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Q1. State and explain Coloumbs law.

Q2. State and Prove Divergence Theorem.
Q3. Explain the concept of line integral, surface integral and volume integral.
Q4. Derive the expression for potential gradient.
Q5 Point charges 1 nC and -2 mC are located at (3,2,-1) and (-1,-1,4) respectively. Calculate the
electric force on a 10 nC charge located at (0,3,1) and electric field intensity at that point.
Q6. Determine D at (4,0,3) if there is point charge -5 mC at (4,0,0) and a line charge 3 mC/m
along the y - axis.
Q7. Given that D= z cos2 az c/m2, calculate the charge density at (1, /4,3) and total charge
enclosed by the cylinder of radius 1 m with

-2<= z <=2 m.

Q8. Evaluate both sides of divergence theorem for the field D = 2 xy ax + x2 ay C/m2 and the
rectangular parallelpiped formed by the planes x=0 & 1 y= 0 &2 and z=0 &3.