour Qaidrants SOUTH





Aotses 7-12

to takcshape 1-3) / In Qaadranr (houses the individualbeeins formsthroughthe identity asa distinctentity.A t;;J"f ; t6;t

Houscs l-6 ''-----' NORTH

;'ff'-t;;;i;;;"it'rrtit'r'"*;t:b"dvand'subsnn"^(?ldhouse) of life'

matrix of ;J;i;d 6rd house)-out the unirrcrsal funherorpresion the ln Oadrantll(houscs 4-6) growthinrolves



.tnthc4thhousc,_shaped *,;';ffi ;;;;;il;Jlftr-Jn"riat.dself the f".kg-;e*J -i.r,ta inheritance,individud il;;il;it own idcntity.\(iith this mouldsa*i oi r,it or her in itself to ;;?, ;ir; .I' seels o(press oumardly the ;; ilffid andpcrftctirspanicular fine-^nrne
ano 1thhousc, tnennrni.itp*iry,




nature, skills and capabilities(6th housc). In Quadranr 11l(houscs7-9) the individual expandsawareness through relationship with orher people. In the 7th house,thcre is the closeencounterhtween one lrrson's reality and anotherperson's redity. The 8th housedepica the breakingdown of the individud ego-identity through the processof merging with another. The subsequentbroadening, reauakening,and re-visioningof the self is shown by the 9th housc. In QtdrantlZ{houscs 10-12)the main concemis the oganding or transcending the boundariesof the selfto include not just oni of

is describedby other, but many others. A person'srole in socicty are explorecl the 10th house,rarious forms of group consclousness -.\is ortrer an individual's-spiritualidentiry r" ,h.-il h, and of the selt relationshipto rhat which is greaterand yet inclusive is orplored in the 12th. " of the housesby.quadranmmakessensein Vhifilgro"pi"g of biundaries createdbythe cross the horizon .;;;?rillSgical

PHASE Itr Houses 9-lz

in wheel yetanother -.iiJL, i isposibleto subdividethe iJil. is 1-4, -rt.i tn houses theindividual bornandbecomes ;; G; it*ie r1. groundand bodv,mind' back o*n existence' Ji ;;t;t;iilt' 'me-in-here'. Houses of a sense the establishes i;;iiilr. lhis phase selfwith thel-iJlpi.. thi urge,o op,.tt and share autonomous 'you-out-therc'. houses the task ln 9-12 -..L,',mi.-in-h;' but nor justwith'afewothers, with society-at-large i, i",.**ion, we area paft: the devclopmenr.of *ti.r. ffi;?;;;;;l, with begins each In this ,.Ai,v. "r*,ichclassification, phase tJ'Jt-ii-n.r.; mdrcaung (lst' and thc soark inoiration of a fieryhousc 5th and9th) with awatery ends phase n'.* l.,ol of being;andeach il; ,h; L'*h " and tzth) desciibing disolution' assimilation the t li,n, eth ""r.transitionwhich leadsto the no<tstage' and Ancular. Sucdcnt and Cadent theyare to according whether classificd T#h;r;;;aditionally or succedent cadent' angular, Angulat Houscs(Figuret) ere , the ryr,.-, of housc-division AngalarHo.uses the In Ouadrant alstll the lstnogs3 upontherog onei*hi.h fofiowimmediatcly wtth thelu' tne /tn wltn the with thc Ascendant, 4th house bcsins tbth with the MC' In the naturalzodiac' ;i,h. .h$;;;;;; to the ,ft. tg"ft housescorrespond cardindsigl:f {i::!:.Rtl:F and cquinox) I (summirsolstite;' ibra(autumnal Cancer eouinox), new and g€nerate release Lloli."li t*i"r.,,.lstice). cardinalsigns and spurusintoacdon rcprescnt -g.,i"tt'ot'* iililtt",tt ;rJ;.'#;.-;; impacton our individualitv: a J1iii *tfi .tt harrc strong ffi o.rro*fia.ntitv(rsthouse),thehomc-andfamilybackground(4th (lfth)' (7th) and career ielationships il;). -Th;;ic* ;;;t one or square oPPose of the cardindcros figuratiraly sPneres rePresent.tour hogses the anothcr.-Likewisc, four angular other' nn of lift which are potcntially in cgn{llct wrth each

PHA5E T Housesl-4


bl_,*. ,f,; f."a"*1 Td.di!r"-as presenred il;;dt"; of "f fr",rl *iU hclpin theinterpreiadonposible ai[i.* -g,if",


love:how much dilemma of will versus rwo housesgivesthe classic how much do we adjustto our do we assen own ,rrJiuid""tity and adiust too need or r.q,rire. There is a fear that if we *i"r-* if conversely' we ld€ntlty; but much, then we loseour own seParate won't loveus' and demanding' then others ;;;;;;'df-.entred

HOUSES ANCULAR. Enr;rgg Activatlry t Gewrar;LngFio.8 t
squaresand opposidons plenets may make to one anothet if pleced in rhese houses.r Tbc lst-7tb opposiion (lst)must besacrificed Somedegreeofpcrsonal identity and fuom to funcrion in a relationship (7th). An opposition between these t A square a 90 degree is anglebctwecnt*o planes; the oppcition is a 180dcgrceanglc.A planet in thc lst may or m.y not opposca planct in thc 7th. Hovcrrer. thcy arein opposition,tensionariscs if bctyiecnthcsc thc o*o iueas lift. Ewn if they do not form an oppositionaspcct, pull of housc thc pull of thcoppcitc trorc corld still prescnt problcrn a of,onc and whic-h, figuntirrcly spcafing Thc semeeppliesto planetsin thoschouses et least,squaleone enother.

Tlte 4th-tOtb oPPosition at home and Here. one oossible.o.rfli., is bctween staying awayfrom the in the family unit (4th) versus-being p"iiiip",-g man immersedtn familv in order ro esnblisira carcer(1fth). The


life ' The woman morncntsto r.flttt on the deepermeaningof or sDare

d*'not h"utihetimeto bewiththefamilv'

mav rwo these houses betornbetween q*t" -,it-*p""fr* The prot"'iilL; 'ott "' " *tft ormother' childfor. thedesire tnt'adult-like' behaviourexpected (4th)
.o,rld .o.,iiit*itf' in-us cannot [fe (10th). The businessman'for instance' ;; ;;"i;:it.;l to collapse l.t#;;,;;;-; a ctientif the dealrhreatens iri ri".l "i at the last mornent' -" how wefunction laterin (4th) influences ilr;itconditioning as a child that we feel society(10th). ff"u. *t Bttn so dcnigrated the reiectedchild who we have nothing to off.i'otitty?.Or itt *t makea mark on the world? Have tJrho*-'ittttn' i;;.;;i";d ""a bv-oyr parentsthat we lack the piotected il:;;;Goil.d at dl ?Thcse ; J. t-.8.:.""r,i ;nture out of tht familv home ;tip;;;, planetsin the 4th oppttitions berween isues may ar$ert,n.t. "tt houses. and toth Tbe lst-4tb rqaare and unique individuals (lst)' but t9 *i:*fl,:' Ve arebom scparate

;;;; ia;

naturdspontanelty in i" tqttia to Neptune Scorlioin the4th' His and containcd restricted andenthusiasm$"pii.ii" thti"ltt4 to be in the4th)' ###BOT_TEXT###e might r",r,cr(Neptune soasnot ro disrurb to smv "r -i t;, "in-"g fttt (lst), but.regresive.urges itk ;; withwhatissecureandalreadyknowninhibitus(4th). The4tb-lth sqa*re thereisa likelihood the berween 4th and7th houses' Vith squarcs the a parent(usually busines'around ;il,:ffi;""n."rt.a p*ttins establishcd in life (4th) often elly fathcr)onto a p""".L in (zth;' Problems peopleclearly our obscure ability io ;;;;htt

individualitv? ourbudding h";Jrir. tarrtJ*pptnorquash rn rn tne of yh9 up thechan a vgung.rnl" hadJupttcr l'eo



establishinga home (4th) with a panner (7th) could ariseif planes in thesehouses squareone another.The capacity be objectiraand to fair with others is interfcred with because childish needs and of complexes. Tbe Ttlt-tOth rqilare Conflictscould surhce betweencareer (10th)and relationship(7th). If we are so busypursuing a career, may haveles time for close w€ pannerships. Our amractiveness a panner (7th) may be contingent to on our statusin the world (10th). Or a panner may be sought who enhances one'ssocid standing. Isues with our morher caninterfere with seeing a panner clearly. Tbe 1st-10tb tqaare Sclf-disciplineis neededto forge a career(10rh) and this inrnriably limits our personal freedom and spontaneity (lst). \flhat sociery approvesof and ralidates (lOth) may imposc restrictionson what we arenaturdly inclined to do (lst). Somethingthe mother represents (10th) may inhibit the orpresion of the lst houseplanet. One man with Venusin Iro in the lst squaredto rhe Moon in Taurusin the 10th wanted to be an anist (Venusin Iro in the lst) but his mother insistedthat he choosea more practical carecr(Moon in Taurusin the 10th). Often, we are labelled solelyby what we do in rhe world (10th) rather than by other qudities we might possess (lst). SuccedentHouses (Figure 9) The forcesset in motion in the angular housesare concenrrared, embellished,utilized and derrcloped funhcr rnrhe Saccc&nt Hotses: the 2nd, lth, 8th and ttth. Thesehousesare narurdly associated with the fixcd signs of Taurus,Iro, Scorpioand Aquarius, which consolidatethe generativeenergyof cardinal signs.The succedent 2nd house adds substanceto the persond identity (1st) through dcfining our posesions, resources, shape and boundary. In the succedent house,weaffirm and suengthenthe sense 'I' distilled 5th of from the angular 4th by orpressing who we are and impresing on ourselrrcs othen. Through the activiry of relating to othen (angular our 7th house) we increase resoutces and deh,edeeper into ourseh'es (thc zuccedent 8th). hnicipating in the mainaining and functioning of society (thc angular 10th) enhancesthe awareness ounelrrcsas of socid beingsand prwidcs the basis oganding our scnsc for of,idcntity to encornpass bigger and broaderboundarics(the succedcntllrh). Likc the angular houses, thc four succedent houscs reprcrcnt


HoU5E5 Fig.9SUCCEDENT Wry u Stabttt:rttlS Concretizlng
in conflict with eachothcr' of spheres tift which are Potentially Tbc znd-Atb oPPosition


Cbntlrctslrlscucrw'ssuw"rvr'v prcrrrrcs and dear' Tht. ?n9 housc *r,", -o,rter Pcnxln holds r-.- aarrp nrrrr t0rsOmeuungrrsw' evalueOfsom.thing, The 2n{ housc.scestttcry'*--,L*iO.ttotft.(Srhl. hiidan

;H.ffiH;#.t; ;'ilh";""" uTq :::*'ffi 1* fr wLJ*s'lY ;;u""Jfi.'tTSl:::f#Y

fflHfr ff.*:S." ilil f'$l.iTT$"ii#' ""d;;$': 11ii:;t*fi ilil'&;;JG'h',":3gT,i:g31 ffi:."fi .ffi o g3in orrcr Foccsscs. rna$ery instirrnrel
oPPotttr:eTbc I'h-u'b TbcStb-tttb oPPosiion ar qclr''trurE vs v"" to something grelt:1t- rtf^. nrrt r.,n oenootrl satisfaction' for we I" rh. lth housc, create oq1a1,q:f-rmr. .''r enersy such

our ltion'r1,11 19: nl*i: K:?:"9 designingown as -q. as designing P*:t-:: such o"#t"ts,

;#;:-ieili. -mignt --;'hr

i'fl i'T #fii'-ilii,q'ffi 11fff' J*: )'ffi"fi: ffi
opinion (lkh)?

r r s!'---t*t d an ()ut) rnfo rnc Ytltuu \ rrur/l' iat, I am a mcmbcr. of thc conscnsus thc.gortP d, ^ r - --^ii rh.,n,,rrrr I *tti l",ic end thc I acccpt group

bc whether whcther

" -,hi.h whic\ r"" i' or helons. "Anorherr ulssuc Y ' 11-9.rons'r o o * s our releaseour childlen wc .t? *. are *iiting to rcleasc chi

do m. ('ttr,for





Tlte Znd-)tlt sqaare A numberof conflicts be stired if planets rhe 2nd square can in planets the Jth. Theneedfor security a regular in (2nd) and income could interfcre with time spenton morecreative recreational and 'resting' (lth). C.onrcrsc\i struggling activities the afti$ or actor(5th) oftensuffers from the lackof a stable peoplc income(2nd). Some with squares between 2nd and tth derive the their sense power, of qiofthandimponance (5th)solely th'rough whattheyownandposses (2nd). Children(lth) might be treated posesions(2nd) or as orperienced a drain on one'sresources. as TlteStlt-8tb sqilare In the 5th house, like to beseen bright,positive, we as creative and special. Valueisplacedon thosethingswhichenhance joy and the dignity of life. Thc 8th dcpictsthe darker,more intenseand destructive elemcnts lurking in the persondity.If weharrc these rwo houses accentuated may bc engaged a fiercebattlebetween we in light and dark forcesin the psyche. Thc kinds of crises associated with the 8th house can temporarilydisrupt the tth house's spontaneiry enthusiasm life. Insteadof feelingin charge for and of our lirrcs (lth), we may be drirrcnby unconscious (8th) complores to actin ways whichweha're orcr little conuol.Sorual conquest could be utilized asa meansof affrming our sclf-importance. Squares between Jth and Bthhouses somedmes thc cen manifestasintensc conflicts (5th) is associatid with one's children.Perrcnal creativity with emotiondtension frustration (8th).On the positircside, and periodsof psyctrological (8th) frec the liferenewal and cleansing forceto express itself morepurely(lth). Creatira orpresion(5th) may be a way of clcaring something out of the system(8th). Destructirrc (8th) (5th) asin the casc ercesses may be glamorized poet,Rimbaud,whohad Satumin the 8th of the tornrredFrench squared Neptuncin the Jth. to Tbeail-ittb tqt drc Thc llth house mayhave visionof a better a society, hasit taken but into account deep-seated complocs(8th) in people whichobscure the ability to relate others to fairlyandobjectirrcly? ragingand The needyinfant in us (8th) canwreakhavoc our relationships in with friendsor groups(llth). Thesocietal rdormerwith squares bctween the llth andthc 8th maybefiredwith such that conviction anymeans justifies (8th)could achieving or herends. his Sexrdundercurents intrude on a fricndship(11th). shon,highly charged emotions In

with which we rclateto the largerunit of society. cotrld inhibit the easc could arisebetweenour own humanitarian, political and C.onflicts rccid ideals (llth) and those of our panner (8th). Tbc 11tb-2nd sqaarc The llth house may ptoposc such liberd aims as the equd

distributionof wealth,but the 2nd houscdesireto onn thingp pcrrcndly couldcontradict this. The 2nd houseneedto establish conflicts with the llth house urgefor clearindividualboundaries Elcrrcnth houscidealismmay be 'out a widcr group membership. 2nd Problcms couldensue of touch'with thedm,n-to-eanh housc. \U[e in financid dedings(2nd) with friends(11th). could bccome (2nd) to achio,ingcenaingodsandobjectirres sostronglyanached \I7e (llth), that orcesirrc forcccouldbe usedto obtainthese. may (llth). Morepositiraly, (2nd)to idcas theremay clingtoo tenaciously hopes wishes and scnse ability(2nd)to realize and bc the practical


Fig,to H0U5E5 CADENT
ad;ivstul,g Dist r [unting, Re

Cadcnt Houscs(Figurc 10) with (the Hottscs 3rd,6th, 9th and 12th)areassociated T?ne Cadent r07hile and Virgo, Sagittarius Pisces. the mutablesignsof Gemini, corrccnrrotc houses gazalarcenetgy succedent and angularhouscs cach energy.In hovxs distribttc andrcorganizc enirgy,the cadent




cadenthor.tse, reconsider, we readjust reorientate or ourselves the on basisof what we harrcprwiouslyexperienced the preceeding in house. thecadent house, leammoreabourwho succedent In we 3rd we are through comparingand contrasting ourselves with rhosc aroundus.As thementd capacities derclop, enteravorld bcJnnd we that of the bodilysenses biologicdnccds (2ndhouse). cadent and Thc reflects the useor misuse thc outpouringof energy 6th housc on of in the 1th, andmakes adjustments accordingly. intcrpersond The explorations struggles the8th areconducirrc the9th house and of to reflectionson deeper the laws proceses and whichgorrcm odstence, whichweave together. and the patterns us The perspectivc rhe of individud ego,already reelingfrom the llth house orperiencc of beingpan of a groupor largersystem, finally,in the cadentl2th, topples downdtogetherfrom its positionasking of the mountain. Cadenthouses oftenbeendescribed weak insubstantid. harc as or but the research doneby the Gauquelins suggesa placemens that in these houses morepowerful are thanpreviously Michel belierrcd. Gauquelin and his wife FranEoise both psychologists are and statisticians harrc who studiedrhediumd disuibudonof thc plancts in thousands accurately of timed binhchans.In panicular,they analysedthc houseposition of planetsin the chafts of cenain profesions actors, politicians, artists, doctors, businesorecutircs, scientists, soldicrs, sporuchampions, writersandothcrc.Theresults of their research shovrcd the planea naturallyassociated that with eachof theseproftssions (suchasMarsfor sporapeople, Satumfor scientists, appeared etc.) moreoften in the cadenthouses than in the angularhouses, traditiond asuology as would hara orpccted. br instance, Marsin the charts successful of sponspeople appeared mostoftcn in the 12thand 9th houses: is, justafterthe rising that and supcriorculminationof the planetratherthan just before in the lst or 10thhouses. noc mostfrequenthouscpositions The of Mars forthe sponspeople tested they c/ere 6rh andthe 3rdhouscs. the Agarn,thesearejust dter the settingand infcrior culminadon of theplanet,ratherthanbcfore thc 7thor 4thhouses. condusion in The to be drawn from their surr€y is that cadent housesare more imponantfutors in determining prwiously characterand careerthan suspected. I Bridly recapitulated,they found thesecorrelations: 1. Marsappeared mostfrequendyin cadenthouscs thc cherts in of physicians,military leaders,spons cha,mpions and top occutives.

3. 4.

in most frequently in cadenthouses the chans Jupiter appeared oflctors-playwrighr, politicians, military leaders,top orecutives and journalists. in most frequently in cadenthouses the chans Saturnappeared of scientisa and phpicians. The Moon appcaredmost frequently in cadent housesin the chans of writers and politicians.

ln the discusion of the 12thhouse,I haveotplained why I don't find theseresultsthat surprising(seepage 105).A similar rationale can bc applicd to the other cadent houses.The 9th is where we look for truth and principles to guidc our lirrcs- therefore we will be highly motirated to developand give orpressionto the planetstherc asl *ay of lending greatermeaning to our odstence.Both the 6th and rhi lrd housei describcour effons to discernhow we differ ftom other pcople. Therdore, dcrrclopingthe planets in thesehousesis .n .i"l if *. areto diftrentiate ounelrrcsfully from othersand ddine as ourseh'es scparateindividuals. The urge to connect to something greatcr than the sclf (as shown by the 12th and the 9th) and the and dramcterizeour or'n specificidcntities (asshown urge to estabtish the 6th) arethe two complementary principles which bV,h. 3rd and form the crux of the human dilemma. Seenin this light, thc planets in these housesassumee gtcr;t imponance. As in the cascof the four angular housesand the four succedent houses, the four cadent housesfiguratively square or oPposeone a another. Eachone represents contrastingview of life and a different information. method of acquiring and processing Tlte 3rd-9t/t opposition the The 3rd housedescribes nature of the analyticd and concrete mind while the 9th house denotes more abstract and intuitive the The thought processes. 3rd housesees pans; the 9th looks first planetsarefound in opposition berweenthese at thJwh-ole.\fhen two houses,it could signifr a good balanccand integration berween of thc right and left hemispheres the brain. Hwever, in cenain cases, the opposition might d.note a Personwho gathersfacts(3rd) and (9th) from them. Mountains are then diaws the wrong conclusions may adhere to somebelief a Pemon madeof mole-hills,oi conversely, (9th) and then intcrpret erarphing around them (3rd) solely or truth in the light of thcse principles. In other words, factsare distorted preparing a to pro'trc point. The Jrd housemay labour for many weeks the llcture, making surethat eachword conveys precisemeaning a


intended. The 9th houselecturermay preferto wait to seewhat the audicnce is like, trusting that he or she will intuitively know what with the 3rd-9th opposition, to saywhen the time comes.Sometimes there is a persistentfeeling that the grassis greenerfanher afield. Tlte 6t lt-t Ztlt opposition The 6th house examinesthe myriad forms of relative existence, scrutinizing in detail how one thing diffcrs from another.The 12th house,howwer, embraces essence a thing - not how much the of 'ftels' it weigtrsor measures, what it but like. The 6th is dirriminating and selective, carefullydefining boundaries;the 12this empathctic and all-inclusive, and a boundary-dissolrar.The 6th house is pragmatic, logicd and concerned with the errryday redities of lifc; 12th aspires transcendwhateveris mundane, and is awareof the to the elusive,unknoqrableand mysteriousnuances o<istence. Thc of 6th house plans life; the 12th flocNs with it. heighten ther contrasting Oppositions betweenthesctwo houses approaches life, but afford a geater chanceof achievinga synthesis to of the rariousmodesof bcing. I haneseen6th-r2rh houseoppositions, for instance,in the chansofspiritudly-minded people who alsohave thcir fecr firmly on the ground. One wasa dendst with Moon in Capricorn in the 6th opposingJupitcr in Cancerin the l2th, who wasa devout follower of an Indian guru. Another ws a carpentet who rolunteered his services rain pcoplc inThird !7orld counries to in his skill. He had three plancts in the 6th opposingUranusin the 12th. Oppositions between the 6th and tzth somedmesmanifest in phpical ailmenr which arepqrchologicalin origin. Reincamationists believethat ccnain health problems (6th) may be the consequences of past-life behaviour (12th). For orample, if a man overindulged in food and drink in a prwious lifc, hc might be bom this lifc with allergiesto cenain foods,forcing him to pay more attention to what he put into his body. Or a person who habitudly looked down on othersin apast lift couldfind himsclfabnormdlytdl in this lifttime. Or perhapshc would be born unusudly shon, sohe could orpcricnce with what it felt like to be the one looked down upon. In any case, 6th-12th oppositions, the origins of ill health may be difficult to diagnose,stemming from a sourcewhich is not obniousto fface.

of to rheproceses the logicalandrationalleft brain.Thetendency The 3rd housclikesto knowa little mind to onerJork. ; f"" ,i. to wants know whilethe tmething abouteverything, and two things'Put these tog.ether p""lut. ;;;;-h; "bo.r, "T.* to knowasmuch asposibleabout who wants il;;;_i.uoav that Vith ilanets in both the 3rdand6th, it ispossiblc ;ry.hfi. extremes' to Thken oyt somtthin! couldbe analysed o{ existence' berween *ho bEapersor, insissthat theonlyrealdifference i;;;"iJ are of andHamletis that the letters the alphabet ,ir;;ht; Oltbrtto differentlyin eachplay. (3rd) of "rt".tgidporitively, tirereisgerrcrilyth..pursuit information U."r. a greatdeal Therecanbe of foi,t . ,.1"f.. .tring it prictically'(6th). and abouttheprecise discussion muc'h ou.rd.i"i6 "nd be done'Consequer.rtlx "?Ui.t*l"g ;;;;;; ;d*mething should :-T:t- :::l wrth escape do usually not let others combination ihcjrd/6th house with these someone orrague'If I have whimsical [.i"ni* abstract, for a chanrlading, I will allowanextrahalf;i;;:;;;;'-;.h;Juled 'h;;l;; ---Vlirf, q;.ttions at theend'('Vhat emctlyd9 yoqmeanby ' ' '?') it houses, isposible that hedth isues these rif"*o between functionin-g mobility T 1e[ asthe clear physical (Otfri.o"ia afFect ^Sometimes (3rd) with siblingp conflicts urueso6ad il.t'. -i"a (3rd). (6th)' co-workers with inihe'form of problems i.*f".. Tbe 6tb-9tlt sqlare with 9th and rt .."-ui.ation of theorpansive truth-seeking house sou. a canproduce resdes 6th and themundane practicdly-minded searcn ln a constant to from onepreoccupation another whomoves Ji"g *ti.t ii totaly fulfilling..Thccatchis that theywill il;;. the ;*"iiy find"rharthc thirrg'uponwhich_all hopeshara been mark'Whenthat fails'something ;i;;;A *-.rt * aus shonlf the that it abidingconviction pursucdwith the same ilse is fervently 'werything'. one than.looking,to thrng,to,be Rather shouldprovidi thewholetruth,theyshouldapproachitwiththeatutudethatlt or version anglcbf the truth' In otherwords'they mavoffersome oron. thinfto bewerything'Thqnthevcanfind ,.d ,h;;;t;;;. bit of the truth andotherkindsof ;;fi;;i;;;;ff.t "no,li.,notopening to themselves complete are they futfit*.rri. In thisway, of attintion doesn'tdeliverall the if o". focus J6;iil.n, theYcrara. ---ffr. nourishment in historically the rq""re beiween 6rh and 9th canbe seen (9:ry of inductivemodes rientific inrrcstig"Uql thc conflictbetween faith and beliefs from religious -d tfrrf.i"d of kno"'int",hich arises


Tbe 3rd-6th tqilare Here we harrclinked together the two housesmost dirc'ctly rclated


(9th). 6th-9th tension also manifests in the kinds of theologicd disputesthat areconcerned with exactlyhow many angels dance can on the head of a pin. Scriptures(9th) may be interprered in a fundamentalist way: laws and rituals are to be followed exactlyto ensurethat eran rhe most humble or ordinary aspecrs existence of (6th) panakeof the sacred areperformedin accordance higher or to law (9th). There is also the ability to perceivecosmicsignificance (9th) in the smdlest dctails of life (6th). On another level, health problems (6th) could occur through travel (9th). Or rhere may be many differences opinions with in-laws(9th) orar rhe managemenr of of daily affairs (6th). Tbe gtb-tztlt squore In this case havetwo housesof an orpansivenature in relationship we to one another.Neither sphereis fond of boundariesand limitations, and those with planets in both these housesmay nor fccl very comfonablc within the confinesof a mundane exisrence. Usudly an interest in philosophical or religious mamerspredominates: in e:ftreme cases, they live in a world of symbols, dreams and images, surviving from one peak orperience ro the noc, ofren totdly forgetting about having to go to the dentist. They may have an unending sourceof uanspersond inspiration but no vehiclesfor expressing relating their vision to everyday or life. Not inclined to andytical thinking, they may swallow a belid whole and lira it fervendy until it is spat out again and something new is looked for to swallow.Somesidetracktoo fu with delusionsof being another Napoleon or Chri$, landing thcmsclrrcs mentd insriturions (12th). in More positively, thosewith a heavy9rh-12th emphasisserrato open other people's eyes to realities beyond the kcn of the rypicd 3rd-6th housc thinker. There arediftrences in the 9th and t2rh houseapproachto 'higher understanding'.The 9th housebelieves that the basicpatternsand principleswhich governlife can be known and comprehended.The 12th housefeelssomcthingwhich is often unfarhomable and bqpnd knowing. Th. 9th house is basicallyconcernedwith scding new heighs; the 12th finds inspiration not only in the heights, but also in the depths- ecstasy pain, blis and suffering,areintimately and connected.On a more mundane level, there may be strangeand inexplicableyearningsto travel to different countriesand a danger of imprisonment (12th) in a foreign land (9th).

Tltc ard-tztb tqaale mind and thc 3rd the Broadlyspeaking, 12this the unconscious domainof whatis hiddenand -iird. The t2rh is the thc consciour and what while the 3rd perceives is immediate at handin unseen, at canbe apprcciated its An the environment. altion or starement feelings less obvious facenaluc(3rd)or may be felr to be cloaking this or moti\ations(12th).In psychology, is known u the metaof sense and makes ihe The 1rd houseobierves actions meaning. 'picksup on' andissensitive other to theworIs, but thc l2th house of levels what is beingsaidoi done.The lrd/l2th combination eitheruncanny Thisconfers of many Derceives levels realityar once. deal grear of mentdconfusion. or and i*igt , into people situations a and or whattheyhearandsee whattheysense Shouldtheybeiieve feel? amongsiblings are kindsof mixedmessages noruncorrunon These the tou/ards younger feel oldersiblings ambiralent (3rd).In general, but lovethenewbaby,. jedousy to theyaresupposcd it itd' ttt{ t "*' urgeiarerhiie aswell.Theyounger siblingperceives anddestructive him or her, and ye!fe.nse: the older child aclingkindly towards themaswell.vhich lcvel passing bemeen lcs something pleasant is question a womanI knewwith shouldUelatci asred?A caseln in to the Moon in Scorpio Saturnand Pluto in the 12thsquared kind to her,but underneath was the 3rd.Heroldcrsister outwerdly child. Iater !! lifc, the younger the resented intrusionof theyounger difficulty trustingor child grewinto a womanwho had enormous or was befiorlngin whatothcrssaidto her.lg'haterrer o<pressed done intendedto threaten if it was light_as in wasinteforeted a negative blcamedeafin oneearandliveda lonelylife her.Shemysteriously (12th)with siblings unrerclrcdpastissues fromothers. in isolation around with.those in a naturalvray her (3rd)prernnted from relating t*l tr squares making and lrd, the capacityfor rhe between trh ii.t distonedby life percei'rc may be_ oi dccisions rhe ability to clearly needto be oramined These .ompio,es. unconscibus Jccp-rooted of up andcleaned througha comiousandpis (3-rd.) theimages.ano (12th)' lerrcl the psyche of surface lurking beniath the fantasies Classi&ingthe Houscsby Elemcnts. Therearethree is Anotherfry,o grouptht houses by_elements. (2nd,6th and tOth); ani 9th); threeeanhhouscs fti fio* tfg, llr (4+, (3rd, 7th and ttth); and thrcewetethouses tt[ee air houscs can gth and 12th).Ameaningfuland sequentidderrclopment bc





obscned as we progress from the firsr houseassociated with a panicularelement,to the second house that element,and on of to the third house the same of element. general, first housc In the associated a panicular with element bringp natureof that element the into focusand personalizes The nen housealignedwith thet it. elementfunher differentiaces defines and rhat principle,usually tirough comparing orpresionof it with that ofothers. our Thethird houserclatedto a panicularelementuniversdizes orpresion: ir that element beseen beoperating a broad can to on collectirn le.r'el.

Fg,lf FlRg: Tlv.Trinlrt5 of Spr{f,.
The Firc Houscs:The Tirinityof Spirit (Figurc U) Fireisthg lift-forcewhichanimates living forms.It isthe element dl associated thewill-to-be theurgeto orpresfrom insidetheseff. with The lst hous isthefirst fire house. isalso h angularIfve combine the qualitiesof fire with the nanre of angulerhouscs (activiryand releasc encrgy)we arrivcat a good derription of the lsr house of

- the activity of releasingthe lif'e-force. The lst houseshowsthe and initial stiring of beinginsideus,the urgeto be a separate distinct the person.Developing signsand planetsin the lst housevitalizes and enlivensus. house. fire The second houseis the 5th house.It is alsoa succedent with Therefore the lth house combines the qualities associated with the elementof and the qualitiesassociated houses succedent and utilize the energy stabilize houses concentrate, fre. Succedent the ofthe 5th house, pure In in generated angularhouses. the case ipirit of the lst houseis given focusand direction. e strengthen orrrs.nre of identity (lst) by pursuing thoseoutlets and interests which make us feel more alive, and by stamping our individuality on what we do or create(1th). The third fire house is the 9th house.It is also a cadent house. with cadent Thereforethe 9th housecombinesthe qualitiesassociated of fire. Cadent with the elcment and the qualitiesassociated houses housesreconsidlr, readjust and reorientatethe way we focus our of energy.In the 9th house,we revamPour sense identity through The fre we recognizcd in viewing life and ourselves a broadercontoa' has burning insideusin the lst and 5th houscs norvspreadto everyone 'fire' a universd attribute existing or spirit as elsc we now perceive in everything around us. In the lth house, we orplore -our own persond creaiivity,but in the 9th weglimpse the workingsof a cosmic with cenain laws life ireative intelligence which shapes in accordance principles. and universal In the first fiic house(lst) our own identity is sparked.ln the second that identity. fire house (5th) we strengthen,confirm and express (9th) the creativenature of fire and the urgeIn the third fire house itself impersondly through the archetypd to-bc is seenexpressing principles which governand generateall of life. ft; three fre liousessymbolicallytrine one another. Planetsin the lst, )th or 9th housej may literally trine eachother - that is, form 120degreeanglesto eachother (allowing an 8-10 degreeorb count the actual we in or so). However, finding irspects must always number of degrecsbetweln ihc two planets, not just the number of houses.A planet in the lst doesnot automaticallytrinc aplanet due to the unequd size of houses in the :th. and in some cases, the in Quadrant systems, rwo plan€tsmay evensquareone another. it Nonetheless, is helpful to understandthc basicaffinity between with the sameelement in the natural placemena in houscsassociated zodiac.

126 Tbc lst-Jth tine



If a planct in thc lst housetrinesa planet in thc )th, then the lst houseplanet finds a creativerelease through the 5th houseplanet. For instance,if Mercury is in the lst house and trine to Jupiter in the )th, the urge to communicate and exchangeinformation symbolized by Mercury may have an outlet through someform of anistic expression (Jupiterin the lth). In trine contacrs lerween the lst and the 1th, therc is a natural ease orflow in oumardly ogresing who we are. The French author, Victor Hugo, who expresed his humanitarian concerns*rough literature had sympatheticNeptune in the lst trine to Mercurv in the )th. Tlte )th-9tb tine If a Jth houseplanet trinesa 9th houseplanet then whar we o(press or create (lth) often influenccs and inspires other people (thc orpansirrc nature of the 9th). It may seemasif crcativity flovn through us from a higher sourceof inspiration or 'fired' vision. Iord Byron, the English Romantic poet who orpressed acute sensitivity to his beauty through his work, had Vcnus in the 9th trine Neptune in the Jth. Tlte lst-9tb tine Thosewith trines berweentheserwo houses naturally acrin accord with a broadened view of life. Their actions comply with trends already in the atmosphere,and rhereforelessresistance met in is achieving their aims. A wide scopeon oristence(9th) guides the manner in which they meet the world (lst). The dangerwith this trine is that it can too easilygive rise to the individual idenrifying the self with the Voiceof God, and justifring acrion on the basis of a higher authority or guiding principle. For example,Francisco Franco,the fascistdictator, had the Moon, Neptune and Pluto in thc 9th trine to Saturn in the lst. The Eanh Houses: The Thinity of Matter (Figure 12) The elementof earth is associated with the plane of material ocistence: the condensationof spirit into concreteforms. The first eanh houseis the 2nd house.It is alsoa succedenr house. Therefore, 2nd houserepresents the macer trying to makeirelf more secure stablc hencethe associadons the 2nd housewith money, or of possessions resources. showsthose things - including the It and body - which we like to callour own. In economictermsit is capitd. Thc secondearth houseis the 6th. which is alsoa cadenthouse.

EARIHzTlw Trinity of f{atter
thc adjusaandreconsiders eanhprinciple. thc Therefore, 6th housc to and In this housc, resotuces skillsarccompared otherpople's our rcfined and perftcted. and rcsources skills.Our specidabilitics arc Thebodyasnall nee&attentionto functionefrciendyandill hcalth ln it-self. economic canbc undentoodasthe bodytrying to readiust labour force. thc tenns, it reprcscnts In The thiril eanh houscis the 10th,which is en angularhousc. matter,i.e. productivity-ln is the needto ggnctate thcre this case, who of thc oneseflicrthe lfth represena forccs merugemcnt actively orrcneCceitd and labour.Morepcrsondly,it sho*s orgariizcand hw *l purposdrlly stnrcnre and dircrt our encrgyend $ili{cs and for the saleof concrctc definite rcsuls. Hence,thc associetion of thc lOth with cereettarnbition and the my rc likc to bc secn by thc *orld. Morc broadly,the lfth houscdepica tlc rylc $c and iiaviaU pUp in petpctuating rneinaining thc bodyof sociay itself.




In the first earth house (2nd) the body and matter itself is differentiated from the ouroboric wholeness life. In the second of earth house(6th) our particular body and resources, differentiatcd in the 2nd, aremore specifically delineated.In the third eanh house (10th) our own body and practical skills (differentiated in the 2nd and more clearly defined in the 6th) come together with others to form and maintain collectivematerial existence. The three eanh houses symbolically trine one another,and planets in these housesmay literally trine eachother. Tbe 2nd-6tb trine If a planet in the 2nd trinesa planet in the 6th, thc individual is equippedwith resources abilitieswhich he or shecanuseskilfully and and productirrcly, usuallywith adequate and financialremuneradon. There isoften an efficient and adept handlingof the materialworld. Tlte 6tb-l0tb tine With this trine. there is the likelihood rhat a oerson's skillsand stvle of working are conduciveto success a career.It is possiblethat in something inhcrited via the mother (10th) contributes to the repenoireof tdents and abilitics(6th). The daughterof showbusincs parenr, Candice Bergen makesgood use of both her beauty and intelligencein her careers an actress and photo-journalist.She as is born with VenusconjunctUranusin Gemini in the 6th trine to Jupiter in Libra in the 10th. Tlte znd-totb tine In this case,the careeris usually well-suited to the remperament and abilities. Money and statuscan be earnedfrom what a person naturally enjoys doing. Something of womh is inherited via the mother or shaping parent (10th). Sir Harry Iauder, the comedian and entertainer,had a wide public appealand wascspeciallyloved for his Scottish dialect. He was born with Mercury (the planet of speech)in thc 2nd (resourccs) trine to Neptunc in the 10th. The Air Houses: The Thinity of Relationship (Figure 13) Air is associated with the capacity to detach the self and view something objecdvelywith distanceand perspectiveOncewe have . separatedor distinguished ourselves from the universalmatrix of lifc, then we canstart forming reladonshipswith what wefind. The elementof aircorelates to the intellect and rhe communicationand exchangeof ideas.

AfR 7TlwTenrtS af Rela.tionrhip
The first air housc is thc 3rd, wirich is alrc a cadent housc. Morrcment,mental deralopmcnt and the advent of languagecnablc sarscof rlfjust brming ts to readjustand reddine the rnorc concrete in thc lst and znd houses.Thc sccond air house is the 7th, which is angular. My mind and pcnpectivc on life (3rd) rneetsyour mind and pcrspcctivc on lifc (7th). The coming togethcr of two pcople gcnerates1n enorrnousarnount ofenergy and the failure or succcss of a relationship may affect hon'we feel about many other areasof our livrs. The third air house (llth) is succedent.tU[estabilize and strengthcn our viewpoints by looking for other pcople (groups and friends) who shareout ideas.Minds come together in the llth. Ideas 'isms' 'fi:cd' which are broadly applied to into ideologies and a,re 'taken large numbers of people. up' by society and The three air houscssymbolically trine one another, and planets in thcsc housesmay litcrdly trine each other.





Tlte 3rd-7th trine and with is The 3rdhousc associated communication if aplanetthere with closc in trinesone in the 7th, thereis an ease communicating hcard as well CI being able to partners.\U(e can makc oursclvcs others(intellcctudly at least).Thcre is understandor appreciate usudly a lively interestand fair degrecof perceptioninto the way in which one petsonor thing interactsor relateswith anothcr. Tlte 7tb-11tbtinc or may as of A pannership serve a source social intellecud orpansion. this It may be a friend (11th)who introduces pcrrcn to the future (7th) maybe panner(7th).Or animponantrelationship rnarriage formed with someonethc person meets through a group or goals the (llth). Unrdly thepanner(7th)shares person's organization these. and and objectives is helpful in achieving JeanHou$on, a in psychology hasJupiter the 7th trine leadingfigurein humanistic coto Pluto in the llth. Sheand her husband,RobenMastets, togctherderrcloped foundedaninstirutefor mind research have and numerous awareness. techniques broaden to Tlte 3rd-11tbtrine If a planetin the 3rd trinesa planetin the llth, thercis usudly an relatingto groupsof people.Theremay be an intuitirrc grasp ease The of hm, theindividud mind (3rd)islinkcdto othen(11th). person thit (3rd)aboutbroadconcepc those gpwhich or canspcak clearly (llth). Fricnds goups (11th) inspireando<pand or heor sheenvisions the thc thinking (3rd), and conrrcrsely, perrcn'spoint of viewot generdknowledge affecaothers.Albcn EinsteinhadUranusin the (Uranusin trine to Neptune in the llth. His new discorrcries 3rd of led understanding theinterconnectednes the 3rd)have to agreater of dl life (11th).On anotherlerrcl,a 3rd-uth uine maymcanthat (3rd)canbeformcdto promotenecded socid groups neighbourhood (llth), or a sibling(3rd)might introduce perrcnto new the changes fricnds,ideas groups(llth). or Thc Trinity of Soul (Figure 14) The \lhter Houses: lVater is the elementassociated the fcelings.All threewater with the with whichdwellbeneath surface houses concerned emotions are They levelof consciousness. alsodeal with the pastconditioned unreflectirtc inbred. and tesponses which arenou,instincrual, Thefirst waterhouse the 4th, whichis drc angulat It describcs is and feelings deepwithin us,aswell asthe family background active

WATER:Ttrc Trtn;tty of Sout
influences within the eerlyhomewhich shapcthc idcntity. In the socond 8th, caterhousc, succedent ow ftelingparestrenglhened, the pc$on. with deepcned sdrrcd and throughdoscrelationship another T*o pcople,each with their os'nfamily backgrounds cmotiond and meke-upattempt to rnerge into one.Greater sccurity(a succedent qudity) issought throught*o pcoplelinking theirftelingpogether. in In the 8th, our own ftelingp (differcntiatedand recognized the engular4th) floc, into anotherperrcn'sftelings. In the third weter house,the cadent12th,we progress from union with a sclectfcs' (8th) to a scnsc unity with all life. S0e the acknm'ledge collective of and unconscious, collectivE out of whichwedl emerge, the sea the background sharewith errcryone everphing. *r and ln thc 4th house ftel our frfn ioy -d pain; in the 8th weftel we thc joy and pain of a closc in associate; the 12th,weftel thecorld's as of ioy -d pain. The scquentidderclopment thc cater houscs, with thc houses the other elements,is a rnovcmentfrom the of