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Sunét its a new and fresh guitar based mexican band that was born with the porpoise

making younger and more demanding generations to be involved or interested in rock
music with just a hint of pop on it and a lot of rhythmical sounds.
Sunét is formed of 5 members as usual, 2 guitars, bass, drums, and a lead singer. All
the band members have different playing styles and music tastes but all the ideas from
every genre they play is combined to make something unique with everyone's
experience and the musical knowledge.
the general idea of the lyrics of the first record of the band is to try to make people
connect with what the are saying and make the people feel identified with the life
situations they describe on each song.

The debut album of the band it's called "Muriel" which is a woman who has lived a lot of
different life changing situations from joy,frustrations, deceives, and some bad treatment
from life but also finding the love of her live and all that situations that people has to go
through in life.
From a subtle but also very realistic point of view the band tries to get to the ears of all
the young people and make o generate a new way of listening to rock music and what it
Sunét means sound in Rumanian.
Sunét is a band from Irapuato, Guanajuato, México it was form in October of 2010, on
February 14th 2013 they release there first single called "Quisiera" that is the 1st song
of there debut album "Muriel" .
The record has 13 tracks from which 2 of them have voice collaborations with Cesar
"Chess" Chavero of Nastii on the song "Tentación" and the second is Saga Kastronovo
of Trágico Ballet on the song "Espejo".
Sunét has been working on his way the top on the music scene in México, playing with
bands like Trágico Ballet, Leider, Manita de Puerko, Nastii, Zepia, and many many
others band from different genres.