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KNJ2463-Electronics and Microprocessor

Tutorial Diode and its application


1. Doping is the process of adding trivalent or pentavalent elements to an

intrinsic semiconductor in order to increase the effective number of free
electrons or holes, respectively.
2. Recombination is the process in which an electron that has crossed the pn
junction falls into a hole in the p-region, creating a negative ion.
3. Determine whether each diode in figure 1 is forward biased or reverse biased.
a. The diode is reverse-biased because the anode is at 5 V and the cathode is at 8
b. The diode is forward-biased because the anode is at ground and the cathode is
at 100 V.
c. The diode is forward-biased by the positive voltage produced by the voltage
d. The diode is forward-biased because its cathode is more negative than the
anode due to the 20 V source
4. Calculate the average value of a half-wave rectified voltage with a peak value
of 200V.

5. Determine the peak voltage across RL in figure 2.

6. Consider the circuit in figure 3.

a. What type of circuit is this?
b. What is the total peak secondary voltage?
c. Find the peak voltage across each half of the secondary
d. Draw the voltage wave form across RL
e. What is the peak current through each diode?
f. What is the PIV for each diode?