Standard 1: Learner Development

The teacher understands how learners grow and develop, recognizing the
patterns of learning and development vary individually within and across the
cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas, and designs and
implements developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.

While completing my coursework for EDU
4400, Behavior Management in the Classroom, I
participated in a vast amount of collaborative
activities with my fellow classmates. These
activities were based on analyzing case studies
and then drawing upon prior knowledge to
create and implement methods and activities
that would promote the growth and development
of learners.
Through my participation in a number of small
group and large group discussions, my
classmates and I took the time to analyze case
studies involving students in all levels of
schooling, from preschool through secondary.
These case studies were a learning tool found in
the book “Building Classroom Discipline”,
which was crafted by C.M. Charles. Many of
the scenarios required us to take on the role of
the instructor and apply what we have learned to
the challenging behavior at hand.
We would begin our task by reading the case
study independently, taking the time to note any
important information. Following our
independent reading, we would join our
scenario groups and collaborate on effective
strategies and methods for the issue at hand. As
we discussed our ideas, we took the time to be
very thoughtful in our selection of strategies and
methods to make certain that they would
promote the growth and learning of the students
involved. After we spent an adequate amount of
time in the small group setting, we shifted our
discussion to the large group setting. The chance
to discuss ideas and collaborate to create
solutions with an even larger group assisted us
in selecting well-rounded, positive strategies to
the behavior challenges presented by the
students within the case studies.

Taking the time to discuss the case studies with
my classmates and collaborate with them to find
the most effective strategies and methods to
remedy the behavior challenges presented by
students has really helped me grow as a teaching
professional. Working in a scenario group and
with the entire class provided me with a practice
run for what’s to come in my future professional
endeavors. Teachers must collaborate with one
another often, and work together to make wellinformed decisions about student growth,
learning, and development.
The situations presented within each scenario
were things that often occur in real classrooms,
such as complete disregard of authority and
bullying. Situations that involve these types of
issues cannot be ignored and must be dealt with
immediately using the appropriate measures.
Even though the situations presented within
each case study did not actually occur,
collaborating with others to find solutions has
assisted me in not only becoming a better
decision maker and team member, but also has
given me strategies and methods to add to my
tool belt to use in my future teaching