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Evidence-based Final Reflection

Throughout my time at TUN I have come to a better understanding of

evidence-based practice and its importance to occupational therapy as a
medical profession. Having the research and evidence behind OT
implemented interventions increases the efficacy as well as ethics behind
the intervention. It allows the OT practitioner confidence and a better
understanding of what interventions to utilize and provide reasoning for to
the client and medical team.
With each evidence-based artifact my understanding increased and my
interest towards research expanded. Several artifacts especially increased
my interest within research, including my OCCT 504 qualitative paper, my
critically appraised topic (CAT), and actually completing research within the
CADD. My 504 qualitative paper was my first evidence-based artifact and
one that really helped my understand research within occupational therapy.
Having a bachelors degree within biology, I was comfortable with the
process of completing lab reports and reading research papers on different
topics, however I feel that completing a paper that not only involved more
time and background knowledge helped expand my knowledge even more.
Furthermore, it expanded my knowledge of occupational therapy and its wide
scope when searching through different articles. While I do not necessarily
enjoy reading and writing research papers, it was a good experience that
increased my understanding of research within the field of occupational

Completing my CAT was one of the first times I truly enjoyed research
and was when I believe I had most of my growth. Starting this CAT, I knew it
would be a decent amount of work and time. Thankfully, I was very
interested within the topic of utilizing social stories and their validity for
children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. On aspect of the project that I
especially enjoyed was that I was invested within the paper which made it
seem like less work and made it more meaningful. The most difficult part of
this project was finding valid and recent research articles to use within my
CAT. Once completed, this project it really made me think about how difficult
it can be for occupational therapists to complete and publish higher levels of
evidence for their research. Each client is so different, making generalized
intervention approaches not always to most appropriate. From this, I can take
my research into my fieldwork and work settings in understanding that while
social stories may be effective in helping children with Autism Spectrum
Disorder increase positive behaviors, they need to be utilized alongside other
While I have gained knowledge within evidence-based practice, there is
still much more that I need to understand. I had the opportunity to
participate within the sleep research study and from that I better understand
my areas of growth. I believe thinking of the parameters and regulations
within a research study is an area of growth for me and one that will take
more experience to think of all the possibilities within a study. Overall, I look

forward to continuing gaining more knowledge around evidence-based

practice and utilizing it throughout my career.