The Blood Moons, Kim Clement, & Dr. Owuor - by C. T.


And God said, "Let there be lights in the heavens, to divide the day from the night; and let them
be for signs and for appointed times..." Gen 1:14.
Lunar Tetrad (4 Blood Moons)

April 15, 2014 - (15 Nissan, Passover)
October 8, 2014 - (15 Tishri, Feast of Tabernacles)
March 20, 2015 - (1 Nissan, 1st day of the Jewish year.) - Total Lunar Eclipse
April 4, 2015 - (15 Nissan, Passover)
September 28, 2015 (15 Tishri, Feast of Tabernacles)

Every time the 4 Blood Moons or Lunar Tetrad fall on the Jewish feast days, something
significant happens to the Jewish nation in particular and the whole world in general.



Spanish Inquisition where millions of Jews were either forced out of Spain or killed.
Discovery of the Jewish haven, America, by the Jew, Christopher Columbus.


For the 1st time since 70 AD, Israel once again became a nation and the Jews returned
to Israel.


Israel gained control of Jerusalem in the 6 day war. This was also the 1st time since 70


The Year of the America-Iran nuclear deal.

The Shemitah Year & Jubilees
A Shemitah is a Seven year cycle Sabbatical year. After 7 of these have passed (50 years), we have
a Jubilee. The 70th Jubilee since the children of Israel entered the Promised Land began on 24
September 2014 and ends on 13 September 2015. It is also the 120th Jubilee since the creation of
In the last Jubilee, 1967, Israel regained control of Jerusalem.


The Blood Moons, Kim Clement, & Dr. Owuor - by C. T. Amos

The Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014/2015 coincides with the beginning of the “Shemitah” as well
as the “Jubilee Year”, which begins this coming Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) on 23
September 2015. A Jubilee (50th) year comes after 7 sabbatical cycles (49 years) of 7 years each.
It is all the more amazing that a Jubilee is converging with the Four Blood Moons!
What happened in the last two Shemitah years? In the Shemitah year of 2001, America was
attacked by Islamic terrorists on September 11, killing nearly three thousand people & destroying
the economic centre of world trade!
In the Shemitah year of 2008, America experienced a stock market crash on September 29 when
the market fell 777 points in one day. It was the greatest one-day decline in the history of Wall
Street. It happened on the 29th of Elul which is the last day before the 7th month on the Hebrew
Kim Clement - (21 February 2015)
I shall send My prophet to Israel when they vote and God says, there
shall be a change and many will weep but I will take Netanyahu,
whether ruler or not, and they shall call to him, for he is not just a
king, he is a prophet. Therefore, tremble when peace treaties begin,
for God says at that point, you shall know that I look from My
heavens and that which has kept Me back shall begin to be fulfilled.
All the words of the prophets that have been spoken through the
centuries shall be fulfilled and shall begin to be fulfilled quickly. Study
the Word, says the Lord. Study to show yourself approved. And when
these things happen, rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh.
Dr. David Owuor - (2 April 2004)
The Lord lifted me up and took me across the entire Middle East. It
was at that time, that the Holy Spirit began to speak with me about another set of events that
would take place in Israel. These events, the Lord said, would catapult the church to another
level, and mark the threshold of Rapture. As I was standing there and heaven still stood open,
then He that sits on the Throne spoke with me about the two changes of government that were
soon to take place in Israel as a sign that the Rapture was near.
As I was still standing there, then I saw the first change of government take place and all of a
sudden the second change of government took place right before my
eyes. It is this particular second change of government that seemed
to be most important as a landmark towards the Rapture of the
church. In this vision, as I looked, I saw the entire world in a state of
surprise and shock at the second change of leadership in Israel. They
were shocked because the government formed was mainly a very
right-wing government that did not conform with the expectations
of the world. At that time, I then saw Benjamin Netanyahu become
the leader of the Jewish state again.


As believers, we know that the entire land of Israel belongs to the
Jewish people and splitting it, is truthfully not the will of the Holy


The Blood Moons, Kim Clement, & Dr. Owuor - by C. T. Amos

In that April 2nd 2004 vision of the Lord, what was most astonishing after the two-time changes
of leadership in Israel, is the Voice of the Lord that immediately followed. As I watched and saw
the final change of government take place in Israel, and the shock that gripped the nations of the
earth, all of a sudden the Lord commanded John the Baptist to instruct me on what was about to
befall the earth. As the entire earth was still engrossed and absorbed in the shock regarding the
formation of the most right-wing leadership in Israel, then John the Baptist who was standing on
my right hand side, stretched out his arm and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God. . .”. And when I
immediately turned to see what he was talking about, I was very stunned to see the most glorious
Lamb of God Coming. The most glorious and holy Lamb of God came all the way from the
glory that surrounded the Throne of God, and made His way towards the earth.
Everything else became very glorious on His way down the clouds. He then took the holy and
glorious Christians away. At that time, heaven opened and they entered into the Kingdom of
God Almighty.
----------------Editor's Note:
The two changes of leadership are as follows:
Ariel Sharon (March 2001 - January 2006)............. replaced by
Ehud Olmert (April 2006 - March 2009)............. replaced by
Benjamin Netanyahu (March 2009 - present)
As Prime Minister, in 2004 – 2005 Ariel Sharon orchestrated Israel's unilateral disengagement
from the Gaza Strip. He had been expected to win the next election of 28 March 2006 and was
widely interpreted as planning on "clearing Israel out of most of the West Bank" in a series of
unilateral withdrawals. However, he suffered a stroke in April 2006 and remained in a permanent
vegetative state until his death in January 2014.
Wendy Alec - April 2008:
I have guarded you jealously, says the Lord, even as I have guarded Israel jealously. And I have
kept you, son – For a set time and a season – for the latter days.... I shall set you in office - in the
high place as ruler of Israel you shall be. For not one term says the Lord. Not two terms says the
Lord. But three terms – says the Lord...
I shall set you on high. And I shall set you as a watchman over my Land as a watchman over the
walls of Jerusalem and even like King David your reign shall be. And it shall be just in time says
the Lord. Just in time.
For your voice shall cry out against the plans of men. And your voice shall cry out against the
strategies of the enemy. And it shall be different than before. For your voice shall roar in the
White House and your voice shall roar in the United Nations and your voice shall resound even
to the European Union And you shall say NO – It is ENOUGH NO – Jerusalem is OUR’S.
Jerusalem is the Lord our God’s.
I have jealously guarded you to release you to reign over Israel in the time of the end. While the
nations rage against you and I shall hook out the nations even those of the West that the world
shall see their true intents and their evil schemes against My Land. And no longer shall their

The Blood Moons, Kim Clement, & Dr. Owuor - by C. T. Amos

intentions remain hidden from view, says the Lord, for I am roused with a holy anger against
them and as you speak I shall speak. And as you roar I shall surely roar from Zion. For you are
My chosen vessel for Israel in these last and coming days.