1. What is Geocaching?
Go to the following website and answer the questions below:

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using

GPS-enabled devices

How is technology used in this game? Your using your phone or GPS to figure out were the

geocaches are

What does the word Geocaching mean? GEO for geography and to caching, the process of

hiding a cache



Compare the term cache in computer terms to the meaning for hikers/campers: in computer

terms usually refers to information stored in memory to make it faster to retrieve…in
hiking/camping as a hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions
What does GPS stand for? (You will need ask jeeves for this definition). Global Positioning
How close can a GPS unit determine your position? Within around 6 - 30 feet

Describe how a GPS device works: reads signals from at least three satellites at a time to calculate its general
location by a process called trilateration then With the signals from four satellites its receiver can get a more
accurate fix that includes altitude and the exact time and as well as latitude and longitude The more satellite signals
the receiver reads, the more accurate the position it reports to you


What is trilateration? GPS device takes that information to figure out where you are


If a GPS device receives signals from 4 satellites what additional data would be provided?

The more accurate the position it reports to you

Do GPS devices broadcast your location? (Can you be tracked using a GPS?) Nope


What are some problems which might prevent you from going directly to a cache? Cache
location might be to far


What are three rules for Geocaching? If you take something from the geocache leave something of
equal or greater value, Write about your find in the cache logbook, Log your experience
What items are usually placed in a cache? logbook or logsheet


m. What items should not be placed in a cache? Explosives, ammunition, knives, drugs and


Where do people typically choose to hide a cache? In the woods or somewhere in there


Do you think this would be a fun hobby to have? Explain: no cus I don’t go outside

2. What would you chose to hide for others to find in a cache? In the water
3. What would you hide in your cache? something
4. Why would you choose this location and contents for your cache? Idk sound awesome

5. What is the latitude and longitude where you live? Go to
and type in your city (Feature Name), state, county and zip code 355207N 0782555W

6. Describe a situation when you would benefit from knowing your latitude and longitude. Going
somewhere like say to some relatives that live in some other state if your driving