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Weinland Park Civic Communications Committee

2013 January 14 Meeting Minutes

Compiled by Jen Mankin, 1/15/2012
Time and Location of Meetings
The committee agreed to move the time of the monthly Communications meetings
to 6:00 PM (still the second Monday of the month), and the location to the Godman
Guild (or secondarily the OSU Extension Center). Jen Mankin will contact Godman
Guild to reserve space.
Mural Project
Jean Pitman provided an update on progress with proposed mural project. Funding
to initially come from Wexner Center, with additional sources to be explored as
necessary. Anjanettee RobertsonAntoinette at the Godman Guild will assist in
recruiting teens to gather stories, memories, jokes, etc from people in the
neighborhood. Together, Jean and Antoinette will develop a job description for this
undertaking by the end of February. The first phase of this project is targeted for this
Third Weinland Park Welcome Sign
Evelyn Van Til continues to work with Fortin to secure the best location for this sign.
Once installed, additional funds will be sought to acquire more signage.
The future direction for the newsletter was extensively discussed. The print edition
would be cut down to 1 page (front and back), and focus on celebratory, actionoritented, or future-focused content. Matt Adair volunteered to do layout which
would involve more graphical elements and photos, and could then easily be
converted to an electronic version and posted to the listserv, as well as ideally
made available through the website. Mchael Wilkos offered to explore alternative
sources of printing, and to coordinate efforts among residents to distribute the
newsletter. Anthonio Barno is in the preliminarily exploring the possibility of
procuring distribution boxes that could be strategically located throughout the
neighborhood. Laura Bidwa offered to assist in editing content. Jen Mankin offered
to assist Joyce Highes in gathering and transcribing content. We are going to go
back to review the results of the newsletter survey to make sure any changes fit
with the communitys feedback.
Web Site
Evelyn Van Til and Jen Mankin plan to work thise year on converting the site to
WordPress, a widely used and user-friendly content-management system, in order to
facilitate easier editing and layout functions. The conversion would include an
upgraded look and pave the way for much expanded features.

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