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Town of Colonie Planning Unit 2007-2008 SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN UPDATE Prepared by: Town of Colonie Department of Public Works Division of Environmental Services 1319 Loudon Road Cohoes, New York 12047 December 2009 1.0 2.0 3.0 40 5.0 6.0 10 8.0 9.0 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Page DIVISION LANDFILL FACILITY OPERATIONS AND CAPACITY STATUS ..L OTHER FACILITY OPERATIONS STATUS... FACILITY COMPLIANCE FACILITY PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS ... DIVISION PROJECTS 2004. FACILITY FINANCIAL STATUS FACILITY EQUIPMENT STATUS DIVISION STAFFING, TRAINING AND SAFETY PROGRAM... 2005 DIVISION PROGRAM GOALS... DIVISION STAFFING PRIORITIES .. CONSTRAINTS ON PROGRESSING SOLID WASTE GOALS UPDATE OF SOLID WASTE MANAGMENET PLANNING... SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT LEGAL OPTION SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLANNING UNIT. FUTURE TASKS/PROGRAMS/PROJECTS/INITIATIVES LIST OF APPENDICES Appendix Deseription 1 a aueun ‘Table of the Amount of Wastes Accepted Within the Landfill from 1984-2008 by Month Pie Charts of Percent Wastes Accepted in 2007 & 2008 by Commodity 2007 & 2008 Division High Priority Project List 2007 & 2008 Financial Assurance Report 2009 Division Staffing Chert 2009 Division High Priority Project List Division Program Development Schedule 2005~ 2020 sy Dosen oe Wate Pn UpsesTOC 20 3 oe + 2007-2008 SOLID WASTE PLAN UPDATE General Jn 2007 and 2008, the Town of Colonie Solid Waste Planning Unit was comprised of the Town of Colonie, Village of Colonie, Village of Menands and effective in Mid-2009 the City of Cohoes joined this Planning Unit. ‘The City of Cohoes has been a long time contract customer of the Town of Colonie landfill and requested to join this Planning Unit to continue this relationship. The City will continue to collect solid wastes through the use of their Department of Public Works Crews and to use third party markets for the ‘management of the recyclable materials generated within the City and for management of the yard wastes collected by the City Department of Public Works Crews, 1,0 DIVISION LANDFILL FACILITY OPERATION AND CAPACITY STATUS ‘The Town of Colonie, Department of Public Works, Division of Environmental Services (Division) Staff and facilities managed the disposal, recycling or composting of solid wastes generated from generally a four county area (Albany County, Saratoga County, Schenectady County and Rensselaer County), Additional waste materials (solid waste, industrial waste, petroleum containing soils) are also accepted at the Town of Colonie Solid Waste Management Facility from outside of this region, ‘The following table summarizes the waste tonnages received at the facility since 1996: Year Tonnage 2008 ~ 173897 ‘eet 2007 139875 2006 168663, 2005 167774 2004 139,123 2003 160,850 2002 a aa 159,379 HEHE ODI 145,510 2000 E zi “160,988 1999) 148,848 1998 148,466 1997 107,965 1996 150,880 The above tonnages represent the total quantity of solid wastes that were presented for disposal through the Town’s solid waste management facilities. Since 2005-2006, some wastes ate “double counted” due to the permit required tracking of wastes individually through the various solid waste operations (ie: wastes that go through the waste transfer station are also counted a second time as going into the landfill), A table of the amount of waste accepted in the landfill by month from 1984 to 2008 is contained in Appendix 1, Through 2007 and 2008 the value that the Town can charge for waste disposal has been relatively stable but is limited as a result of the concentration of the control of wastes by fewer parties, the increasing competition by waste disposal facilities for waste and the excess disposal capacity within the capital region, state and northeast, Over the past two years, landfilling generally occurred in the Area 5, Phase I and Phase II landfill cells and in Area 6, Phase I. Waste filling will continue in the Area 5, Phase I and If landfills through 2009 as the waste is placed to fill the area to the proposed closure grades and will be primarily in Area 6 Phase Tin 2010. ‘The materials comprising the waste stream disposed of in the landfill in 2007 and 2008 were municipal solid waste, comprising 68 and 59 percent of the waste stream; demolition debris, comprising 8,7 and 9.3 percent of the waste stream; petroleum containing soils, comprising 17 and 28 percent of the waste stream; sewage sludge, comprising 5 and 3 percent of the waste stream; and industrial waste, comprising 1 and .7 percent of the waste stream cach year respectively, ‘The Town undertook a large intermediate capping project within Landfill Area 5 in 2008 which is reflected in a 2 significantly larger percentage of petroleum containing soils accepted and beneficially ‘used than in typical years, A chart of the percent of each specific type of waste accepted in the landfill in 2007 and 2008 is presented in Appendix 2. ‘The local market has reached a point of restricting the competition between the remaining number of waste companies and, thus, limiting the customer waste disposal options, Due to the cost of entry into the waste hauling business, it is likely that competition for customers who generate limited quantities of wastes will be significantly reduced and itis likely that the competition for customers who generate large quantities of wastes ot special wastes will be moderate which may cause a slight inerease in waste disposal costs, During 2008 allegations that our largest landfill customer, County Waste and Recycling Inc., may have underrepresented the tonnage of waste brought into the ‘Town landfill in past years surfaced and the New York State Attomey General began an investigation. ‘These allegations have not been proven or substantiated at this time and the investigation is still open, ‘Also in 2008, the Town engaged Clough Harbour and Associates to undertake an audit of historic waste acceptance records, (2007-2005) and an appraisal of the field operations within the Jandfill fo determine if the Town landfill operations were being operated effectively and what the remaining or future landfill site life is for the Town facility. ‘The Consultant's Final Report determined that the facility was operating in general conformance with industry standards, made several recommendations for improved site operations and estimated the facility life to be between 15-18 years, Questions regarding the reason for a lower in-place density in 2007 were not definitively resolved. The Town Solid Waste facility operated as a regional, merchant solid waste management facility over the 2007 and 2008 period. We have also attempted to work with other municipalities to develop mutually beneficial solid waste management agreements to minimize the Town’s exposure (o the private sector profit taking motives. ‘The major customers of the landfill are as follows: Tonnage Per Year 2008 [2007 [2006 [2005 | 2004 2003 | 2002 County B3204 56255 | 77786 | 69530 [37021 | 67050 | 45332 | Waste Waste 15343 | 16268 [22003 [25751 | 22539 -| 17093 | 24881 Management City of Troy | 18479 | 20584 [20045 [19282 [19354 [21188 | 21769 Giy of [5807 [5696/5711 | 5656 | 6070 Cohoes Allied 2726 (3040 «(2150 | 4921_—«(| 2187 | 10981 | 9780 Waste Murphy's | 4410 Refuse Village of {1046 [1048 [1077 [1129 [1112 | 1089 | 1038 Menands Village of [3202 [3437 (3492 [3311 [3206/3283 | 3401 Colonie Due to the construction project to demolish and replace the two existing weigh scales, in 2007 the Town limited the amount of material being accepted for disposal. ‘The Division coordinated the management of 15,900,000 gallons of leachate in 2007 and 18,546,350 gallons of leachate in 2008. The Landfill currently is utilizing the leachate pumping system to pump leachate to the Town of Colonie sanitary sewer system, which in turn, flows to the Mohawk View Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment, The cost of leachate pumping and treatment to the City of Cohoes Sewer System was approximately $130,500 in 2007 and the cost of leachate pumping and treatment at the Pure Waters Sewer System was approximately $41,307 in 2008. ‘The Division used 48,840 tons of soil for landfill roads and daily cover at a cost of $219,292 in 2007 and 51,183 tons of soil for landfill roads and daily cover at a cost of $229,810 in 2008. To minimize the consumption of airspace for daily cover, the Division intends to continue to utilize alternate daily cover as the primary cover process, The trial undertaken by the Town in 2004-2005 documented the benefits of using the Posi-Shell daily and intermediate cover process here at the Town facility. 2.0 OTHER FACILITY OPERATIONS STATUS The Division’s Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) ceased accepting and processing of recyclable materials in 2005 ‘The Town’s recyclable materials wore collected at the Town facility and bulk shipped to County Waste and Recycling Inc. recycling facilities during 2007 and 2008, ‘The Town implemented a dual stream residential recyclable materials collection program allowing the Town Resident's more convenience and ease of managing their residential recyclable materials. In 2007 the ‘Town undertook the complete reconstruction of the Residential Reeycling Drop Off Station to improve the traffic flow, safety and convenience of our customers using the Town recycling services. A majority of the materials managed through the Town's reeyeling system were from the Village of Colonie, Village of Menands, and the Town Residential Refuse and Reeyeling Drop-off Stations. ‘The Village of Menands and the Village of Colonie collect refuse, recyclable materials and yard wastes from residents within their municipal borders and historically have transported these materials into the Town Solid Waste Management Facilities. The Village of Menands and Village of Colonie continue to collest source separated residential recyclable materials during 2007 and 2008 and will continue this practice in 2009. The Village of Colonie is currently transporting their residentially collected recyclable materials to Metro Recycling The following table presents a listing of the quantity of recyclables marketed and managed through the Town's Recycling/Reuse Program: Material | 2008 [2007 [2006 [2005 [2004 [2003 [2002 | 2001 ‘Commingled [ 886.59 | 1165 | 1160 Fibers Commingled [303.56 [269 | 215 Containers Newspapers aos [901 [818 [909 | 964 [Bulk Metals [424.77 | 534 [609 [708 [948 [1008 jai | 954 Freon Bulk CAbea | 771 ea Metals Tin Cans Inc. in| ist [89 [116 [141 [92 Comm Contain Glass Mixed waa fin [228 tor [94 7 Corrugated Tne in[ 433 | 705 | 589 saree Cardboard junk mail Household : 0 36.«(36 «(43 Batteries | Automotive [374 [375 | 671 341 [602ac [7.3 [7.7 i Batteries | Plastics Yne. in| Ine in| 111 136 113 120 | Comm | tin Contain | cans Hardeovered Fane 916 5.6 Books Junk Mail | $20. (172 [151 | 198 | 236 Magazines Tires 4643 [49 [459 [6984 [63 [60 | 358Bea | 4390ea Used Oil 4400g |2735e | 5535 Antifreeze Propane | 229 [237 [395 [287 [800 [932 [856 | 784 Tanks (ea) Computers [794 |689 [626 |o74 [542 [462 | 4i7 [264 (ea) Televisions }iti3 | 1157 1070 [i2i4 [1172 [1426 | 1329 [851 (ca) 753ea [74 | 648ca | 89.2 ReftiyAC |578 | 611 (ea) [ Latex Paint 770 | 1705 | 1645 Gell Phones [524 | 368 as [ilo [tio 257 Bye Glasses | 197 0 150 | 150 | 240 Note: Propane Tanks, Computers, Televisions, Refrig JAC Units, Latex Paint, Cell Phones and ye Glasses not added to routine recycling efforts prior to 2001 In 2006-2007 the Town went to duals stream commingled recycling and combined the Newspapers, comugated cardboard, junk mail, magazines into commingled fibers and tin cans, glass mixed and plastics into commingled containers. Box board was also added to the commingled fibers in 2007. ‘The Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) is currently operating as the recyclables storage and dock shipping facility for televisions, computers and bulk cardboard and newspaper siorage prior to shipment to the outside recycling markets. Yard Waste Composting Facility ‘The Division Yard Waste Composting Facility is estimated to have accepted approximately 34,000 to 36,000 cubic yards of yard wastes in each year of 2007 and 2008. ‘The majority of these materials were accepted in September, October and November, The Division distributed the yard waste compost to the general public, to the ‘Town Highway Department, Pure Waters Department, and the Latham Water Department as a topsoil substitute/amendment for their construction projects. ‘The Town has generated excess compost over the past 3 years of operations which has been sold by bid. In 2007 the excess compost was sold to Upstate Landscaping and in 2009 the excess compost was sold to Constantine Construction and Farm, The Town has requested and was granted approval to undertake a trial aerated static pile composting project to determine if this system will improve the efficiency of composting the large quantity of yard wastes that are currently being generated within the Town, 3.0 FACILITY COMPLIANCE ‘The Division received a renewal of the permit for the Area 5 and Area 6 landfill expansion and operations in early 2008. This will provide a lateral expansion of the Tandfill to the south of the Area 5 and Phase I of Area 6 facility, The new 10.5 acre Area 6 Phase I Jateral landfill is currently in operation and the proposed 12 acre Area 6 Phase TI lateral landfill is under construction, Construction of the Area 6, Phase I lateral expansion started in 2002 aind construction was completed in 2004, Construction of the Area 6, Phase I lateral expansion began in 2007 with the excavation of excess and unsuitable soils and rock. ‘The Division technical staffing, training, environmental compliance, and ‘monitoring for the entire solid waste operations have been constrained in 2007 and 2008 due to a staff reduction, The Town has undertaken to contract with Private Consultants to undertake several of the tasks that the Technical Staff previously completed. The + following briefly describes the environmental compliance and monitoring program activities undertaken, ‘The Technical Staff reviewed and evaluated the daily leachate and leak detection monitoring for the leachate lagoons and Phase | and Phase If of landfill Area 5 to monitor the quantity of leakage/liquid generated and to ensure the proper operation of the leachate collection and leak detection systems. ‘The Town is responsibility for the operation of the active landfill gas collection system that provides landfill gas as a fuel to the Innovative Energy Systems (IIS) landfill gas to electricity facility. The IES landfill gas to electricity plant has been in operation since March 2006, Division has continued a program to monitor the effectiveness of the facility odor control systems from the facilities other possible odor sources and to implement improvements for minimizing or controlling the emission of malodors where determined feasible. The Technical Staff continued evaluation of the groundwater monitoring program for the old closed site and new landfill with the assistance of the Engineering Consultant, Malcolm Pirie, Ine, (Malcolm Pimie), who prepared the hydrogeologic compliance report. An updated environmental monitoring plan has also been developed for the Area 5 and 6 lateral landfill expansions and was implemented in the spring of 2005. A second update of the environmental monitoring plan was prepared and approved to address the pre-construction and post-construction groundwater monitoring required for Area 6 Phase Il, The next update of the environmental monitoring plan is being prepared by representatives of our Town Environmental Monitoring Consultant, Malcolm Pimnie, Ine. to address the long term groundwater and surface water monitoring for the solid waste management facility for the next three to four year term. ‘The Division Technical Staff prepared the annual Yard Waste Composting Report, Title V Annual Air Emissions Report, Annual Recyclable Materials Report, Annual Waste Tire Management Report and Quarterly and Annual Landfill Operation Reports. The collection and generation of data to document facility compliance and the preparation of compliance reports takes a substantive amount of the reduced Technical Staff's time annually. ‘The Division continued fo contract for the annual aerial topographic survey with MAPS Inc. of the facility capacity evaluation, The results of the annual cerial topographic survey are used to determine the rate of consumption of landfill capacity, the remaining landfill airspace and to verify the annual waste density and compaction. The actial survey was completed in December 2007 and December 2008, This years survey is used to compare to the past year’s topographic surveys to determine the annual rate of consumption of the landfill capacity. ‘The Division received 61 and 39 Odor Complaint Reports in 2008 and 2007 respectively (Compared to 38, 53, 24, 27, 24, 4, 23, 31, 57, 54 and 48 Odor Complaint Reports received in 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 and 1996, respectively). Odors continued to be an issue of concern to the Division and our neighbors well into 2009. ‘The apparent cause of a majority of the odor complaint reports were from landfill gas and the turning of piles in the yard waste composting facility. In 2002, the Town moved the compost facility to the north area of the property. ‘The method of composting hhas remained unchanged and the odor masking system was in operation during the non- freezing time of the year throughout 2007 and 2008. The Division purchased a portable powder odor control system that is able to be used at the various facility malodor sources and during freezing conditions to treat spot sources of mal-odor in 2008, ‘The Town is investigating changing over of the yard waste composting method to an aerated static pile system (o improve our capability to maintain aerobic conditions through out the composting process. A trial program has been approved by the NYSDEC for and will be implemented in late 2009, 4.0 2008: FACILITY PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS, ‘The Division Staff undertook the following projects and programs in 2007 and # A cellular telephone collection program to collect old cellular telephones continued. The telephones are collected and shipped to a recycling operation in Massachusetts which helped to fund a “Cell Phone for Soldiers program, This program gets paid for the recycling value of the cell phone and then purchases calling cards that are shipped to soldiers overseas to be able to call home without incurring excessive phone expenses, # A waste sereening and inspection program continued to be an area of continuing effort. ‘This effort ensures that the wastes being accepted in the landfill is acceptable, All of the equipment operators and laborers have been ‘tained to monitor the wastes looking for indications of unacceptable materials and then responding (removing the item, calling for technical assistance, controlling the landfill customers and/or exiting the area) based upon their observations. This program was successful in differing a significant quantity of unacceptable (bulk metals, tires, pipes) and potentially hazardous materials, (gas tanks, muriatic acid, batteries, medical wastes) from the landfill facility. # In 2006 County Waste and Recycling Inc. undertook a bulk metals collection progtam within the Town. This project was very well received and utilized by the Town Residents. One week in each neighborhood, residents could put out their bulk metals at the curb and County Waste and Recycling Inc, would collect the materials and screen and recycle these materials, There was no charge for this service. ‘The New York State Labor Department subsequently issued an opinion that this program was not a recycling collection program but a solid waste collection program and was therefore subject to the NYS Prevailing Wage requirements, The bulk motals collection program was discontinued due to the excessive labor expenses for the County Waste Reeyeling crews utilized in this program, # The Division contimed the use of alternative cover materials for landfill daily and/or intermediate cover in 2007 and 2008. The Division used the following three cover systems in 2007 and 2008: The primary daily and intermediate cover system was the Posi-Shell System which uses cement kiln dust, cellulose fiber, water, color agent, and latex paint (intermediate cover) to produce a sprayed on 3/8-inch thick shell which hardens and effectively contains the wastes, minimizes the odor potential of the wastes, minimizes infiltration of precipitation, minimizes wind blown soil erosion, and reduces the attractiveness of the wastes to rodents and birds. The Division expended $102,000 for Posi-Shell Supplies in 2007 and $101,091 in 2008, ‘Ash from the incineration of wastewater sewage sludge was used on a limited basis as a daily and an intermediate cover material in 2007 and 2008. “Approximately 4122.56 tons in 2007 and 3104.85 tons in 2008 of this material ‘were used in the production of topsoil mixed with our yard waste compost or for intermediate cover in the landfill, As this material is generated over a very short window of time, itis used as it is received or itis stored for future use when space is available for storage. The last method is the traditional use of minimally contaminated soil materials for daily or intermediate cover. This method is equally effective in managing the wastes but does present potential adverse environmental impacts from wind blown soil erosion and the use of a significant amount of landfill airspace, ‘The Division assisted in the coordination of the ‘Town’s 13" and 14% year of Houschold Hazardous Waste Collection Days that were held on five dates at the Waste ‘Transfer Station facility, ‘The program was a joint effort between the Conservation Advisory Council and the Fire Prevention and Investigation Department. ‘The program was successful in collecting and transporting for ultimate disposal off-site the residential Hazardous Waste Materials from approximately 500-600 residents annually. The project was completed at a cost of approximately $120,000 annually and receives a 50% reimbursement grant from the NYSDEC. ‘The Division completed construction of the upgraded Residential Recycling Station and conversion over to the Dual Stream Recycling System in 2007. ‘The Division implemented a landfill seep correction project to address several leachate seeps from the closed portions of the Old Landfill Areas. ‘This project included the excavation, piping and installation of several pumps and sumps (0 collect leachate and direct it into the landfill leachate lagoons. The Division Technical Staff oversaw the purchase and installation of a Bioxide treatment system for the treating of landfill leachate at the leachate holding lagoons and the treating of the wastewater wet well at the Fonda Road Pump Station to control the potential odors from the acceptance of landfill leachate into the Town’s Pure Waters Collection System. 12 4 The Division Technical Staff oversaw in 2007 and 2008 the cleaning and televising of landfill leachate lines and the force main cleaning of the discharge piping conveyance system that discharges into the City of Cohoes ‘and the Town Pure Waters sewer collection systems. At the end of 2007, the ‘Town ceased the regular discharge of landfill leachate into the City of Cohoes wastewater collection system and initiated the regular discharge of landfill Jeachate into the Town’s wastewater collection system for 2008. # Due to a reduction in the staffing of the Division’s Technical Section, the Division has undertaken to contract out the services for the Routine Stormwater Inspections and Monitoring, using the Division’s Stormwater Consultant, Maleolm Pirie; the development of a confined space listing and mapping have been contracted out, using the Division’s Facility Consultant, J Kenneth Fraser and Assoc. and the preparation of bid documents for the purchase of vehicle washing equipment to Malcolm Pim, Ine, # The Division assisted the Town Highway Department in the December 2008 Storm Debris clean up and processed a large quantity of wood wastes from the northern portion of the Town through our Horizontal Grinder. The Highway Department also utilized the Division Tub Grinder to process a large quantity of wood wastes from the West, East and South portions of the Town. ‘The excess wood chips were sold. 5.0 DIVISION PROJECTS 2007 AND 2008 ‘The Di during 2007 and 2008: # The Weigh scales were replaced in 2007. jion undertook the following construction projects and improvements # The Residential Recycling Station was completely overhauled and reconstructed to improve the traffic flow and convenience of use of our customers, New recycling roll off containers and covers to protect the recyclable materials from environmental contamination and blowing were purchased also, 4 The Division began construction of the Area 6, Phase II lateral landfill area. Malcolm Pimie completed the design and the project was bid and awarded to Rifenburg Construction (General Contractor). Due to poor execution of the construction contract the General Construction Contract was closed out and a new bid was issued to finish the site preparation work, ‘The new site preparation contract was awarded to Maloy Construction and the work was completed in 2008, Malcolm Pimie was retained to provide Construction ‘Administration/Resident Engineering (CA/RE) services for the project. The design and bidding of the liner installation project was undertaken in the later part of 2008 and construction scheduled to begin in early 2009. Appendix 3 contains a listing of the 2007 and 2008 Division High Priority Project List. 6.0 FACILITY FINANCIAL STATUS ‘The Town of Colonie Solid Waste Program is operated as a Division within the Department of Public Works. The Division ‘The Town’s Solid Waste Management Facility generates approximately $9.0 million in s a separate enterprise fund within the Town. revenue with an annual operating budget of approximately $4.5 million. The Town also received approximately $1.0 million in revenue from the sale of landfill gas to the Innovative Energy Systems landfill gas to electricity project. ‘These revenues are based upon a 50% sharing of the revenue from the sale of electricity, sale of Renewable Energy Credits (RECS), sale of Carbon Credits, value of Federal Tax Credits for production of renewable energy. In addition, capital expenditures (landfill expansion, landfill closure, high value equipment) are funded through Town Wide Capital Projects Bonding or the Division of Environmental Services Capital Reserve Fund. The Town has established several solid waste disposal agreements with public and private customers to stabilize the amount of wastes for disposal and, therefore, stabilize the resulting revenues. A copy of the Facility Financial Assurance Report for 2007 and 2008 is presented in Appendix 4, ‘The Town, City and Villages individually fund their solid waste management responsibilities. The tipping fees from users of these facilities have historically been sufficient to fiand the annual operating expenses and the capital expenses of the Division. In addition, the Town General Fund has historically received $2-3 Million in funding from the Division Solid Waste Operations. Currently the Town has established a Town Landfill Closure Reserve and has deposited approximately $240,000 in the Reserve in 2009. ‘The Town in response to the 2006 New York State Comptroller’s Audit and Moodies reviews has committed to reducing the Division annual fund transfers to the ae ‘Town General Fund and redirecting these funds to the Facilities Future Capital Project/Expense Reserve. 7.0 FACILITY EQUIPMENT STATUS ‘The Division currently utilizes approximately 60 pieces of equipment with a value of approximately $5.6 million dollars. The harsh environment in which the equipment operates, and the need to keep several key track vehicles beyond their effective serviceable period, has caused a higher than normal level of repairs and maintenance and reduced their availability for use due to the down time required for these large cost repairs. To compensate for this shortcoming, the Division is required to provide a depth of back up equipment for all of the critical areas of the operations (for example two andfill. scales, three track loaders) and has required vendors to supply the large equipment with extended-term maintenance and repair warrantees, A key component for cfficient facilities operations is a comprehensive mechanical preventative maintenance and repair program, ‘The Division’s cost of maintenance has been significantly reduced due to the efforts of the heavy equipment mechanic that is assigned to the Division from ‘our Town Fleet Maintenanee Group. The following table summarizes the total cost for heavy equipment repair for 2007 and 2008, as well as past years: Year Total Cost 2008 $237,589.36 2007 : $307,000 rounded 2006 $289,000 rounded 2005 $306,000 rounded r 2004 $348,250.00 2003 $289,268.00 2002 $281,100.00 2001 ~~ $292,406.00 2000 $297,158.00 15: 1999) $261,990.32 1998 | $235,113.50 1997 $210,185.89 ‘The Division's horizontal grinder is able to effectively manage the yard waste, wood waste, and the Division’s Tub Grinder is able to manage the Christmas Tree Grinding operations in 2007 and 2008. ‘The newer horizontal unit was used to grind the bulk of the incoming residential yard wastes to begin the composting process and the old tub grinder unit was used as a backup to the horizontal grinder and to grind wood waste. The Division continued sharing the trommel sereen with the Highway Department to undertake the periodic compost screening operations, which further improves the quality of the finished compost by removing oversized materials and contaminates from the compost for residential use, The compost program has grown over the past several years and is rapidly exceeding the ability of the system to effectively compost all of the yard ‘wastes being received from the Town Residents. ‘The Division is actively investigating the modification of the operation of the composting facility from a windrow pile facility to an aerated static pile facility. ‘The Division was granted approval by the DEC to undertake @ small trial aerated static pile operation to determine the feasibility and benefit of the change in the compost management system..The Division utilizes the screening plant for the production of topsoil material manufactured from screened compost material and sand. This material is utilized by the Division for on-site projects, as well as by the ‘Town Highway Department for repairs within the Town. 8.0 DIVISION STAFFING, TRAINING AND SAFETY PROGRAM Over the past several years, the Division has been evaluating the required staffing levels for the various solid waste operations within the Division. A total of 38 persons worked in various capacities throughout the Division in 2007 and a total of 41 persons worked in various capaci 2008 (in comparison to 36 in 2004, 28 in 2003, 30 in 2002, 32 in 2001, 31 in 2000, 32 in 1999, 35 in 1998, to 41 in 1997 and 51 in 1996). ‘This was a higher number this year than normal due to the retirement, promotion or transfer of several staff during the year. A listing of the number of cach staff title is presented in Appendix 5. ‘The Division has transitioned to digital operations on the Town Wide Radio System, Conversion to the Town Wide Radio System has shown to be highly beneficial from an operational and safety perspective. ‘The ability to communicate with others within the Division and the other Department of Public Works Divisions is beneficial in aiding the cooperation within Divisions and avoiding unsafe work situations. ‘This was especially important with the Division again undertaking the winter snow plowing and sanding operations for the northem portion of the Town. The Division also utilizes Nextel two-way telephones that are very efficient in allowing the other Town Supervisors who are on the Nextel phone system to communicate without needing to use the Town Wide Radio System, as well as contacting Town contractors/vendors. The Division had 53 incidents in 2007 and 56 incidents in 2008 in comparison to 45, 30, 60, 51, 41, 52, 49, 61, 76 and 65 incidents in 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, in 1998, in 1997, in 1996 and in 1995, respectively. ‘The Division undertakes an annual review of incidents t fentify areas that we will need to look at to improve our safety program and, hopefully, reduce our preventable incidents, 9.0 2009 DIVISION PROGRAM GOALS The general program goals for 2009 will be the continued improvement of our operations, expanding our staff safety program, expanding our staff training and expertise, and providing cost efficient solid waste services for our customers. Specific goals to allow us to achieve our general goals are: # To complete construction of the Arca 6, Phase TI lateral landfill expansion. # To continue expansion of the landfill gas collection system into Phase I of tandfill Area 6 and to incorporate additional landfill gas collection and capture facilities into the Closure project being designed for Arca 5. To improve the management of the existing landfill gas collection system, and to expand the Jandfill gas collection and header system to maximize the collection and proper management of the landfill gases and minimizing landfill gas odors. # To undertake the landfill closure cover improvements for the closed Jandfill areas. 10.0 DIVISION STAFFING PRIORITIES ‘The Division proposes to select individual staff to undertake specialized technical training in 2009, ‘This training is being proposed to provide the Division with special skills needed within operations and to provide advanced Site Supervisor/Operator training. # Division Year 2009 High Priority Project List - see Appendix 6. # Division Program Development Schedule 2005-2019 ~ sce Appendix 7. 1.0 CONSTRAINTS ON PROGRESSING SOLID WASTE GOALS To address the improvement in complex problems such as solid waste management planning requires the commitment of all impacted parties to reach a consensus as to what needs fo be accomplished and then to agree to implement the required actions and to dedicate the necessary resources to accomplish the changes needed to address the problem. Currently in the area of local solid waste management and planning , there is not a consensus as to what needs to be accomplished and those who are attempting to progress improvements to their system are hampered by Jack of support and lack of resources. Couple this with the economic conditions that exist within New York State at this time and that within New York State the expansion of waste reduction, recycling and reuse programs are currently at a higher cost of operation than the current, more convenient disposal operations, it is difficult to forecast that major ‘changes in the near term future will differ greatly from the current practices. It is time to return to the basies of waste management and to set an expectation of behavior that is both reasonable and enforceable. It is critical to the shift from a waste disposal paradigm to the planning for the reduction in the production of wastes or the reduction in the complexity or toxicity of ‘wastes prior to the production of the products and not wait to figure out how to handle the disposal of the product after production. ‘The State or Federal Government will need to take a leadership role in setting not only the program goals but also by taking a leadership role in dealing with the primary parties responsible for the development of products and packaging to assure that during the planning for products that consideration for what the products are made of and how the products or packaging can be made more easily recycled, reused and/or are made from less toxic raw materials is undertaken early in the process, New York State must also embrace the responsibility for enforcing the rationing ‘of waste disposal capacity or minimizing the wasting of waste disposal capacity to extend the available life of the existing solid waste management facilities and not allow a “fill it fast and close it soon” philosophy to reap the immediate revenues and prematurely exhaust the solid waste management capacity. Also, the State must make it a priority to promote @ local self sufficient waste management system and to facilitate or mandate development of local facilitics where necessary to address local solid waste management needs. If the disposal of wastes in a landfill is the lowest current option in the solid waste hierarchy then the State should amend the hierarchy and place exporting of wastes below landfills, The New York State Association for Solid Waste Management has established and provided initial funding for the formation of a New York State Product Stewardship Council. The Goal of the NYSPSC is to develop practical alternatives for product manufacture, produet packaging and product ultimate disposal within New York State to facilitate the shift from the current solid waste management and disposal practices to a9 systems that reduce the wasting of our natural resources and cause excessive consumption of waste disposal capacity. The New York State Product Stewardship Council was formed in 2009 to promote the reduction in the generation of waste materials, to promote the shifting of the responsibility for ultimate management of products at the end of their useful life from the local disposal systems to the product manufacturer and to promote the evaluation of the materials used in the production of products sold within New York State to minimize the use of difficult to manage or environmentally sensitive materials. The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative is an extension of the prior steps undertaken within New York State such as the “NYS Bottle Bilt”, “Automotive Battery Disposal Ban” and “Waste Tire Recycling Act” where the State acted to change the premise upon how waste materials were managed and shift the responsibility to the ‘manufacturer/distributor for setting up systems fo manage these materials at the end of their useful life. As the NYSPSC goes forward, the Town of Colonie Planning Unit will assess the product stewardship proposals developed by the New York State and the NYSPSC and incorporate the concepts of product producer responsibility into the future solid waste management plan updates. Some industries have embraced this concept and have independently developed or ‘are in the process of developing manufacturer sponsored take back programs. For example, Dell and Apple computers, Owens Coming Shingles, Xerox Copiers, Rechargable Battery Companies, Fluorescent Light Bulbs at Home Depot, Coke have ot are developing programs in advance of legislative mandates, ‘The primary constraint on progressing or expanding the waste reduction and ‘waste recycling aspects of the Town Solid Waste Management Plan is the lack of stable, cost competitive markets for management of recyclable materials in comparison to the excess quantity of low cost waste disposal capacity within the State and Easter United States, For reeyeling and waste reduction to be viable, there has to be a controlling force applied to the system to make the party responsible for waste management to decide that 20 these options are their preferred options. In the current system, the economies control the outcome, Also, given the current volatility in the recycling and reuse markets, the state should mandate and fund that each solid waste facility or planning unit employ a fall time recycling/waste feduction coordinator. The position of Recycling Coordinator should be focused exclusively on waste reduction, waste recycling, education and enforcement of the program requirement and must also be independent of all waste facility operational responsibilities, The State is currently developing a New York State Solid Waste Management Plan that is promoting the elimination of the generation of wastes as the preferred option. ‘This shi in focus from waste/recyclables materials management will be beneficial to most solid waste management systems if New York State takes the responsibility to address the implementation of this effort on a consistent, state wide or multi-state wide basis. If the new State Plan relies upon mandating these changes for the local planning units without supporting the effort with State resources to implement, fund and enforce these changes, this effort will not be suecessful, ‘The Town Planning Unit is monitoring the progress of the New York State Solid Waste Management Plan and will address additional requirements ot modification of the existing Planning Unit Programs upon finalization and adoption of the New York State Solid Waste Management Plan. ‘The current municipal recycling programs are restricted to profitable materials and do not recycle the low value materials to the maximum extent. This low value, combined with the historic unstable recycling market conditions in 2007-2008 has resulted in local planning units having Jimited resources to improve or expand their systems. Ultimately this leaves the recyclable material generators with limited options for the beneficial recycling of some materials, It would appear that if recycling of these materials is to be successfully and fully implemented, it may require subsidized recycling ‘programs or extended producer responsibility to ensure these materials are utilized to the highest or best use, ‘The Town currently legislates the mandatory recycling of the following materials within the Town of Colonie Solid Waste Planning Unit: Old Newspaper Old Corrugated Cardboard Metal Cans Glass Bottles Plastic Bottles Automotive Batteries Tires Waste Oil Scrap/Bulk Metals — w and wo Freon ‘The Town periodically (typically every three years) bids the sale of the recyclable materials managed through the Town’s recycling program. New Bid Proposals for 2010 are currently under review. The Division utllizes the New York State Empire Development Recyclable Materials Market Database to determine what evolving markets arc available for the various recyclable materials not currently managed in the Town Planning Unit. The ‘Yown Planning Unit’s current recyclable materials are marketed every one to three years by issuance of Town competitive bid requests to purchase the Town's recyclable materials, ‘The Town of Colonie Environmental Services Division Staff are active participant members of the New York State Association for Solid Waste Management allowing us to network with the managers of the other progressive Solid Waste Management programs within New York Siale and staff attend various training opportunities provided by the NYSASWM and New York State Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) to improve the Town's solid waste management programs and facilities, an ‘Typical products/items that are considered for EPR action are: Produet Packaging, Electronic Products Household Hazardous Wastes Pharmaceuticals Mercury Containing Products Paint ‘Telephone Books Carpets Mattresses Fluorescent Light Bulbs ‘Household Batteries Plastic Bags Asphalt Shingles Mattress DeManufacturing 12,0 UPDATE OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT/PLANNING ‘The Town of Colonie Solid Waste Planning Unit consists of the Town of Colonie, Village of Colonie, and Village of Menands. In 2009, the City of Cohoes joined the ‘Town Planning Unit. ‘The Town provides the following services to businesses and residents within the Planning Unit # Disposal of rmunicipal solid waste within the active landfill area, # Disposal of Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris within the active landfill area. # Disposal of Town Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) solids. # A transfer station for the export of waste in the event of landfill closure or ‘other reasons that would prohibit disposal in the Town active landfill cell, Be 4 A Material Recycling System that collects and exports for processing of newspaper, cardboard, metal cans, glass, and plastics. 4 A Residential Convenience Center that allows for the disposal of household refuse at the landfill facility. #- A Residential recycling area that accepts waste oil, waste automotive tires, white goods, Freon containing bulk metal appliances, bulk metal appliances, computers, televisions, automotive batteries, propane tanks. # A Compost Facility that accepts grass, leaf and brash waste, and processes these materials into compost that is made available for residential use and ‘Town use. Yard waste is collected from residences within the Planning Unit, # Acellular telephone recycling program. # Anold eyeglass reuse/recyeling program. H Salvation Army Clothing Drop Off at Residential Recyeling Drop Off Station. # A Medical Waste Facility that provides collection of medical waste for “Town use (Emergency Medical Services) and Town residents. Commercial establishments contract with private medical waste disposal services. # Household Hazardous Waste Days (5) for the collection and disposal of residential hazardous waste. 4 Habitat for Humanities ReSiore in Albany and Schenectady for reuse of building materials. ‘The following is a listing of the currently NYS permitted and/or registered Solid ‘Waste Management Facilities located in the Planning Unit: BEI Transfer Facility for regulated medical waste. 4 Bonded Conerete for construction and demolition (C&D) processing. # King Road Materials for C&D processing, # Empite Isotopes Nuclear Pharmacy for regulated medical waste, # Metro Recycling Inc. ~ Commingled Recycling Processing # CRM -— Automotive Tire Processing and Recycling # Innovative Energy Systems Landfill Gas to Electricity Facility ‘The facilities supplement the services currently provided by the Town. The combination of these facilities with the Town Solid Waste Management Facility allows for the proper management of all solid waste in the Planning Unit. Expansion of these facilities or development of new facilities shall not occur unless a benefit to the Planning Unit can be demonstrated, A Town Local Law regarding the locating of solid waste management facilities within the Town specifies that any facility must establish a benefit to the management of solid waste within the local planning unit to be permitted within the Town, For example, a benefit to the Planning Unit could be providing a new service to manage a waste stream that is not already managed in the Planning Unit or improving services to the Solid Waste Planning Unit. ‘Typical services that could provide a benefit, which are not currently provided by the Planning Unit include: # Asbestos disposal. Automotive reclamation. Construction and Demolition Debris Processing Recycling System Organics Composting Facility Alternative Solid Waste Treatment System/Resource Recovery Facility Reuse Materials Exchange Medical Waste Acceptance/Treatment Facility Waste Pharmacedical Management Facility Styrofoam Rigid and Peanuts soe oe RR eR Manicipal/Institutional/Consumer Green Purchasing Policy SOLID WASTE MAN, MI LEGAL OPTION! ‘The implementation of several solid waste management system options may require the Town direct solid wastes to specific facilities which will require a change era from the current open market “merchant” method of operation to one of the following methods: Legislative Flow Control Franchiase Solid Waste Contracts Municipal Solid Waste Collection “Pay as you throw” Extended Producer Responsibility Ordinance ‘The evaluation of the legal feasibility or steps required for the Town to implement the above changes have not been completed at this time, 14, SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLANNING UNIT ‘The Town Planning Unit in the future will consider the addition of outside parties who request to join the Town Planning Unit with the concurrence of the current members of the Planning Unit. Generally, the addition of new Planning Unit Members will be considered based upon the benefits to the existing members of the addition of the outside party and the ability to responsibly manage the solid wastes in the solid waste ‘management system(s) implemented through the Town Planning Unit Solid Waste Management Plan. 15,__ FUTURE TASKS/PROGRAMS/PROJECTS/INITIATIVES ‘The Town, on behalf of the Planning Unit, has undertaken the development of this Updated Solid Waste Management Plan for the term 2007-2008. The next update of this Solid Waste Management Plan for the term 2009-2010 will be completed by March 2011 ‘Asa part of the current update, an updated planning schedule has been developed and is presented in Appendix #7. 6 In 2008, the Town, on behalf of the Planning Unit, has undertaken the solicitation of proposals for Alternative Solid Waste’ Trentment Systems. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is boing progressed at this time to determine if there are solid waste management systems that can be implemented in the near term (3-5 years) that can reduce the quantity of wastes being disposed of within the Town Landfill or outside waste disposal facilities and thereby extend the life of the Town Landfill and to enable the Town Solid Waste Management Facility to continue to manage the solid wastes generated within the Planning Unit beyond the projected life of the existing Town Landfill. Also it is a goal of the RFP that through the implementation of an Alternative Solid Waste Treatment System the Town Planning Unit can effect the manufacture of products to minimize the consumption or use of our natural resources that otherwise ultimately end up as solid wastes, Responses to the RFP have been received and are currently under review. ‘The Town Planning Unit will need to aggressively implement a public information and education program to identify the benefits of the development of an Alternative Solid Waste Treatment System and the need for changing the current solid waste management system roles and responsibilities. ‘The Town has proposed to begin this public outreach effort and has included funds within the Division of Environmental Services Budget in 2010, This public information and education effort will be implemented over next several years as the future solid waste management system is being evaluated, planned and developed. eo APPENDIX 1 ‘Table of the Amount of Wastes Accepted Within the Landfill from 1984-2008 by Month, pebeg (g00e poeary ‘seopuag jequewuaitaus Jo "AIG sy0NM NANG $0 73q a1uojon Jo unos SSP PL TY oo ses 18G68—olzox—[saeat [evel lovzor [zest Isezot_ lacie [overt [4861}|ye00t_je-aor_ e002 eos ——lereeet 21001 evezk —[eoeer —jovent [ester |bveet oreo lees: "jzavzi_ pacar leviz__tet0e [zoo soe —eetalleerit|eesr:—oserr—lvess —|sseor _[zsvps |gooet [ezsoz JzzaviIseist_jauaek._ [aver jana [Soo [pezet [sols Joovat —esost —[esori—ozeet Joos zest levees jvazei zee lzzeolleteot__‘e002 oes reer rego |erdzk[szzor —[soeor _|zeoor [sist Jotretovori |zzvey least [oxy iste“ |vooz leooz__|os@0o1 [ase ii raserleszeh—_egeor losvsr_|eozer _svset jouer“ Jezoer byett esi} e007. Soce —lezesst Teer lvezer —[eezrr —|vcost_lozerr_eozes |rvazt[astvi Joszer"|sezuylezizi fesezs leone ee rest [esseL [preci learrr stir —[eiscr_[zeztL [zou jorzer_ |zeezs lessor 2028 jecet 002 eee eer oseelozek[bsehk__|zevt _|svest _[eleeL[zecviIwsval ise» josort|zeve Jerse loooe eee Oy luplor lee [60811 Irower—reeer _lzeezr__Jeover —_jezve [Lusyy [voor gest _[evrit e661 \eaee+—|Sopabt ~~ [ocozk—[roszi—[zizhi sive —_watel_|so0zi oezer"|2zvel zeus "|zea0s loans |ezo0h fess eect —esezor—{eeezt[ra0oL [ose |seee goss ose ~izise [suse _lazys_“jeo1e __jeeze"lezze__[ue61 see Seaost |Zee8{29¢8 (V001_—[ovezt—loveut_[voeel [ezzei lezver jens) [evoei |sezt_zoeet“t9s6t ee Propel least lzecvt [eters evar: vers |oazer__suaeL [sezo1 envi \euaet [avert g00z__[s661 pete erat leartk seve [steel [ezvt [zocor _levegi esoes [zzovz |eeeoe “lvoe _jegzzi etait [vest eee ret faveck tenets leoort —Jozorr —Izezot [soa lesa aise ~~ |zozor jesze laces [esas eect sores lezen 002 [e000 legor 9008 [zie lez jecoa Ieee feiss |1g09__Jouas_[2661 ee a te |1a88—~lee00rlorrit _jesve lzezs [aove [azz joes |ezes_“|eeis__\zsay jvaes ty, eet —eceos—lueeo 601. Jerez Jose [ezez [zee |ecoz Jae Jeaiz lezzefeeeo__[ooge [ose oe ee FerT|}tze—oe0e (vves Jose _[oseor _losze ree |zzeot |usvot_[veeor [eee |eze feast Seek ——|re080L iL levse Javea |eeve e108 _lozez_Jovee [eese srr jesse |see6 "_jeszo__[a@61 Sot —ipesey lee00 —legvaeosa [zs [tole _jeziz_|zeea ile zea" veas_ [ergs [ees 061 Se eGLILlavarlloverlziei [esis jevish_jaizop _jsovai__[vvzel loser |zeseiieecti (seit lest. soot —leoeestIbsezt— [OBLZL [Zobel lwrset —[zeunr [eves [be0rt —IsoLrt [asezvIyzvit 800%“ |vevo. aver. Heer —~Tposaet ores [paoLt lover lees levers Jeseor Wwezrt |zzstt —|zee0: |en001 |seve___[vz08___[va6 (wiol ssa] AON oO | gS | ony | an] Nor | AWW) wa] ww | aa |r youn abeuuo! aisem, APPENDIX 2 Pie Charts of Percent Wastes Accepted in 2007 & 2008 by Commodity ‘Say se pezmin stos SOd $1 SION Pan maT Sane ET mare aT ows — aes WEE ley'eoe'09r \Oo"SLe"Lz_ 962 ve Z0ee sees s [20°269°F rpse'6ot jexzze cL [suo 1) 1690, os fase's scrofa faz faa pase ee RIOT BR UROLIE OI a0 007 ear bao avo bare sa Paavo — peor mL YOM S jos"Se0'c0b ¥O 199°S2 [ez'est [00"0 eb'SLb 86880") piste" jeceso°e Bio [) UNO] Jo WO} ose pao Sesoo———Irue aes ao bate — haar TiS wna aor baa fesro hae Ror oF a0 raorve — fee Tere eerees SeriZT ase rezazz cores [ors08 ——[iz'075 —Jossor or ‘aT NOT Oy SWLOL Toav) 70S Joulad | asva voy | s5ani1s wow | 390n7s MLod | “WrilsNaNnt ASIN oWiad, Fyjpowrwsod 20 7 pul Sod Ul NMOd Mvsa¥d ALIGOWNOS 2002 | ee %LV'0 MLE" asva avou %Z0'LL soanis. WOaTV 80d poermole 49an1s MLOd NMOGMVaAYE ALIGOINWOD GANISINOD 200c wise : goams WN1V ee TOU %96'% -%OL'0 SOd goanis MLod “eBLt toad wer ova.” NMOGMVauE ALIGOWINIOS NMOL NI £002 2007 OUT OF TOWN COMMODITY BREAKDOWN ROAD BASE: 0.18% ‘Ody se pez sos SOd | EON roar ETE marae rae Marea ne TPH [a"eey'ezz_ oe zev'es LE 206 Levee 6s°2825 les"e6s) leozis'rer [20 ze be Geol) eo] pais'a2 ere fate ———rcoow ad fsseo usw Juve PELL OTS 007 faaase boro —— [oo faso a ee TESTO Pa sere Boaz yess Jor. aren Teta ——SSSITEHT peveOT Ea LEP picove passe arouse hare hareo aren ures MSLes wor yoor ee Saro— es aor part ———Juesoss Juss cares S806 rs cai aad [2e2e8 jzs"809'S [eg'rel lseseste |s0'sbz'rh GUST) UmoT ul “WiOL Toav) 10S 1ouiad | ssve avou | s5anis Winw [3900s MLOd_| “WIELSQONL MSW ‘OWSC. Aupouno? 3002! 7 dO NMOG WUE ALIGOWINOD 8002 | %Or'O | asva avou - [ NMOGMVaYE ALIGOWNODS GANIEINOS 8002 ‘EL %0v'0 FOAMS WNIV ssa avo %zZ'01 goanis MLOd NMOOMVSYE ALIGOWANOD NMOL NI 8002 %O%'0 “\aswa avou NMOOMVAYE ALIGOWNOD NMOL 40 LNO 8002 APPENDIX 3 2007 & 2008 Division High Priority Project List ‘ 00ziHeh SBC BSTUOSSI MENUS PONS) S8Al] SpUBIOM| sNoT avanMOuEV ELEY Nee sr Ssapg MsdoIA jo woHenowen| ‘Stal AL wn 10} COPIA AUDA ERGO Stal -GeH o SEB11 305 AAA THLNOW AON! away ‘ari Tun WENA SUL UANDEA Sangre er umnsea vows] UVSA TI¥| _UVSA TI ars WN TISISIG SED TI SUEIL uopESTOHUOD WINNSEA| WSGWSAON ‘RON 190} ‘Stal Burdeeyy 1OAONs STUGEIOOAOL |eUSW SUS Ain ‘Avi wu SOUFT apeLoeST Pur VEIN O10 id Tain Tens yao sa SOUE Toy SRST HUE WRI S8STOH SNOTSNO| Teys28ueo Tao SIGS SIN 10 SuOI DES OMG oDeIse) Pue SOLE ‘KON! idas| ‘ar "S06 TAIN 10) SIOPUES Pue SMOld GBI EN ‘G3 ABANTT| ToITERLCD| ‘sifedeul Jood pEBUMOLY NOG] way] BV ‘enw a vii TaUSDEEN A BAST MRRelL Y 6 Udy] ‘aad ar # Stal ‘SIEpaTTpUE MaINEY renuuy swesborg Neves] L [sceccrees emo ae ‘AON wv ENTEESE! srausaijey WeioId Nees] _c ‘siroa09| Enofgy Facly -Ulizaion of Landiil Cas [ON GOING: Waste Snredsina FOR SELEGT WASTES (Compost SPDES [s5u0 MODIFY DISCHARGE TRorlal Toponraphic Survey for Capacity Use (COMPLETED. elabish Propeny Purchese Reson, (COMPLETED. 7007 —\Oes Butane Uoarads IcouPLET Residential Reaycing Slafios Reconstciion {COMPLETE | ——itea 6 Geotocinca/ Ste inorovenenis. [COMPLETION DELAYE! [Wish Sesle Replacement (COMPLETE, a ivnal Reoying Rouse of tara Nol Curent Reqyead [RESID Tere ate Comonstng Syslem Improverents [ON HOLD Expand Lendl Gas Colecton System [coMPLeTED. [Prepare Quartery and Annual Reporis (COMPLETED. ris Enonay Facily-Uillzlion of Lanai IFULL OPERATION S ENGINES [utize Landi Gas Byproduct ES ON HOLD. IWasie Stredeing, ISeLect WASTES: as erenstve Fagin) Compliance and Mentoring Review [ON HOLD a ral Toposrenhic Suivey for Capacly Use. (COMPLETED. aoe Expand Landi Gas Colection System [SOMBLETED- 'Propare Quavtriy ané Annual Reports (COMPLETED. Feet Energy Faslty-Ullizeion of Landfil IEXCESS GAS-S ENGINES AT MAK, ‘Utlze Langit Gas Byproducl IES ON HOLD Waste Shrodsing MINIMAL. Wiese Crave Fas Compliance and Montorna Review [ON HOLD. Comer mat Sold Wasie Treatment /Dgeston Sisters [oN HOLD, Stormer Uoaredes. DELAYED TO 2005, iotrPraee I Geotechnical Ste mnprovemenis [DELAYED BUT COMPLETION IN2008 =a 6 Phase liner Construction. [DELAYED 10 2008, “| Taroa 5 Paral Closure Constuclin [DELAYED TO 2010-2011 stats and Adopt Soll Waste Management Plan [ON HOLD = al Topogranhie Surv for Capacky Use [COMPLETED. Fons [Expand Lanai Gas Calection Sysiom UATE BUT COMPLETED. [Prepare Quarterly and Annual Reports (COMPLETED. Hee nergy Facilly- Exoansion for Fourth Engine IAPPLICATION SUBMITTED. Properly Purchase Evaluations. [ON HOLD. ‘ize Lanafl Gas Byproducl eS ON HOLD. lwasle Shredding NONE. res os ve Fadi Complanes end Monterna Review INOT FUNDED Vallenatve Sold ¥ Ee eniDnesion Se ing Reve is uED 232008, oe Phase Lnat/Geotechnical Constuclon [UNDER CONSTRUCTION. con § Pete ena Racing / Rouse ol Maer Nol Cent Reade’ [UNDER EVALUATION - REBID. C {Waste Haulers Part 956 Porml [COMPLETED iEveluste Sold Wasle Flow Contal IREQUESTAT TOWN ATTORNEY. Faluale Soid Waste Coleciion Franchaise REQUEST AT TOWN ATTORNEY. [Evaluate Municipal Soid Waste Colecion. IREQUEST AT TOWN ATTORNEY Regobaton of Aeratve Sold Wesle Sysiom Vendo IBEPENDS ON RESPONSE TO RFP C ee Sob Wasi Manegoront P= itera (Aorial Topoaranhic Survey for Capacty Use. (SCHEDULED ota ope ary Covnty Sold Waste Regione] Evkuaion FAUTHORIZED AWAITING GRANT C [Eetabish Closure Reserve Fund [COMPLETED Festa Landil Cloaure Solat Panel Prolect [UNDERWAY Zoid Expand Landi Gas Galeton System [Brepare Guavtorly end Annual Reports Prepate mele/e-gucatin Program on Sold Wasi Issues Binning Unk Member Planning Meotinas aj Waste Maniogement Plan Unde 2009 2010 eae Enoray Fads instal Fount Engine. [Ufize Lancfl Gas Byproduct Wen Shredding Area 6 Phaso i Sebel Wastes Meee eras Facil Compfance end Monioina Review ogin Arca 5 Parte Landfil Closure [Aron 6 Phaso ll OnLine {Wvaste Heulors Part 964 Permil Renowal asi at jase Compal Operas a Aero Sie Fle a ate Contractor Alernatve Sold Waste System Evaluate Waste Exchanao Facil rea Abani county Sold Waste Regional Evauen Herat Topearephie Survey for Canacty Use et te Demoltion DaConstucton Program. Evaluate Leachate Reareulston = Haste HaulorLiponse Procedure and Law. [Review and Us view an Sean Purchasing Progam ——_— laeain Fauty GHG Generation Monona Tesoviake Undale of Division Websll. OTT [expand Lendl ax Collecion Systers Poppare Quartey and Annual Repor's, sot ot asia Manegement Pian Update 20082010 a ray Faciiy- Ful Operaton of Four Endioes lize Landi Gas Byorodusl [Complete Area 5 Paria Lendfil Closure [Wasio Shressing Hoan sei Pedify Comsiance and Montozna Revow Property Purchaea Evalualion ropes Foon Recying Reuse of seals Hol Covent sed (asl Haulers Part 264 Perm. er Constucion of Alemalve Sols Wesle Sis a esigh of bast Siormyater System improvements Heed Topoaraghle Survey for Capacity Use anning Unk Manbar Panning Westings iatedaxe SEQR Review or Division Properties Paden ese ily GHG Ganoration Montonng and Renata ears Gan of Recjclable/Retumable Mateielsems oid _| Expand Lanatit Gas Golson Prepare Quertriy and Annual Reports eres oid Waste Management pian Undele 2011 2012 Planning Unit Member Psnning Meetings. [Gas lo Enoray Foci Onerations Uilize Landil Gas 2yprodut waste Shredding a sanave Faciy Compliance snd Monvxing Review Wisdals and Adopt Sold Waste Management Plan a 6/6 Partial osu, fas Havlars Pat 954 Part ‘Castel East Stormer Sylar inprovornants ons Consiucbon of Aermativ Sold Waste Ssten are anl Wasle Mangcement Conic to direcl wastes fo Tents poet | tal Topographie Survey for Capacly Use Aa anima ducation Progam on Sold Wiese ses erate Faslly GHG Genorefon Montoina and Revortna ona com Bulag Said Weete and Recyeing Programs Poa [Expand andl Gas Collection System. a ee Pear oSold Wasle Managoment Plan Uodele 204% 2012 eon fc Envay Facil - Uilzaton of Lancl Uilize Landill Gas Byproduck lWasie Shredding eae enaive Fadiiy Gomplance and Morera Review [Property Purchase Evaluation Proper Purses Fasoying [Roun ostaras Nol Gury Rested |Wasle Haulers Part 364 Peril [Aerial Toporephlc Survey for Canady Use pet Goal Operations of Allaliro Sold Wasi Systm Pianring Unit Member Pansing Mestings Evaivale Old Lendl Recaimation [evaiale Old Lenofil Redaimaton eae Cecily GHG Cenoraton Monviafing ané Repost cor ye Ba of Reojoable/Rotunsbs Materale/tans [Undertake Update of Dwvsion Website ena rato Landil Use ond Capac - Closure Schedule gr [expan Landi Gas Calicton System repave Quarlaiy and Annual Reports Planning Unit Mombsr Planring Meetings Pr ed Waste Management Plan Undais 2013 2016 ate Energy Feely UUlzation of Landi Uisize Landfill Ges Byorodueh [Waste Snredding Te Sronalve Faciliy Compliance and Monona Review IGedeie and Adopl Soid Wasle Management Pan Waste Haulers Part 354 Pesnll ar an of Uso of 4, (2 816 Arowhead Lana Proveries Demolion of4&,12 Aroubead Lane Bul (Complete Design of Lendill Area 7 rie Tapograahle Survey for Capacty Use errata Domolbon DsCons\ructon Program ea tol njomeliv Evan Progam on Said Waste estes Evaluate Town Green Purchasing Proacam a aie Pedy GHG Generalon Monioring ard Reportna Eaniuate Town Greon Pucchasing Program 65 [Expand Landi Ges Colocion System Frepore Guarieny and Annual Reports rena oes Waste Management Pian Update 2013 2014 Cano Energy Facity- Uliztion of Landi “Tiles Lendfil Gas Byoroduet IWasie Snredeing aa oosle Feely Comliance and Monlodna Review [Property Purchase Evalsalon era renal Racing Reuse o Wales Nol Coren, Recided [Waste Haulers Parl 364 Pest Evaluate Fadity Pevatzaton inflate Construction of Landini res 7 [Evaluate Waste Exchange Eactly HPerening Unt Member Planning Mesias ear Update Woste Vault Lcsnse Procadue anes He ly GHG Generalon Montodng end Reporting on pe Ba of Recjcabl/Retumable Malenalsems Zi Area 6 Cosine Desian oand Landit Gas Colelion Sys [Brepare Quarterly and Annual Reports rena ps Wasle Managemen! Plan Update 2015 2078 Pianrig Uni Membar Planning Mestings rary Eneray Facilly- Utlzation of Landi Uilize Landi Gas Byproduct [Wasie shredding, ras Haulers Part 264 Perl \Gangisle Consinction of anil vee 7 ia Topoaraphic Survey for Capacly Use. a poe on of forall cation Pore. 25 Slé Wasa issues. Eva aaily GHG Genecalon Monftorng end Reportna dviake Updato of Division Webslle a7 Coarse Fay Compliance and Monon Reve Compsehens et Rocjeln Reuss of secs Nol Cureny Soe Ta vane Aine ev Sob Waste Manogorsent Pan Unde 2015 2080 [Wale Haulers Part 364 Peri. ‘eopand andi Gas Collection System Waste Shredding ery Operation of Landi Area 7 Seiad Waste Expand Lanai Gas Collecion System Fat Topagranhie Survey for Capacity Use Penning Unt Member Planning Meetines. Plane polly GHG Generation Montomng apd Reporind ore re Dan of Rocyiabla/Returabe Matoralstions Review Town eis Waste and Recicng POAT json Ravi ers Lancf Uso and Capecty - Closure Schecule 78 [Area 6 Fo [Area 6 Close ae ia Wel Managment an Updst 2007 2036 reaing Unk Member Pianning Meeting Wasie Havlors Part 364 Peni ‘cand Landi Gas Collection System lwasto Shredding ‘enand Landill Gas Coleaion Sysiem. Farsi Topoaraphic Survey for Capac Use. eesvate Domoliion DeConstucion Proaram Eval ee ono fomal(edveaton Progran on Soe Wale Tasos FEvaiuale Tovn Gren Purchasing Promcem aa polly GHG Generain Montosna and Reporting \eosluats Town Greon Purchasing Progrem ofa [ieee 6 Phased Cause. ast ial Rosen se atari Hal Caren Reseed Hae eid Weslo Manegement Pin Update 2017 2018 Come civ Facily congliance and Montoing Review sie Haulers Part 364 Pema [Expand tandiil Ges Collection Sysiem IWaste Shredaing [Expand Landil Gas Colecton System OE Generation Montoring and Reporing HeevlTopearephic Surv fr Capacily Use — ere coe eee eet FPesrning Uait Member Planning Meetings RecjlableiRetunat Reviow the Ban of Reoy [neriake Updato of Ovsion Webste 98 [Continue Fecity fe Matorsiftems r Seaeeereassesereecee stare Foal Opteron Candi Gas Collection System Oneratons, Goto rd Wasis Nanegement Pian Undate 20/9 2020 Planting Unit Member Piantina Meetings andfil Post-Closure Montoro Toa 6 Phased Closure Compisied (Wasie Stredling Epand Lendl Gas Cotocton System Evaluate Wasle Exchango Fac Tisval Topographic Suvey for future proper Ss pete We Haular conse Prooeduo and Last ae a en of bvomatnfeducaton Pron on Sold ie es Sane giy Gu Generation Monona and Repos Rantala Ney/ Land Gas Sale Agreement

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