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Seor Becker

Atwater Elementary School

2100 East Capitol Drive
Shorewood, WI 53211

Lake Bluff Elementary School

1600 East Lake Bluff Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

March 19, 2015

Shorewood Intermediate School

3830 North Morris Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

Nombre ________________________
Vocabulario de la familia / Family Vocabulary

Due date in Spanish _________________________________________________

Due date in English __________________________________________________
Parent Signature ____________________________________________________
Dear Parents,

In sixth grade, we have just begun a new unit in Spanish class that concentrates on
family. Whenever anyone begins to study another language, family is often one of the
first topics that are addressed. The reason for this is that family is near and dear to
everyone, across all cultures and places. As such, it is personally meaningful and
relevant, and activates prior background knowledge, factors that greatly enhance
learning. And, of course, the family curriculum is aligned to the Wisconsin State
Standards for Learning World Languages. (Specific standards are found on my blog.)
For homework, I am requesting that students practice some specific new vocabulary
that we are learning. From now until the due date, written above, I am kindly asking
each student to spend time studying these vocabulary words, at three separate intervals
for at least ten minutes at a time. In class, we discussed ways in how to practice these
words, including flash cards, partnering with parents, and by verbally calling family
members by their Spanish designation (e.g., Hola, pap. Hola, hermano. etc.).
In addition to the goals expressed above, my job as the language teacher is to prepare
your child for second language classes at SIS next school year. Whichever language
your child enrolled in at SIS, there will be consistent tests and quizzes, many of which
assess vocabulary recall. The tools and skills I teach at the elementary schools provide
a strong foundation at SIS and beyond, no matter what language your child pursues.
In the table below are the vocabulary words I would like your child to study.
la madre (mam)
el padre (pap)
la hija
el hijo
la hermana
el hermano
la abuela

the mother (mom)
the father (dad)
the daugther
the son
the sister
the brother
the grandmother

el abuelo
la nieta
el nieto
la prima
el primo
la ta
el to

the grandfather
the granddaughter
the grandson
the cousin (female)
the cousin (male)
the aunt
the uncle

The following documents can be found on my blog: 1. this homework sheet, 2. a

document with a longer list of family members in Spanish, and 3. enrichment videos for
learning family vocabulary. Gracias, Seor Becker