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Newington College HSC Diploma Results 2014 Survey



Years at Newington:
Lindfield? (Y/N)


Wyvern? (Y/N) _______


Any /All Uni Scholarship Offers:

Other External Awards: (Not Newington)

(Space is not an indication of length write as much as you would like)

1. What are the contributing factors to your successful HSC: What or
who made the difference for you?

2. Looking back, what aspects of the HSC are you are most pleased
about and why: (Choices, Subject content, Units/Levels, type of
learning style, assessments)

3. Best study tip? Or a study tip NOT to be imitated (what not to do,
what gets in the way):

4. What were the most challenging aspects of completing the HSC

and how did you overcome those challenges?

5. Most memorable HSC Dip Moment:

6. Expectation vs Results: Are your results (overall or individual

subjects) what you expected? Any surprises? Why?

7. Was balance important in the final two years? How did CoCurricula involvement (e.g. Sport / Music /Duke of Edinburgh /
Drama) impact on study?

8. Any final piece of advice for boys still to finish school and/or their
families? Is there anything you would have done differently?

9. Where to now: (travel, uni course and which institution, gap year,
interstate, overseas?)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for Newington College. We try
not to double up too much information (although some things are best said many
times!) so you may not read, in the magazine, all that you say here. We do look
for advice that is different, quite personal, that others may not have included or
a different slant to dealing with pressure, or a great one off success story. Many
people say they want to know this information because these last two years
seem a great mystery, particularly to younger students. They will take your
advice and be very interested.

Pam Hatfield
Director of Communications