The Stamp Act
What did the Stamp Act do? It was designed to raise revenue from the American Colonies by
the duty (tax) in the form in the stamp required on all newspapers and legal or commercial
documents . The Stamp Act was first direct tax to be levied on the American colonies . It was
the first serious attempt to assert governmental authority over 13 colonies .
How did it affect the colonists? The colonists weren’t too happy about this but they decided to
use less molasses. As a result revenues were not as high as the British Government expected.
So, led by Prime Minister George Grenville, the government passed another tax. This one hit
the American colonists much harder.
How did it affect the loyalists? They were taxing the colonies to get more money .
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The Intolerable Acts
What did the Intolerable Acts do? Series of laws sponsored by British Prime Minister Lord
North and enacted in 1774 in response to the Boston Tea Party .
How many Intolerable Acts were there? There were five Intolerable Acts .
What did each one say ? Impartial Administration of Justice Act - allowed the royal
governor of a colony to move trials to other colonies or even to England if he feared that
juries in those colonies wouldn't judge a case fairly
Massachusetts Bay Regulating Act- law officers subject to appointment by the royal
governor and banned all town meetings that didn't have approval of the royal governor

Boston Port Act - closed the port of Boston until the price of the dumped tea was
recovered, moved the capital of Massachusetts to Salem, and made Marblehead the official
port of entry for the Massachusetts colony.
Quartering Act - allowed royal troops to stay in houses or empty buildings if barracks were
not available
Quebec Act - granted civil government and religious freedom to Catholics living in Quebec.

How did it affect the colonists? They couldn’t go to their judges for court they had to house
British soldiers they took away the Boston Harbor .
How did it affect the loyalists?
make any money

The patriots stopped going to businesses and so they didn’t

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The Boston Massacre
What happened at the Boston Massacre? The Boston Massacre began the evening of March
5, 1770 with a small argument between British Private Hugh White and a few colonists outside
the Custom House in Boston on King Street. The argument began to escalate as more colonists
gathered and began to harass and throw sticks and snowballs at Private White.
Soon there were over 50 colonists at the scene. The local British officer of the watch, Captain
Thomas Preston, sent a number of soldiers over to the Custom House to maintain order.
However, the sight of British soldiers armed with bayonets just aggravated the crowd further.
They began to shout at the soldiers, daring them to fire.
Captain Preston then arrived and tried to get the crowd to disperse. Unfortunately, an object
thrown from the crowd struck one of the soldiers, Private Montgomery, and knocked him down.
He fired into the crowd. After a few seconds of stunned silence, a number of other soldiers fired
into the crowd as well. Three colonists died immediately and two more died later from wounds.

When did this event happen?

March 5 , 1770

How did it affect the colonists? The Boston Massacre became a rallying cry for patriotism in
the colonies. Groups like the Sons of Liberty used it to show the evils of British rule.
How did it affect the loyalists? Many people went to prison and some died
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The Boston Tea Party
What happened at the Boston Tea Party? The Boston Tea Party was a protest by the
American Colonists against the British government. They staged the protest by boarding three
trade ships in Boston Harbor and throwing the ships' cargo of tea overboard into the ocean.
They threw 342 chests of tea into the water. Some of the colonists were disguised as Mohawk
Indians, but the costumes didn't fool anyone. The British knew who had destroyed the tea.

When did this event happen?
Who was involved?

December 17 , 1773

The sons of Liberty .

How did it affect the colonists? Rebellion against the tea tax was not a result of a raise in the
tax, the tax was actually lowered - the protests were because there were no colonists in the
English parliament which led to the cry of "No taxation without representation!" in the American
How did it affect the loyalists?
By people lashing out at them and treating them bad so they
were being tar-feathered and many more things that were horrible
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