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Objective: To inform viewers about an African Country by researching, taking notes and
creating a poster.
Directions: Read the information packet, take notes (in bullet points) and create a poster
to present to your peers.
TASK: Reading & Writing Topics
Partner A
1. Facts & figures, Map & Flag of country
2.Geography & Wildlife
3.People & Culture
4. Education & Jobs
5. Economy & Industry

Partner B
1. History & Politics
2. Climate & Agriculture
3. Food & Daily Life
4. Poverty & Healthcare
5. Tourism & Sight seeing

Each group may print up to 3 pages of pictures no more!

Copy & paste pictures on Microsoft Word to print.
Monday 3/6 Tuesday 3/7: Read and take notes (bullet points) on your lined paper
Wednesday 3/8: On poster board start planning where to place information. Get Title,
Map, flag done
Thursday 3/9 Friday 3/10: Paste writing information with Subtitle Headings. Add
pictures. Make your poster interactive with the viewer.
Due date: Monday April 13th. Be prepared to present to your peers.