I. Ocean Water Levels

10-6 What are tides?
- the water level of the ocean ___________ and ___________ throughout the day. - early in the day, ocean water ___________ and covers part of the beach. - later in the day, the ocean level ___________ and the beach is exposed. TIDE = regular ___________ in the level of Earth’s oceans.

OBJ: Describe what causes and effects the tides.

II. Causes of Tides

low water levels are called _______________. high water levels are called _______________.

- the ___________ and ___________ causes the Earth’s tides. - the moon’s ________________ pull causes the water on Earth to bulge in two places. - ___________ the moon and directly opposite it. - these bulges are the ________________ . - the bulging water causes two other areas to have _______________ between the high tides. - as the Earth turns on its ___________, the tide levels rise and fall.

III. Changing Tides

- the tide changes about every _____ hours and _____ minutes. - we usually experience 2 high tides and 2 low tides a ___________. - tide ___________ tell the times of the high and low tides. - each quarter ___________ of Earth causes a major change in tides.


= ___________, or rising tide. = ___________, or falling tide.

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