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Sat 250 Words Practice Book

Sat 250 Words Practice Book


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Published by: ndcuong1980 on Jan 27, 2010
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dissembling egregious dithering desiccated diaphanous diffident
effrontery ebullient discursive effulgent

1. Last night’s _______________sunset was a treat, with the moon rising at the exact same instant
that the sun disappeared behind the opposite horizon.
2. He was silent all through the meal and then had the _______________to complain that I looked
3. We have been living together for five years, and we're still _______________over whether to marry.
4. The girl was undeniably beautiful, and clearly knew it for she was wearing no petticoat and a
_______________dress of pale gold that did little to hide her body.
5. Her manner is a little _______________as yet, but she'll soon come out of her shell with the
right encouragement.
6. The perfused segment of entire small intestine was removed, rinsed, bottled, and _______________
at 100 degrees Celsius to obtain the dry weight.
7. She became _______________upon receiving an acceptance letter from her first-choice college.
8. She was a very honest person who was incapable of _______________.
9. As the lecturer wandered from topic to topic, we wondered what if any point there was to his
10. Ed's housekeeping was _______________: he let his dirty dishes pile up so long that they were
stuck together with last week's food.

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