Research Project

Hayden Pezzoni

Mexico’s Clean
Water Problem



Dr. Robert Arnold


Hayden Pezzoni


March 19, 2015


Requesting Approval of Research Topic

The water scarcity and pollution problem in Mexico is seemingly unavoidable.
I am requesting for approval to research in-depth the problem our bordering
neighbor country is experiencing with pollution and scarcity of the most valuable
natural resource, Water.

Problem: For the betterment of our neighbors, this issue of potable water
scarcity is one that ought to be addressed and researched. In doing so, we could
also solve other issues that may appear to be unrelated like immigration, drug
trafficking, and violent crimes. This research topic came to mind while I was serving
on a mission trip over spring break in Tecaté, Mexico. The differences between the
resource scarcities there and the almost indelibly available resources here are quite
shocking, especially after living in such conditions for a week.
Objectives: Quite a few solutions to this problem exist, as water scarcity is
an international issue occurring on just about every continent. I will attempt to focus
on what the country of Mexico already has an abundance/deficit of when dealing
with potable water scarcity. Why Mexico has these problems in the first place could
also be an interesting point or statement to make.
Solution: In a few Municipalities and States, operations are taking place (on
a small scale) to either construct or renovate the water management and filtration
systems. On an even smaller scale, a few world relief organizations have stepped in
and provided items like Brita water filters and lessons on water purification methods
and recyclability of plastic bottles (to alleviate the in-disposable waste problems).
Long term solutions mainly include modified pilot multi-stage filtration (MMSF)
systems in rural poverty-stricken communities, which will collect, treat, and filter out
rain water.
Qualifications: Prior knowledge and experience after being subjected to the
identified issue for one week.
Cost: Cost will be mentioned after researching in depth the encounters that
other corporations/organizations had to deal with. This aspect of the project will
vary greatly, since there are more than a few solutions and each solution can be
utilized differently in dissimilar regions of the country. (more
policies needed) (data on pollution and
problems) (one solution)
11 (severity/numbers of what is impacted)
direct=true&db=eih&AN=26699416&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Baja area,
Ensenada, Mexico’s water filtration/purification plant)
direct=true&db=eih&AN=90478131&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Mexican aquifer
number count and details…)
direct=true&db=eih&AN=61893084&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Solution: MMSF
or modified pilot multi-stage filtration)