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Ben was unhappy. His baby sster had a cold and his grandma \was coming to lok after her while hs mura went shopping, and he had to go as well He put on his red trainers and followed his mum to the cat Itwas a sunny dey so as atreat, his mum put the roof down so Ben's hal was being blown about by the wind. It cheered him upa ite bit, Mum parked the car and they collected a toley and went into the superrariet Ittook 3fong time to do the shopping and fen felt ted and fed up. When the shopping had been paid for, Ben helped his mum put the bags n the car. He got into the car and puton his seat bel ‘You've been very helpfut said Mumm "Would you ike to oo for a ks” “Yes please" sald Ben excitedly So off they went. |When they atrved at the cafe, there were so many layouts to choose fom. There was chocolate, bain, stravberty, vant, mint, toffee, and coffee, He Just couldn't make up his mind. “Come on? sald Mum “this is taking you longer than the shopping! lithe end, Ben chose strawberry flavour with a scoop of vanilla ice crear It ‘was delicious, Ben decided that shopping wasn't so bad afte all “Answer the following questions: 44 Wry wasBen unhappy? 2. What colour were Ben's trainers?