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Project PREP Reading Conversation (2014-15)

Name of Student





Name of Principal ___________________ Special Ed. Case Manager
Other staff participating in conversation

We are meeting today to discuss the core (general education) and

specially designed (special education) instruction that (name of student)
receives in reading.
Core instruction in reading is for all students, is provided every day, and is
planned and delivered by classroom teachers and co-teachers through the
Focused Instruction framework. The goal is to provide all students with a
differentiated, rigorous, deep and complex core in reading.
Specially designed instruction in reading addresses the instructional
needs of students with disabilities by providing intensive special
education service to the student and supplements the core instruction
received by the student. It should be noted that in many instances
students with disabilities do not receive direct service in reading. For
these students it is important to acknowledge the need for special
education staff to collaborate with general education staff in supporting
improved reading performance.
Our goal for this student is that he/she will perform at the Proficiency
level or higher on the 2015 MCA III reading assessment. As the facilitator
today, I will focus our conversation on the students current level of
performance, the current instructional plan, and what we can do to help
this student prep for the MCAs and meet the proficiency standards in this
1. Describe the students current performance in reading. What evidence/data/work
samples do you have that shows how the student is doing (i.e., MCA, MAP, CBM,
F&P, Benchmark Assessments, ACCESS, PLAN/EXPLORE, Progress Monitoring

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2. Based on the reading assessment data in #1, which of the following 5 Big Ideas
from the National Reading Panel should be addressed?
a. Phonemic Awareness
b. Alphabetic Understanding
c. Fluency
d. Vocabulary
e. Comprehension
3. In which areas below does reading instruction occur? How many
minutes per week of reading instruction are allocated within these
areas? How can we add, modify, or change instruction in the following
areas to ensure the student is on track to be proficient on the MCA III
a. Core instruction (in General Education)
b. Differentiation within core instruction (in General Education)
c. Targeted Intervention outside core instruction (in General Education, e.g. Tier
2 or Tier 3)
d. Specially designed reading instruction (in Special Education)
4. What areas of support will be implemented to improve reading?
a. Additional practice activities in reading
b. Home program and parent involvement activities
c. After school programming
d. Tutoring
e. Test taking strategies and online practice test

Engagement (attendance and behavior) strategies

g. Motivation/incentive strategies
h. Self-monitoring strategies

Using Technology: iPad, laptop, reading apps, software


Test-taking anxiety strategies

5. How will progress be measured?

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6. What has the team agreed to do to help this student improve performance on
MCA reading?

7. Follow-up meetings should occur in December and February. What is the date of
the next scheduled meeting?

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