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Virtual Box User's Manual

Virtual Box User's Manual


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Published by Paul
User's manual for Virtualbox 3.0.2
User's manual for Virtualbox 3.0.2

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Published by: Paul on Apr 22, 2008
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When you install VirtualBox on a Windows host, the setup program installs a special
networking driver on your system. This driver, the VirtualBox Host Interface NDIS
driver, can be used to create additional host interfaces. These must be created explic-
itly before they can be attached to a virtual machine.
Use the VBoxManage tool to create new host interfaces on your Windows system:

VBoxManage createhostif "VM1 external"

Alternatively you can use the network configuration in the VirtualBox GUI to create
and delete host interfaces.
Each new host interface thus created appears as an additional network card in your
standard “Network Connections” properties. After you have created your new host
interface this way, you can select “Host Interface” as the networking mode in a virtual
machine’s Settings window and select the new interface in the “Interface name” drop-
down list. With the above example, this drop-down list would contain “VM1 external”.
If your host is running Windows XP or newer, you can also use the built-in bridging
feature to connect your host interfaces to your physical network card. After creating
the desired host interfaces, select your physical network adapter in the Network Con-
nections folder and the desired host interface adapters and select “Bridge connections”
from the popup menu. Note that you have to transfer your network configuration
from your physical network adapter to the network bridge as mentioned above, be-
cause your physical network adapter will only function as a transport medium in your


6 Virtual networking

bridge setup. When more than one connection is active on a bridge, Windows will au-
tomatically put your physical Ethernet adapter into promiscuous mode so that it will
receive network data for all bridged connections.

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