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Bishop’s Committee Meeting 12/13/13

Johnnette Shane, Kevin Minch, Steve Reiser, Tim Baker, Karen Henness, Julie Seidler

Building Committee
o Kevin brought up that due to the progress made with the plans that there needed
to be committee for the building to present changes to the building during
 Motion was made by Kevin Minch to include on this committee Tim
Baker, Kevin Minch, Wynne Wilbur and Krista.
 Motion passed.
 Motion was made by Kevin Minch to form a sub-committee to assist in
preparing options for colors. It was suggested that Wynne Wilbur and Cole
Woodcox. Seconded by Karen Henness.
 Motion passed.
Julie Seidler brought up the discussion about the building plans being compliant with the
Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Tim explained that the architect has ensured that
the building is compliant.
Kevin Minch to setup survey monkey for schedule for Bursar.
Kevin Minch to setup survey monkey for schedule for dates for planning committee.
Vote was taken to elect Tim Baker and Julie Seidler Co-Junior Wardens. Unanimous vote
for Tim and Julie to share duties.
Johnette Shane+ asked Steve Reiser to assume duties of Clerk.
February Bishop committee meeting scheduled for Sunday 2/16/2014 at Steve And Sherri
Reiser home, 3403 Broadlawn Drive, Kirksville, MO 63501
Motion was made to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.