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Management System

Students are expected to maintain order and good behavior in our classroom. While all
individuals are entitled to the integrity and dignity they deserve, mutual respect must be
given to each person, no matter what creed, race, nationality, or religious background
they hail from. In order to motivate students to act as model students in morally and
ethically sound behavior, the teacher will be responsible for the activities, and other
planned learning events, in such a manner so as to engage all students involvement
with their full attention, for the duration of each class period.
It is with a hopeful, and positive outlook, that all students will adhere to, and follow all
school rules, policies, and procedures, in addition to class rules and procedures set about
here in after. It is my intent to give students every opportunity and possibility to correct
their behavior, so as to create a positive learning environment, where all students are
treated fairly, in a safe and friendly atmosphere. To do so, students will be given multiple
chances, up until it is deemed, that corrective behavior is not taking place, and the
involvement of school administration is absolutely necessary.
Class Rules:
1. There will be zero tolerance for violence, harassment, or bullying towards other
students. All students must treat others with the highest respect and dignity they
deserve, in order to provide a safe environment for the school community.
2. Personal smartphones, and other multimedia electronic devices, are not to be used
in class, unless students ask for appropriate usage during personal work projects.
Creating an environment free of electronic distractions is crucial to the learning
environment, and allows students to focus and concentrate.
3. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum during periods of instruction and lectures
given by the teacher. Students must see the teacher as the authority figure in the
room. Listening to and following orders from the teacher are crucial to
accomplishing classroom goals, and ultimately successful student achievement.
4. Students are expected to stay on task, complete work in a timely manner, and
come to class prepared with all materials necessary for each days assignments.
Students must take ownership of the choices they make, in terms of their
education, with regards to assignments, test grades, and good behavior.
5. The teacher will strive to achieve a culture of 21st century students, by promoting
a, learner-centered, environment, where students will be empowered to achieve
their full potential in the classroom, and beyond. According to the literature,
students that learn by connecting real life experiences, with hands-on educational
training, using their senses (See, Hear, Do) have been shown to increase their
learning capacities, resulting in high levels of success, inside and outside the
1. Procedures are to take place in order, depending on the magnitude of the offense
against any particular rule. Any serious acts, such as violence, or extreme
disrespect toward any student or teacher are to be referred to school
administration for proper handling.
2. First offense, the student will receive a verbal warning.

3. Second offense, the student will be taken outside of class and spoken with
regarding their behavior.
4. Third offense, the student will receive a first written warning, and be advised that
their parents will be contacted on the next offense.
5. Fourth offense, the student will receive a second written warning, and their parents
will be contacted regarding their unruly behavior.
6. Fifth offense, the student will receive a third written warning, and parents will be
scheduled to meet with the teacher for a personal meeting during school hours.
7. Sixth offense, the student and parent(s) will be referred to school administration
for proper handling.