Holy Spirit Edition
Holy Spirit
By Ricky Royal

Volume 1, Issue 2
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Hear Me Lord


Hearing From God 2

Light or Darkness? 3

Gather Around the 4

presence within us is not
something we have to earn
or acquire. Rather, it is a
marvelous privilege. By
indwelling our hearts, He
can guide and strengthen,
steering each believer away
from danger and into truth
(John 16:7-8). Scripture tells
us that Jesus came so we
The Holy Spirit is a member could experience a full life
of the Trinity and co-equal
(10:10). This is possible
with God the Father and
only when we listen to His
God the Son. The opening
Spirit and obey.
chapter of Scripture tells us
that He existed before the
I can remember being led by
formation of the earth and the Holy Spirit; he would tell
in fact participated in
me get up and go to this
creation (Gen. 1:2, 26).
event or church on Sunday. I
Today, He has the critical
have been consistently
role of helping and
going to church for over 2
counseling all believers.
years now at Epicenter of
Worship; and man how the
The Holy Spirit is a gift to
time goes so fast. The Holy
every child of God. His
Spirit is not hindered by how

you may feel; or
excuses you may have; all
he keeps saying is GO.
When I lived in Indianapolis,
Indiana the same
philosophy was true; the
Holy Spirit lead my steps.
The Holy Spirit will convict
you; no matter where you
live. I have been
fortunate to discover
Epicenter of Worship church
here in Lansing. Are you
experiencing the abundant
life Jesus promised? He
wasn't talking about happy
circumstances but rather
the joy possible through a
relationship with Him. If
you're lacking in this area,
consider your
understanding of the Holy
Spirit, and pray to be in tune
with His promptings.

How Do We Hear From God?
By Michael Harris
“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he
shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said
unto you.” (John 14:26, KJV)

Mission Statement 4

Journalists For Jesus

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Hear Me Lord
By Jerome Malloy
Psalm 4:01 Hear me when
I call, O God of my
righteousness: thou hast
enlarged me when I was in
distress; have mercy upon
me, and hear my prayer.
As children of the God of
the Universe (uni meaning
one and verse referring to
Genesis 1:01) we call out
to Him. In this verse we
read David reminding God
of the answer to his prior
“distress” as well as in
other psalms.
Isaiah 43:26 Put me in

remembrance: let us plead
together: declare thou, that
thou mayest be justified.
Another point we may take
away from this is the word
“hear” is mentioned twice.
I have prayed under my
breath but I see so many
times in the Bible prayer is
spoken out loud even cried
with a loud voice (Mark

Find a chapter or verse you
want to understand or get
a better grip on and
meditate on it, talk to God
out loud about it.
Remember His promises.
James 1:5 If any of you
lack wisdom, let him ask of
God that giveth to all men
liberally, and upbraideth
not; and it shall be given

The Word says in Psalm
119:15 I will meditate in
thy precepts, and have
respect unto thy ways.

Your relationship to God
should be just as with our
fellow man talking and

This visit was prompted by
a vision of an angel of God
Cornelius had at 3 o’ clock
in the afternoon.

spoken to him had gone,
Cornelius called two of his
servants and a devout
soldier who was one of his

Hearing From God
By Daniel Arnold
Pork n.
Not kosher, not normal,
unnatural, not religious
custom to consume,
Acts 10:15
The Lord permitted a
Jewish man of God named
Peter to eat pork.
“The voice spoke to him a
second time, “Do not call
anything impure that God
has made pure (NIV).”
Acts 10:27-29
Cornelius, Captain of the
Italian Guard, was bold
enough to arrange a
meeting with Peter even
though it was uncustomary
for Peter to associate with
Cornelius as a non-Jew.

Acts 10:16
Peter was prepared for this
cultural shift too. A voice
said to Peter, “Go to it
Peter, kill and eat,” three
Peter was instructed to kill
and eat that which was not
typically natural. Peter had
to learn to crucify his
natural nature and
perceptions— the nature
that sees with human eyes
instead of spiritual.

The three travelers who
sent for Peter
demonstrated Cornelius’s
authority, persistence, and
Peter and Cornelius’s
backstory definitely
involved confirmation and
waiting on God.
Cornelius sent three
messengers to
communicate with Peter,
confirming that it was
Cornelius who sent them.

Acts 10:7-8
Everyone played a part in
this mission from God.
“7When the angel who had

Similarly, when hearing
from God in the spiritual,
we will receive

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 3

Light or Darkness
By Rev. Nathan Bryan
Every Christian is presented with a choice.
From the very beginning, God separated light and darkness.
The Bible is very clear that light and darkness do not mix.
Matthew 6:24 states, “No man can serve two masters for either will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to
the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and
mammon.” There has to be a decision made by every
Will I serve God or ___________, you will fill in the blank.
We read in Revelation 3:16, God will vomit the Christian that is
lukewarm. It tells me we have to choose today who we will
serve. God is looking for 100% commitment and nothing else.
He does not want us partially living for Him. When Light enters,
darkness has to leave and it is impossible to for them to exist together. What an awesome
visual on how we are to live for Christ. When light enters, fear, discouragement, and
hopelessness have to leave. We can have victory with Jesus!
2 Timothy chapter 2 is full of awesome advice and I urge you to read this when you can. It
tells us, as a soldier, not to get tied up with civilian life. We must be focused and
determined. We should want what God wants and we can find this by reading His Word.
2 Timothy 2:19 says, that God knows those who are His and all who belong to the Lord must
turn away from evil. Again we must turn away from darkness! Many churches today are
accepting ideas of what this world thinks is right, and this will be the destruction of those
churches. We must hold to truth and only what the Bible says! God knows those who are
His. My favorite part of these passages are where they explain how we are all vessels. We
all have our own jobs and we can all be used. 2 Timothy 2:21 states, if you purge, or keep
yourself pure, you will be a special utensil, or a vessel, for honorable use. You will be clean
and ready for the Master’s use.
It matters how we live!
If we clean ourselves up and clean out our vessel, then the Spirit can enter and we can be
light to this world. We are not the light, but the vessel that allows the light (Jesus) to shine
through us. God can do amazing things through those that turn from darkness and turn to
light. When the people asked in Acts 2 what they should do, Peter responded repent (turn
away from sin or darkness) and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission (or
forgiveness ) of your sins, then you shall receive the Holy Ghost. He went on to say this is a
promise to everyone! How awesome is that? Jesus wants to live inside of everyone and be
the light to this world, shining through us! When Jesus spoke about the Holy Ghost, He
spoke of POWER! The choice is up to us… who will you serve? God can change anyone and
bring light into any life…. No matter how torn or tattered you may be or how much sin is in
your life. God has enough POWER, He has more than enough forgiveness. He is a Master of
restoration. You can be a special vessel used of God.

So I ask again, who will you serve? Who will you believe?

Gather Around the Channel
By Charles Quentin Leverich, Sr.

Everyone came and we
All gathered around
The kitchen work was done,

Mission Statement:

The Victrola had wound down
Dim, but exciting

For God and Fellow Man.
Modeling after God’s
Unconditional Love.

Was the light upon the dial
What would we find tonight
Little Orphan Annie or a gospel tune

Representing a Wide Variety of
Cultures and Styles
Eliciting Change Through
Jesus-Focused Breakthrough
Writing and Expression
Open to Change as Inspired By
God, we elicit the aid of the
talents of the Common Man and
Woman of God.

As the dial was turned,
Snippets bleeped in and out
At last, one of the few
Strong channels was located

We sat on the floor,
Huddling closer to hear,
Our ears and imaginations taking us

Feel free to submit an artistic
piece, column, or opinion to:
Journalists For Jesus

To places never seen before
The Channel is found,
Clear and sharp upon my heart

Daniel Arnold

The Word with joy
And praise placed within

(Artistic Insert By Kristin Arnold)

Jesus is Lord!

What channel do you listen to,
What is the wavelength of your heart
Where/Whom do you
Gather around