Unit 23 Multi Camera

Techniques LO1

Why sports should have multiple

Sports will need multiple cameras so the best angles
are able to be seen on TV which you wouldn’t be able
to see if you saw the event live from a stand etc.
having multiple cameras allows you to capture every
piece of movement as most sport games as they are
unpredictable and fast paced so you can see where
the action is happening rom different perspectives
and unique angles.

Having all these cameras at a sports event gives you
the best angle of whatever it is you're watching, say
football for example. When a player scores a goal, the
multiple cameras allow you to see every different
angle of the goal being scored making it more
enjoyable to watch and interactive fro the viewer as
you will not see these kind of angles in sport if you
went to see the game live.

For a televised football game by Sky Sports, up to 24
different types of camera angles are used allowing them
to capture and piece of action that happens. Depending
on how big the football games is up 40 or more are used
for games such as the Champions League Final. As this
event is so big a lot of cameras are used because
millions of people tune in to watch it as it is such a big
and important game to football fans.
This is my camera
plan layout for a
Football game

Camera 1&7: Captures the back of the net when a goal is scored

Camera 2&8: Captures a high angle of when I a goal is scored

Camera: 3&4, 5&6 capture the action that is going on in each half of
the pitch

Camera 9&10 captures most of the pitch and stadium from a very high

Camera 11 captures the whole pitch in a wide shot from a high angle

4-5 important shots
This is an important shot because it tracks
wherever the balls goes capturing the action
allowing the viewer to see all the action. They
would therefor be keeping up with the game,
not missing anything important. This shot is
also high up as if the camera is in the stands
making the viewer feel as if they are there
(POV)watching the game in the stadium.
This is a birds eye view shot of a
goal being scored. This shot lets
the viewer see how the goal was
scored giving you a clear view of
how it happened. It allows you to
see the tactical positioning of the

This camera angle is very important because over the years
of football there have been controversial decisions on
whether or not the goal was scored and if it actually went
over the goal line. Having this camera angles gives the
audience the security of knowing if the goal was scored.
This camera is mainly used for the viewers at home.

Why concerts should have multiple
camera angles

Live music events will need a lot of camera angles
because it makes the performance more exciting for the
viewer to watch. Having multiple cameras creates
atmosphere by seeing the excitement on the crowd and
seeing all the members of the band all at once and
individually. A lot of advertising boards will be at
concerts or festivals so the cameras will focus of them

Having multiple cameras at a concert helps the viewer see more than
just Oasis singing from a long short, by using lots of different shots
helps link with the mood of the song and makes it more engaging to

Glastonbury will have up to 20 cameras on the main stage allowing
everything to be captured on camera. There would usually be about 10
cameras on the stage so that it is more interactive with the artist or band.
And the other 10 will be focused on the crowd where all the excitement is

This is a close up of the lead
singer (Liam Gallagher). This
allows the audience to see
them close up and the singer
is more interactive with the
audience with a close up
camera on him.
This is a long shot/ wide
shot of the crowd. This
show the atmosphere at the
concert and the excitement
within the crowd.

Usually when a band are
performing there is always
more than two members so
the cameras on stage
capture the of the member
separately and some
together like in this picture
This shot is from the
cameras in the crowd.
These camera are
usually on a stand up
high so it can capture
the area and the stage
showing the perfect
view of everything

Why Chat shows should have
multiple cameras

Chat shows need multiple simultaneous cameras so that it makes it more
interactive with the host and who ever is being interviewed, this is then
more appealing to the audience so they are able to see their favourite
celeb up close.
Chat show
camera plan

Having multiple simultaneous cameras for a chat show makes it
interesting for the viewer to watch. A separate camera will be a close
up of the host and a another separate camera for a close up of the
interviewee. These camera angles make it more personal and intense
when the close is on the interviewee(celebrity ) when they are talking
about their past experiences or talking about a new film or album they
have released. Another camera will show all the interviewees in the
waiting room. The best examples of this would be ‘The Jonathon Ross
Show’. Another two separate cameras focuses on the host and the
interviewee when they are chatting, almost doing a shot reverse shot.

This is a mid shot/ close up of
the host as he is talking to the
camera most likely at the start
of the show

This shot would be used
when the interviewee and
the host would be having
a conversation and
interacting with each
other. Its more exciting to
watch when both are on

close up of the interviewee.
These camera angles make it
more personal and intense when
the close is on the
interviewee(celebrity ) when they
are talking about their past
experiences or talking about a
new film or album they have
Shot of all the guest out at the
same time that are being
interviewed. This happens a
lot of chat shows when their if
more than one guest.

This is a wide shot of the
host and the interviewee
interacting with each other.
This happens a lot on the
Jonathon Ross show, he
always gets some sort
devise to show off to the
audience and the

Why Game shows should have
multiple camera angles

In All Star Family Fortunes it would realistically have only 3 cameras.
These cameras are studio cameras so they would be able to move very
fast. The cameras would focus on the host of the game show and the
other two on the contestants as there are two family's competing. The
cameras would zoom in on each contestant when separately asking a
question. These cameras are all rolling simultaneously.

Game shows need multiple cameras so that it makes it interesting and
exciting for the viewers when watching. Most game shows are just
answering questions, only a few are physical and those which are need
multiple camera angles so see all the contestants and what they are
doing, however All Star Family fortunes is mainly based around
answering questions.

This shot is of the host and a
contestant from each team
competing against each other

Shot of the game
show host talking to
one of the families so
the audence can see
who is competing

Wide shot of the
game show host at
the start of the show
before he has
introduced the two
family who will be