SEPEP Program Lesson Plan week 4

Lesson Plan School of Health Sciences Revised Jan 2014



X Week 4 Lesson PlanLESSON


Year Level:
20th March 2015




Learning Area: Health & Physical Education

Strand: Movement and Physical Activity

Students’ Prior Knowledge:
Students demonstrate control and accuracy when
performing specialised movement skills. They Apply and
refine movement concepts and strategies to suit different
movement situations. They apply the elements of
movement to compose and perform movement
Focus Area:

Moving our Body, Learning Through Movement

Content Descriptors:

Teacher’s Prior Preparation/Organisation:

Perform and refine specialised movement skills in
challenging movement situations (ACPMP099)
Evaluate own and others’ movement compositions,
and provide and apply feedback in order to enhance
performance situations (ACPMP100)
Develop, implement and evaluate movement concepts
and strategies for successful outcomes (ACPMP101)
Devise, implement and refine strategies demonstrating
leadership and collaboration skills when working in
groups or teams (ACPMP105)
Transfer understanding from previous movement
experiences to create solutions to movement

Teachers are expected to have all equipment ready to go,
they know exactly what they are going to be teaching and
how they want to do it. They know the Key Teaching
Points of the major skills and they know how much space
they will have so they can modify games if space
becomes different.
Equipment List
- 12 Netballs
- Set of cones
- 2 whistles
- 1 set of bibs

Reflect on how fair play and ethical behaviour can
influence the outcomes of movement
activities (ACPMP107)

General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson)


ICT Competence

Critical and
creative thinking


Personal and Social


Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
histories and cultures

Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia


Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb)
As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

Practice the correct shooting technique
Demonstrate the chest, shoulder, bounce and lob pass
Demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship towards all other teams and teammates
Be able to defend a player without obstructing or contacting them

Lesson Plan School of Health Sciences Revised Jan 2014

LESSON EVALUATION (to be completed AFTER the lesson)
Assessment of Lesson Objectives and Suggestions for Improvement::

Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation:

[OFFICIAL USE ONLY] Comments by classroom teacher, HOPP, supervisor:



Motivation and Introduction:
- Today we will be introducing you to all of the major skills associated with Netball
- These include, passing, shooting and defending
- The teams for SEPEP will be getting chosen today when you play a small game of Netball at the end of the lesson
- Warm up is Military Drill which goes through footwork associated with Netball
Student Organisation

Lesson Content

(Individual task structure, differentiation)

(Content and KTP)

Class Organisation Resources and

- Students stand along either the
side line or the base line
depending on numbers


Retrieved from:

- Students must follow teachers
commands until they call the
next one

- Follow Commands at all

- If a student stops they sprint a
whole lap of the court


- Listen Carefully

Fast feet = fast toe touching
run on the spot with arms
Butt kicks = kicking heels up to
High knees = raising knees up
to hip height with arms
Squat jumps = squatting down
low and jumping up high
Drop = drop down to ground
and do 3-5 press-ups
Left = left twist jump, both feet
jump around with toes pointing
to the left and straight back to
front again, upper body and
head remains facing forward
Right = right twist jump, same
as left twist jump just around to
the right.
Tucks = tuck jumps repeatedly
Jog = jogging on the spot.

Circle = Students
Square = teacher
- Whistle

Bridging organization
Students are asked to form into pairs and one pair needs to go and get a ball from the bin
Go over the KTP for each pass before hand and then when they are actually doing them
Shooting action and technique needs to be gone over

Lesson Plan School of Health Sciences Revised Jan 2014


- get students, in their pairs to
spread out and practice all of
the types of passing between
each other
- They may only move on if
they have both perfected the
- The passes are; Chest
pass, shoulder pass, bounce
pass, lob pass

Chest Pass
- Chest height ball
- step forward with opposite
- Fingers make a W
- Push the ball so that it is flat
in the air
Shoulder Pass
- Ball is held al dominate
sides shoulder
- dominant hand is behind the
ball and other hand resting
on the side
- Fingers are spread wide
- Step forward with opposite
- Ball is brought back, down
and around

- Balls for 1 between 2
- 4 cones
- Whistle

Bounce Pass
- Body is low
-push ball to ground landing
2/3 from player and bouncing
back up
- Ball is at waist height
- Fingers spread over the ball
- 2 hands or 1 hand
Lob Pass
- Ball is push upwards to
make a parabola in the air
- W grip underneath the ball
- Elbows up at 90 degrees
- Aim for above head of
receiving player




- Class is taught the shooting
technique and how to
properly shoot

- Dominant hand is under ball
and other hand is to balance
the ball
-Ball Is held above the head
with dominant arm nearly
touching ear
- Feet are shoulder width
- Bend and Push the ball

- Pairs will partner up into
groups of 4 and will practice
shooting one at a time with
the others getting the

One group demonstrating how the
activity will be set up so that everyone
can have practice shooting, other
groups are around the other goals on
other courts.
- Balls for 1 between 4
- Whistle

Lesson Plan School of Health Sciences Revised Jan 2014

Bridging organization

Collect in all equipment, you will be creating three teams and be calling them 1, 2 and 3. You will point to
students and they have to go and sit in their team

Game Play


A small round robin will be
being played
1 vs 2 (3 off)

- Make sure students are still
using all of the techniques of
passing and shooting that we
just went over

2 vs 3 (1 off)
1 vs 3 (2 off)
- Team that if off needs to
score and umpire
- 5 min games to be able to
observe students ability
- This is how you will be
making the teams for SEPEP

- Make sure that fair play and
team work is being done and
that all students are having a
good time and supporting
each other

Whole Netball Court is in play
- Player positions
- 1 Netball
- 2 Whistles
- 1 set of bibs for a team

- Make sure umpires are
calling the correct decisions
and not favouring a team

- Ranking students 1-3. With
1 being good and 3 being
- This way there will be a fair
spread in the SEPEP team
Lesson Closure: (Review lesson objectives with students)

- Ensure all Lesson objectives are met by going through them with the student
- Get studets to tell you the Key teaching points for all of the different skills
- Ask students if they enjoyed the lesson and what they liked and didn’t like about it
Transition: (What needs to happen prior to the next lesson?)
- Teams will be posted on SEPEP weebly page so students can find out what team they are in
- Students are told that next lesson is a theory lesson so they don’t have to bring their uniform

Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will these be judged?)
- No formal assessment, observations just made to create fair teams based on Netball ability

Lesson Plan School of Health Sciences Revised Jan 2014