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Nombre: ________________________________________________________

Hora: 1a/2a/3a

Cmo se va?
- You must complete any five of the activities below for homework this unit. Completion of an
additional activity will earn you 1 point of extra credit on this units test, up to 4 points of extra credit!
- You may not complete more than 2 activities per night (so youre forced to study little-by-little
instead of cramming!)
- You will receive a stamp for each square that you complete and will turn in this stamp sheet on the
day of the test for your homework grade (5 stamps = 100%, 4 stamps = 80%, 3 stamps = 60%, 2
stamps = 40%, 1 stamp = 20%, 0 stamps = 0%.)
- DUE ON ________________________

El pretrito
This quiz is to practice the regular
Show me that you scored with at least
85% accuracy, conjugating at least 20

Mas pronombres de
objetos directos (me, te,
nos, os)
Using one of the following verbs
(llevar, escuchar, ayudar, entender,
esperar, ver, or another verb that can
have a person as the subjects direct
object), write 4 sentences (using me,
te, nos, or os in each sentence
appropriately) and draw a sketch to
show that you know what it means.

El pretrito y
lugares en la

Los pronombres de
objetos directos (lo,
la, los, las)

Take or draw at least 5 places

in the community (el correo,
el supermercado, etc.)

Yo compro las flores. -> Yo

las compro.

For each, write a sentence in

the past tense, stating that
you went to that place and
what you did there (ex. Yo
fui a la escuela para

See the model above. Write

4 sentences, 1 with a
masculine singular, 1 with a
feminine singular, 1 with a
masculine plural, and 1 with
a feminine plural direct
object and then write a
sentence for each, replacing
the direct object with its
direct object pronoun.
(8 sentences total)

En la calle

Las direcciones

Draw a street grid (from

Rolesville, WF, Raleigh, or
imaginary) and label with at
least 10 items of
driving/traffic vocabulary.

Set your phone/GPS to

Spanish and type in a
familiar destination at least 2
miles away. Listen to the
directions given in Spanish.
Write out the directions.

Los mandatos

Estoy ocupado!

(ex. Yo no te escucho.)

Mi lugar favorito

Srta. M doesnt know her way around

Rolesville very well just yet. Where is
your favorite place to eat lunch or
dinner around RHS? Recommend a
restaurant to me and tell me how to
get there from RHS (its okay, you can
use the t form for this ;)

What are your normal

chores? Write out a list of at
least 8 chores from your
mom/dad/whoever assigns
them. Include at least 3 verbs
that are irregular in the
informal command form:
poner, tener, decir, salir,
venir, hacer, ser, ir (ex. Pon
la mesa)

Going along with the last

square, for each chore
assigned, give an excuse for
why you cant do it right
now, using the presente
progresivo (ex. estoy
jugando videojuegos).
Include at least 3 of the
following irregular verbs:
decir, pedir, repetir, seguir,
servir, vestir, dormir, creer,
leer, traer.