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To whom it may concern,

Letter of recommendation for Jasmin Hasanovi

Dear Sir/Madam
I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Jasmin Hasanovi in my capacity as professor at Faculty of Political
Sciences at University of Sarajevo.
Mr. Hasanovi attended five of my Courses, both at undergraduate, and graduate studies: Political
parties and interest groups and Diplomacy on undergraduate, and The recent history of diplomacy, Multilateral
diplomacy and Modern diplomacy and the diplomatic service in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In all of them, he scored
extraordinary results, and ended with an A on all five Courses, obtaining the academic knowledge in the
fields of diplomacy, diplomatic service and international relations. Also, he actively took part at practical
sessions in front of the Faculty in the Directorate for European Integration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
As a student at undergraduate studies at department for political sciences, Mr. Hasanovi proved
to be one of the most capable students at our Faculty, which is confirmed by The Golden Badge of
University from Sarajevo Hasanovi won as the best student award.
As a student of Master studies, at the department for International relations and diplomacy, he
showed great interest in this area, but also great knowledge, successfully grabbing to grips with the issues
of the many phenomes of modern international politics, so even showing great ability in reasoning
relations among the global issues. In several occasions, he was the leader of his Department.
Successfully operating with the gained knowledge through exams, written works and projects, as
well as participating in professional and relevant seminars, workshops and trainings from the areas of
interest, as a Head of Department for political science and professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences at
the University of Sarajevo, I heartily recommend Mr. Hasanovi to you in all his capacity, believing that he
represent a great future in the fields of diplomacy and international relations. With the knowledge and
skills he possesses, and that every new experience, for him from You, and from You to him is required!
If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me at +387 33 203 562, local 188, or at

Best regrads,

prof. Safet Halilovi, Ph.D.

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