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Sat 250 Words Practice Book

Sat 250 Words Practice Book


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Published by: ndcuong1980 on Jan 27, 2010
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cupidity desecrated demure cursory defile derided decry
deprecated deleterious credulity

1. The fear of crime is having a _______________effect on community life.
2. Shattering the altar and trampling the holy objects underfoot, the invaders _______________the
3. Thirteenth-century sermons illustrate the mixture of _______________, ignorance and superstition
that permeated popular belief.
4. She was _______________and reserved, a nice modest girl whom any young man would be proud to
take home to his mother.
5. A firm believer in old-fashioned courtesy, Miss Post _______________the modern tendency to
address new acquaintances by their first names.
6. Because a _______________examination of the ruins indicates the possibility of arson, we
believe the insurance agency should undertake a more extensive investigation of the fire's cause.
7. I could not imagine a human being so blinded by _______________as to sell poison to such an
atrocious creature.
8. Not desiring to _______________the wall of the consecrated place, he went round the corner to spit
into the gutter.
9. Prof Wilkinson points out that the international community might not _______________ unilateralist
intervention provided that it approves of the outcome.
10. The critics _______________his pretentious dialog and refused to consider his play seriously.

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