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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
October 14, 2014
Brandyn McElroy, president of the civic association, called the meeting of the Housing
Committee to order at 5:30 p.m. at Godman Guild Association.
Mr. McElroy distributed a written summary of feedback received from residents at the
September meeting of the civic association. Residents offered comments on potential activities or
concerns of the civic associations committees. Comments for the Housing Committee were:
Housing for families moving out of subsidized housing and /or families living in low rent
properties and having rent raised.
The ladder rung between rent-to-own properties and CPO/subsidized housing.
Want to see more landlords, developers, and students involved in Weinland Park.
Deal with vacant and abandoned housing issues.
How do we attract more families and less student population?
Steve Bollinger reported that Wagenbrenner Development plans to break ground on a house for a
homeowner on the Grant Park site. Wagenbrenner Development also is working with Campus
Partners on potential uses for the former Kelleys property. Mr. Bollinger said that Campus
Partners has received funds from the city to renovate two more houses. Jason Yoder asked where
the two properties are and what other properties are owned by Campus Partners. Steve Sterrett
said he will obtain that information for the committee.
Mr. Sterrett reported that City Council approved the rezoning for Campus Partners properties
immediately south of South Campus Gateway. He suggested Erin Prosser be invited to explain
the development process for those properties at the Housing Committee in November. Ms.
Prosser also will reconvene the Weinland Park Collaboratives Housing Task Force, which will
discuss future housing initiatives. Representatives of the Housing Committee will be asked to
serve on the task force.
Mr. Sterrett said that the Housing Committee should consider the recommendations in the report,
Achieving Healthy Neighborhoods: The impact of housing investment in Weinland Park, issued
last spring by the Greater Ohio Policy Center. Mr. McElroy asked that Mr. Sterrett distribute the
report to Housing Committee members.
Abby Moore, realtor, suggested that the civic associations newsletter carry information on
homes for sale and for rent.
Mr. McElroy adjourned the meeting at 5:50 p.m.
Meeting summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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