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WordPress Site Setup for Realtors

WordPress Site Setup for Realtors

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Published by Joanna Slodownik
This tutorial will teach real estate agents how to build their own website.
This tutorial will teach real estate agents how to build their own website.

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Published by: Joanna Slodownik on Jan 27, 2010
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You should choose a domain name that truly reflects what your website is all about.
It's also worth trying to get a keyword or two that is relevant to the market
/location you intend to target if possible. This will help for search engine rankings
as well as for increasing click through rates from the SERP's (Search Engine Results

It's unlikely to be able to get exactly the domain name you want, so be creative and
look for good variations. Brainstorm a few ideas and using some generic words that
you can add to your keywords and you should come up with a few possible domains
to choose from.

5 Tips on how to choose a real estate domain name

1. Do not use "your name" as your domain name, unless you plan to build a
"persona-driven" website.

Generally, it is not recommended that you use "your name" as your domain name
for your business site, unless you are planning to build a personal brand. This is a
very important decision to think about when creating your online real estate

Also, if you use "yourname.com", you keep building your site and it turns into a
really good brand, what happens when you want to retire? Will you be able to sell it?
Most likely not. You want to build a brand that you can sell one day in the future; it
will be all that more difficult to sell your name if you use it as your main real estate
domain name. (read more http://buildawebsiteacademy.com/what-is-your-usp/).

2. Ideally, your domain should reflect your business niche, but be easy for
people to remember.

It is recommended to incorporate your location/city into the domain, most of the
city/home/real estate combinations will most likely be already taken so you may
have to get a little more creative. If you get stuck for inspiration, look around and
see the names that are in use in cities different from yours.

3. Choose a short name that is easy to spell.

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The domain name should be relatively short and one that you won’t have to spell
out every time you give it out over the phone. You’ll be doing a lot of that if you are

going to use it as your email address too.

4. Do not incorporate the initials MSL into your domain.

If you are a Realtor DO NOT incorporate the initials MLS in your domain – NAR has
decided that’s deceptive and your local Board may discipline you if someone

5. Use a dot.com domain extension.

As a general rule it's best to grab the .com version if you can, as it is the extension
that most people will use automatically, as it's the most popular.

If you really want a particular domain name and the .com isn't available then you
could go for the .net domain, a local country (or state) version like .co.uk or .ca, or if
you are going to be building a primarily information based (non commercial) blog,
then going for a .org is a good choice as people tend to recognize these sites as "non-
profit" free information sites. Some people advice avoiding .info domain as they
have been used heavily to build spam sites, because they are so cheap to register.

Having said that, for Search Engine Optimization purposes and how the search
engines treat your site for ranking, it really doesn't matter which you go for, there
are some very popular sites and blogs that are on .net for instance.

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