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Anna Montgomery

Ethnic versus Religious
Ethnic Groups: share many common characteristics, such as language,
physical appearance, customs, and traditions.
Religious Groups: Share a common belief system, but are not necessarily
composed of a single ethnic group. Examples: Different types of people can
be Christian; Christians can be different colors, speak different languages,
and be from different countries.

Ethnic Groups:
Arab: ethnic group mostly found in areas north of the Sahara; mostly Islamic.
Ashanti: Ethnic group that lives mostly in Ghana; primarily Christian with
some traditional beliefs; a few are Islamic.
Bantu: ethnic group and language’ most sub-Saharan Africans are Bantu;
traditional beliefs, Islam, and mostly Christian are found in these.
Swahili: Ethnic Group and language; developed from Bantu; found in East
African Countries like Kenya and Tanzania (mainly practice Islam).