I do know , geog.

I don ’ t know But I do know …..

I don ’ t know what this house looked like before the disaster struck , or if it will ever be the same again ,

however , I do know that the earthquake has had an effect on the community by destroying houses .

I don ’ t know the injured person , how they were hurt , or how many more people have been injured ,

but we do know that other members of the community are trying to help each other .

I don ’ t know where these people are , how they came to be in this state , or where they are going to go ,

but I do know that they will be scared and that at the moment they have no where else to go .

I don ’ t know how the girl got like this , where her house or family is ,

but we do know that she ’ s alone and scared , and probably doesn ’ t know where to go or what to do .

I don ’ t know what she has in the bag , if she is going to escape or if the people around the earthquake and the fire will survive ,

but I do know that it ’ s very dangerous and people ’ s homes and belongings are being destroyed .

I don ’ t know how this area became so messy and run down , or how looked like before ,

but I do know that the area is destroyed and will take a while until it is clean again .

I don ’ t know how badly these people are hurt , or how much they ’ ve been affected ,

but I do know that the little child is scared and lonely , and he might fear for his and his family ’ s lives .

By Abie Taylor - Spencer and Katie Holland .

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